Kumkum Bhagya: A short story of abhigya and rabul (part 5) Last Part


hi guyz i am ending this ss here also i thought it it was becoming boring as i did not get many comments.getting to the story

In Flight
abhi and pragya were tired and sleeping closely to each other whereas on the other hand bulbul was becoming restless and she just wanted to reach australia and had troubled purab with her continuous bak-bak.then only she realised a known touch on her shoulder and turned to see that purab had fallen asleep on her shoulder and thought that she really bored him with her talks and kissed his forehead and she also slept hugging him.
All four of them reach australia and soon they reach their honeymoon suits. They had planned that after getting freshen-up they will go to the beach.

Abhigya’s Room
as abhigya entered the room there was a big and wide balcony from where a beautiful scene can be seen, she went there while abhi hugged her and asked her that did she liked it and she said yes and kissed him on his cheeks.

Rabul’s room

Bulbul just like her sister was standing in the balcony when she heard purab shouting her name from the bathroom and asked her for a towel.As she reached bathroom’s door to hand him the towel a hand pulled her in and closed the door.Bulbul:what are you doing purab. Purab:hmm..just romancing with my wife and nobody can stop me from doing that.Bulbul:acha…to which purab pulled her more closer by holding her waist and by mistake purab’s hand hit the shower’s handle and both of them get fully drenched….

In the Hall
abhi and purab are waiting for their wives in the hall.abhi:yaar purab why are they taking so much time to get ready.purab:don’t know yaar.just then a lady comes wearing a peach pink top along with a calf-length denim capri with a mangalsutra in her neck and kumkum on her forehead,she is none other than our pragya who is looking damn hot in her this new look.abhi as well as purab both are surprised to see pragya whereas when pragya came there she had to clap her hands in front of their eyes to make them aware.Not willing to answer their questions about her look she quickly asked them about bulbul to which abhi said “god knows where bulbul issssss….he was astonished to see bulbul who was just coming toward them wearing a blue floral design shot one-piece dress. abhi was continuously staring bulbul to which feeling jealous and uncomfortable pragya and purab closed abhi’s eyes by putting their hands on his eyes but he again jerked their hands to see bulbul again who was looking dapper.
Like this both the couples honeymoon went smooth, filled with romance and their cute nok-jhoks.

After 1 year……

abhi and purab along with other family members were waiting outside the labour room as well as operation theathre.both the husbands were taking rounds outside the room. on one side pragya was taken to the ot for her caesarien whereas bulbul was already in labor. there was complete silence inside pragya’s room but insidebulbul’s room there was continuously loud sound of bulbul’s screams which made everyone including purab put their fingers in their ears. after some time a doctor came out from ot and announced that pragya has given birth to a baby girl. Everyone was happy just then they heard bulbul’s screams which made purab worried.abhi consoled him.for a moment there was a silence but again there was another loud scream. doctor came out from bulbul’s room and said that bulbul had given birth to twins. a boy and a girl.Everyone was super happy and purab’s happiness had no limits.

After 2 days
all the 3 babies naming ceremoney took place where abhi and pragya’s daughter was named “abhigya” by bulbul and bulbul and purab’s twins were named “ahaan and ahaana”. After the ceremony whole family gathered to click a family pic and the screen freezes on their family pic.

The End

thank you guyz for supporting me and also i will be introducing my new ff “Love Me Thoda”.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  1. Arey…why u ended this ff…i thought u will add more abhigyas romantic scenes…

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    Its Awesome…….. loved it……….

  4. superb yr will follow u in ur nc=xt ff too but plz nxt ff should be lil bit longer!!!! 😉 bcoz i lyk rabul alottttt

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