Kumkum Bhagya: A short story of abhigya and rabul (part 1)

Hi guys. I’ve been a silent reader of all your kkb FF’s and really love them all. Specially ammu’s FF I love it and the others as well.
Now let’s come to the story as it’s my first time so I am writing a short story and then will start a new FF only if I get appreciation from you all.
In this story tanu’s reality is been exposed to abhi and has thrown her out of his house and his life.
At Mehra Mansion
All are in the hall and talking about how Prague has saved abhi from tanu’s clutches. Pure also feels nostalgic and says that if Bulbul was here , she must be so happy to see you both like this (pointing towards abhigya ).After some time everybody goes to their rooms and think that after a long time they will have a peaceful sleep.

Abhigya ‘s room

Prague is brushing her hair and smiling continously thinking that no one will come between her and abhi and suddenly abhi comes and hugs her from back and said I am very lucky to have you as my wife who sacrificed so much for my well being and promises her to be with her always. Before he says something else the lights went off and he said that even your god wants that we should become one and that’s why he himself switched off the lights. On hearing this pragmatic blushed hard and tried to move away but was in tight hold of abhi and as he comes closer to her,her heart beating fast and then…..After a long time of separation they finally consummate their marriage.

Next morning….
everybody is having breakfast. Whole family is happy excluding Pragya when abhi asked that what happened then at the same time purab enters there and says that Pragya is sad today because today is bulbul’s birthday. Everyone realise the reason behind Pragya’s sadness.
On the other hand purab is also sad and remembers his happy moments with bulbul.

Dadi says to abhi that we have do something to make them feel good while pointing toward Pragya and purab. Abhi thinks for a while and suddenly a idea strucks in his mind and announces in the hall that today they will be remembering bulbul by celebrating her birthday.
Purab and Pragya are shocked to here this but abhi convinces them for the sake of bulbul’s happiness.
Screen freezes on abhi’s smiling face.

Precap: When Purab is about to cut bulbul’s birthday cake , suddenly wind blows and a girl enters mm. Her face is not shown , as she enters purab feels something different and thinks like bulbul is somewhere near him.

I hope you liked it and it’s not boring. Please do comment as how you guys liked it or not. All your comments will be appreciated and on the basis of your comments I will decide to continue this FF or not.

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  1. Nice yaar update soon

  2. Rabul’s girl it’s really great.
    Thanks for mentioning about my ff.
    Your idea is awesome..☺☺☺☺☺

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    Super update next soon
    Realllllllly nice concept yar

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