Kumkum Bhagya: A short story of abhigya and rabul (part 2)


Thank you guys for your comments.It really makes me feel happy. now getting back to the story…

the story starts by pragya thanking abhi for organising bulbul’s birthday party and tells him that how bulbul used to be so excited on her birthday every year.abhi tells her that there’s no need to say thank you because he thinks that because of his sister today bulbul is not with them.

On the other hand purab sees bulbul’s pic with him and remembers his moments with her and talk’s to himself that I really miss you bulbul.
In the evening all the family members gather in the hall.abhi and pragya tell purab to cut the cake on behalf of bulbul.Just when purab is about to cut the cake a strong wind blows and purab experience a strange known feeling.
oooo ooo oh ooho {tum bin plays in bg}
kuch pal to theher jao naa
ya fir laut kar aao na
yun kehte nahi alvida
mud jaun ya fir aao na
tumhe dhoonde meri aankhen,tumhe khoje meri baahe
tum bin jiya jaaye kaise,kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

on the other side a girl enters mm {her face is not shown}, she’s wearing a yellow kurti with a white legging having a mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor on her forehead. Abhi asks purab to cut the cake and suddenly the girl enters the hall and says “di”. Pragya felt something strange and turned and was shocked to see bulbul standing infront of her. she runs and hugs her tightly.everyone os shocked to see bulbul standing infront of them just like the way she was earlier. On seeing bulbul sarla tries to speak and a miracle happens and she loudly screams “bulbul”.Bulbul runs to her and hug her tightly. pragya aked her that how come her face is healed and then bulbul tell everyone that how she is alive.

After jumping from the cliff,some villagers found her in the jungle and took her to the hospital.After gaining consiousness,bulbul comes to know that the doctor who is treating her is a very good friend of hers and there was a time when bulbul helped her in achieving her dreams. Bulbul tell everything to her friend by writing it on her paper and then her friend helps her and performs her plastic surgery{guys plastic surgery is done but her face is just the previous one} and slowly her vocal cord also healed. but her plastic surgery was done in delhi she thought that its not a good idea to tell all the family members as at that time pragya was trying her level best to expose tanu and ahe didn’t wanted that pragya shouls move her focus from tanu to her.Flashback ends..

Bulbul: I am sorry di but i had to do this. I wanted to become your strength not your weakness.
Pragya; kisses her forehead and says “you’re back,thats enough for me”
as everyone hugs and greet bulbul ,pragya signs her to go to purab who was all the time just standing like a statue.As bulbul moved towards him he stopped her and said although everyone has forgiven you but i cannot forgive you easily.You always do whatever you think is right you never cared about me that what i will do without you and you can’t even imagine that how i have lived these months. By saying all this Purab goes from there while abhi goes behind him
kitne the vaade kiye
ek pal me tod diye
jhootha nahi tu, mujhko pata hai

bas thoda sa rootha sa hai
tu roothe,main manaun par tum bin jeeun kaise
tum bin jiya jaaye kaise,kaise jiya jaaye tum bin..
pragya and sarla tell bulbul that its natural of purab being angry and tells her to convince him.
on the other hand abhi tells purab that wahtever bulbul had done has done for her family and he should be happy that bhis love is alive and with him.
Screen freezes on bulbul’s tensed and purab’s angry face.

Precap: Bulbul comes to purab and apologises him.

will purab forgive bulbul or our abhigya will go on a mission to unite them.well to know more stay tuned to the story.

guyz i hope you liked it.and do comment your feedbacks.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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