Kumkum Bhagya: A short story of abhigya and rabul (part 3)

hi guyz. thank you sheerapthinisd,ammu,sweety,durga,sharaya,nasima,maya,reshma pradeep,rithu,zariand sakshi for your comments.also i wanted to say that ammu i am waiting for the next episode of your ff “my love story”.
now,coming to the story…..

abhi is talking to purab when bulbul comes their and abhi feels that he should leave them alone and leaves from there.


purab: i don’t want to talk to you. leave me alone.
he is about to leave whenbulbul holds his hand and hug him from back.

purab:bulbul i said just leave me.

bulbul:no i will not. first you forgive me.i am sorry purab please don’t do this to me. i really love you.

Purab: no you don’t love me if you loved me then you would have never done this to me.
while saying this he shoves her and leaves from there.bulbul in her mind says that she will convince him.
purab sits in his car and is about to leave when bulbul comes there and sits in the car.he says that why is she following him.

Bulbul:i am your wife and I’ll go with you to our house.
by giving a stern look purab drives the car home.
purab and bulbul are in car when pragya calls bulbul.pragya: bulbul did purab forgive you or not and where are you both.bulbul: di relax. i am going my home and yes someone is really angry and khadoos here but I’ll manage.don’t worry.she cut the call and both of them reach their house.

Mehra Mansion
pragya tells sarla ,abhi and dadi about bulbul and purab and the three of them suggest her not to worry as its a matter between both of them and purab cannot be angry on bulbul as he loves her a lot.

Abhigya’s Room

pragya is settling her books in the shelf when abhi hugs her from back and said that you’re still tensed about bulbul and says that come lets drink.your tension will be gone and then you will be feeling goood..pragya hits hin with a pillow and both of them start their pillow fight and while fighting they both fall on the bed and abhi switches off the light….

Khanna House

purab comes to his dining room and is surprised to see his favourite food and a coffe with a “sorry” written on it.bulbul comes there but purab again talks to her rudely and tells her to leave.bulbul gets teary eyed and is about to leave when purab holds her hand,grasps her waist tightly and hug her from behind.purab:i am sorry,i should have not talked to you like this on your birthday.Bulbul:but you still talked to me like this.do you know how much you hurted me. she is about to leave when he holds her hand and puts a beautiful and decent platinum ring with a small diamond on her finger and says “Happy Birthday Baby”. bulbul hugs him tightly and saus “I Love You Purab”. “I Love You too” said purab and both of them were in tha same position for some time.

the screen freezes on rabul’s smiling face.

Precap: Bulbul and Purab spend a romantic night and consummate their marriage. Dadi gives tickets to australia to abhi-pragya and purab-bulbul for their honeymoon.

I hope you liked it guys. Please do comment.

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