Kumkum Bhagya: A short story of abhigya and rabul (part 4)


hi guyz….this is rabul’s girl and thamks for the comments. As I told you all that this is a short story so I’ll be ending this story in 2-3 episodesbut will also introduce my new ff and if i get good comments then I will start that ff from 21st may. now getting to the story

Khanna House

after sharing an intense hug rabul break their hug when bulbul’s hair come on her face and purab tucks her that layer of hair behind her ear and both of them got lost in each others eyes and slowly as purab came close to her,her heartbeat raced and finally both gave into eachother and entered into the heaven of kissing. explosions were there inside their body,after such a long time of separation finally both were together. purab carried bulbul in his strong arms and took her towards their bedroom and placed her gently on the bed and both of them consummate.

Mehra Mansion

In the morning abhi and pragya came downstaires and asked dadi that why she has called them in a hurry when dadi said him to wait for a while. Soon purab and bulbul also entered mm and abhi-pragya were happy to see that purab had forgiven bulbul. abhi,no longer to bear the suspence asked dadi the reason of calling them to whick dadi gave two boxes,one to abhi-pragya and other to bulbul-purab. Both the couples were surprised to see tickets to australia and their honeymoon package.Abhi;Dadi wat is this…Dadi;i am sending you four to australia for your honeymoon.Because i want to become a great grandmother soon. all were happy listening to this and our couples decided to go for shopping after breakfast.

Shopping Mall

abhigya and rabul had reached the shopping mall where pragya and bulbul were selecting clothes and abhi and purab were following them holding their bags.
pragya was selecting some suits when abhi came and showed pragyaa western one-piece dress and said that they are going to australia not haridwar that she is selecting ethnic clothes only to which pragya disagreed but had a surprise for him as well.On the other side bulbul had selected many clothes from which she would be shortlisting some that she will buy.purab helping her to select found a crop-top,shorts and many short dresses and told her not to wear and even buy these short dresses but she refused and purab said that do whatever you want.the husbands did not had the right to select their wives dresses but when their turn came,bulbul and pragya just selected all the clothes for abhi and purab and they had no other choice than to listen to them.After the shopping was done, the four had their lunch in a restaurant and then they headed towards their respective homes.

Abhigya’s Room

pragya was packing her clothes when suddenly abhi came there and scared her and said that your just packing your traditional clothes.What will people say that abhi the rockstar’s wife was wearing suits and sarees on her honeymoon in australia to which she said that i don’t care what the people say but i do care and i will wear these clothes only.do you have any problem to which abhi said no and went from there and pragya smiled and said that I will surely surprise you when we reach australia.

Khanna House
Bulbul was also packing her stuff when purab came and hugged her from behind and said that why are you packing so much clothes.bulbul asked why.he said that we will only change clothes when we’ll get time to do so and i don’t think that we’ll be having so much time because…… before he could complete his sentence,bulbul punched him hard on his chest and said that your becoming very naughty these days.i have to do something.he said i am waiting for that and pulled her left cheek, screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Precap:abhi-pragya and purab-bulbul reach australia.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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