kumkum bhagya – my story (part 1)


I started hating to watch kkb …and moreover this tanu’s pregnancy track na..impossible no one can digest it…I am here ….actually both aliya and tanu plans na ,aliya to get into mm…
it starts from here….

aliya ask the goons to act like hitting the car towards tanu.abhi was answer of this.the car was about to hit but aliya saves her as per their plan.and tanu denies abhi to get back aliya to mm…all their talks..I just skipped. abhi caught the driver and asked who told you to do this…he looks at aliya and says pragya..mam. .pragya man say she will give money ,so I did it.abhi fumes in anger. moreover tanu started if anything happens to my baby. ……all the things…abhi asked her not to worry and all leaves to mm.

pragya was in living room .akash,rachna,dadi and purab were Chating…abhi comes in anger and holds pragya “s arm and turns her towards him and slapped.everyone including tanu ,aliya shocked.abhi too shocked.pragya was shocked.purab asked what happened.abhi says I don’t think you will do this sort of things.you tried to kill tanu and our baby and at right time aliya saves her.pragya looks at him and thinks oh..its their plan.purab asked abhi to calm down.dadi was no more in patience.abhi says no purab. ..today she Crossed her limits ..I will and was about to slap but purab stopped.
purab : enough abhi…stop .
pragya: leave purab.he can do what ever he want.tday is the end day ,so leave him.
akash : bhabhi…don’t worry.
pragya: I am tired akash. .I could not do anymore..
aliya and tanu was shocked that akash too supported her.
dadi: pragya come with me to room.
pragya: dadi ,please don’t give me false hopes.see he even didn’t thought that I can do these things.dadi ,you say.
I can kill a child …or it will leave me to live happy…
dadi says no beta…and hugs her
Pragya: why you saved me dadi..to hear these words from him.I would have gone that day dadi but you saved me.I am too a human being dadi I could not take this more.
abhi thinks what they both are talking.
aliya says so it’s dadi behind this plan.tanu says ha…
purab says abhi ,you are confused na..I will say and tells everthing from the accident to roll now.
abhi was shocked to hear. ( purab says that pragya changed only to show the real faces of tanu and aliya) aliya was shocked that purab too involved.abhi stands silent.he could not understand what’s going here..what he is hearing.

Ronnie comes there.
Ronnie moves towards pragya
ronnie: di, here tickets for Australia…tday night, we have to go
dadi: where you are going
pragya : dadi…going to Australia
purab: di when did you planned this without informing us
pragya says yesterday night and I am taking ma with me.purab says then i will also come with you.di you na after bulbul ,you and ma are related to me.here I don’t have anyone to call relation and looks at abhi..

dadi says I will too come beta but pragya asked her to say here with abhi.pragya asked purab and ronie to bring ma down as they have to leave.

both brings sarla ma in a wheel chair.pragya kneels down before her and says ma I failed…I know it’s not good to run. but I have no way.I don’t want to lose anyone for bringing the truth.and if so I did ,he will not accept it ma.
abhi looks at pragya.pragya gets blessings from dadi and says to dasi to forgive her for rude behaviour and dasi hugs her.pragya takes the property papers from her purse and calls akash and give it to him.here his properties are here.I have returned .nothing I want.tanu gets happy.
abhi goes to dadi but was stopped when he hears a sound di …bhabhi…he turns TO see, pragya gets dizy and was about TO fall but purab holds her.abhi asked akash call doctor .purab takes pragya to room..all leaves.
tanu says again a new drama started.aliya thinks to steal the CD as all are busy.

purab placed pragya on the bed and asked robin to bring water.abhi was about to touch pragya ,but purab says don’t dare to touch di …and don’t worry ,after she gets up I will take her to my home.abhi asked why he is speaking like this.

the doctor comes and checks pragya saying she is pregnant.abhi was shocked.purab,Ronnie,aliya,tanu were also shocked …dadi gets happy for two things ..one ,now pragya can’t leave as she is bearing this home”s child.second,she is going to become badi dadi..
abhi asked are you sure doctor.doctor says yes…
abhi was happy.he thinks now my fuggie will not go anywhere ,meanwhile I have to find the truth.doctor asked abhi to come with him.he says she is so weak ..and Its not an easy thing for her to bear a child.you should take care of her ..make sure she takes her tablets..abhi says sure…

dadi my pragya will not go .akash arrange for a party. he says ofcourse dadi and leaves.tanu Nd aliya left fuming.
tanu comes to room asking how pragya can be pregnant.there is something wrong aliya.aliya thought whatever I want that CD.

pragya opened her eyes,abhi was sitting beside her.she tries to sit ,abhi helped her.she didn’t look at him .she is looking somewhere.abhi hugs pragya saying thank you…thank you. so much.pragya was shocked.she thinks why he is speaking like this.abhi breaks the hug saying you know I am going to become father…pragya asked what….abhi says oh …I forgot to say something, there is a party in the evening, get ready
pragya: I will leave this house and gets up.abhi holds her saying you only told na …we are not divorced and now we are husband and wife and I want my child.so you have to stay.pragya leaves the room.

dadi,rachna ,purab were waiting for pragya in a room.pragya comes.dadi : you didn’t informed me about this
pragya : dadi ,woh. .on the day of holi both were drunken na… ( purab will not allow tanu to enter abhigya room..and takes her to another room).we itself don’t know dadi

dadi: whatever beta…we have time to show the real face of tanu
pragya: dadi
dadi: don’t say you are leaving.I will not leave my bahu to go.
pragya hugs dadi
ronnie: di ,wah..super twist.tanu becomes angry.
all laughs.
aliya and tanu heard this.tanu says your happiness will not stay for long time.see what I am going to do.
.all were in living room.a group of young girls with files in their hands comes.pragya asked who are they.one girl says abhi sir asked us to come.abhi comes there.he says hi everybody.pragya asked why he called them.abhi says for you.pragya asked for me.abhi says arey baba..you are pregnant na.you will care for all the people but not you so i will appoint a pa for you…aliya asked why bhai we are here na.abhi says its for my baby and wife.there is no rights to anyone.aliya leaves followed by tanu.pragya says do whatever but don’t disturb me.
abhi asked them to sit..tanu comes down and says banana and throws the skin on the floor.pragya was coming towards abhi as he called her .she didn’t noticed and was about to fall but a girl holds her.she says mam. .careful..abhi comes there and says fuggie tum …na..though you have four eyes…you wont see. tanu goes from there.
Ronnie says but bhai..there is a banana skin.abhi shouts Ronnie ..he comes.ha asked to clean it.pragya asked him to leave and thanked the girl.abhi says I am appointing you to take care of my wife .you can stay here.the girl thanks him.pragya asked her name.she says roshini.pragya smiles. …

Credit to: ana

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  1. In first line it’s abhi unaware of their plan.and in last he calls robin to clear…typing mistakes sorry

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    It was ………… awesome………. yaar ………..I loved it……..

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  9. Very nice.but u also don’t mention about abhi’s reaction by knowing pragya and whole family’s truth infront of him.don’t make the leads as bad one with this pregnancy this is illegal if they got divorced so make it as they didn’t get divorce yet.that is better don’t make abhigya as illegal pair.in our thought they are ramand seetha particularly in my mind purab as laks and Ronnie anjeneya.real kkb they are making worst that character. But our ffs are the only hopes nowadays to cool our mind.so plz concern towards abhigya and viewers. Sorry to disturb ur story line.otherwise awesome episode to take a breath from real kkb.

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