kumkum bhagya (serious track mahasangam ) Episode 1


the episode starts with aliya released from the jail now she is in the revenge mood she gets the news that tanu is in the delivery stage she is going to visit her at home

all the dadi’s were very happy that pragya is delivery is nearing . at abhi’s room abhi is cooking food for pragya . pragya says enough i am full abhi says my baby should be healthy

aliya came to visit tanu. tanu was very happy that aliya is released but at the same time shocked she says how are you aliya aliya says i am not fine tanu she says i want to take revenge that four of them tanu says who are those . aliya says pragya abhi purab bulbul . tanu says me too aliya we have to do something aliya says don’t worry sweetheart we should wait for that time and have some patience .by the time tanu shreaks in pain aliya calls nikhil and she goes to the hospital

abhi asks pragya do you want a boy or a girl pragya says it is god’s gift i will accept anything from him abhi shows pragya a cupboard abhi i bought all the things for a boy and a girl god’s sake it may be twins also abhi and pragya laughs abhi takes pragya down after going down pragya faints and shouting with pain abhi and dadi are shocked abhi lifts her takes her to the hospital by the time he calls purab and sarla’s family the family follows him

the road is getting traffic jammed pragya says i can’t tolerate abhi says calm down and asks the driver to go fast tanu’s car is also standing at the traffic signal somebody’s car mistakenly hits tanu’s car but aliya sees abhi’s car number tanu is fainting aliya sees her so she went fast to the hospital

ABHI admits pragya at the hospital pragya holds abhi’s hand abhi cries an emotional music played there while that time aliya at the same hospital admit tanu abhi’s family and pragya’s family came there they were waiting for the result at tanu’s side doctor says to aliya that after one hour only we can tell nikhil arrives aliya says tanu’s baby is serious

abhi purab bulbul and everybody waiting for the result doctor came with a happy result abhi is going to become father for a boy and a girl abhi is vanished with joy the family were very happy that twins born everybody congratulate abhi

doctor says sorry anyone one person only we can save neither tanu nor her child aliya and nikhil are shocked nikhil says i need both of them doctor says we can’t nikhil cries vigorously aliya we want tanu first i know who did this nikhil says to doctor that save tanu tanu cries bitterly in her room aliya and nikhil enter the room aliya says abishek mehra only did this tanu and nikhil are shocked aliya says because i saw his car number in the signal and i am sure that it only has hit and i got a news that pragya has delivered twins tanu and nikhil says we have to do something .. aliya says we have to wait for a nice chance

abhi alone enters pragya’s room pragya with half consciousness talk to him that you told know twins will born see . abhi smiles and kisses on her forehead purab and bulbul sees this from the glass door they get happy

dadi takes the babies from the doctor and gives it to abhi dadi asks who is the eldest doctor says boy born 1 min before so he is the eldest sarla kisses the babies the whole family went inside to see pragya everybody congratulate pragya and gave the babies to her

Precap : dadi and dasi says we have to give name to the baby dasi we have to keep a grand function abhi and pragya smiles

Credit to: reji

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  1. wow twins ah
    really superb ya
    original script ku tis ll be better 100 times
    congrats dudes
    welcum new borns

  2. Intersting yaar..am luvng it.yu can go ahead reji..its osm..cntue yu r track am waiting fa ur furthr updates…

    1. ya abinaya i am thinking about the next track

  3. superb

  4. thank you guys

  5. Pragya and tanu delivered in the same time …how come

    1. idhu vera story ya so idhula ipdi tha varum
      dn get confuse wit original ya

    2. kowsy the truth is tanu pregnancy they dragged for one full year so i completed it few months just an attempt to the next track

  6. Hey I Justus wanted to tell u that tanu and pragya both delivered at the same time and tanu lost her child and pragya got twins so the ff writer please don’t make the track like pragya decides to give on her her child to tanu because she lost it please don’t make it like those thpical Indian dramas pleaseeee don’t do that

    1. no zoya i will try to avoid typical script for some reason revenge only i did this

  7. Ya….it can’t be possible…. They can’t deliver at same time…..logic is missing yar…..beside that….script is really fantastic….

    1. swathi sri for the next track only i completed both of their pregnancy track at the same time because i am bored with tanu pregnancy track

  8. K reji thank u… Go ahead best wishes…

    1. thanks for your wishes kowsy

  9. guys good news i can post my article till next week because in the whole chennai the collector has decided to re open the school on november 23rd monday

  10. Very nice n faster one. . keep going

    1. thank you so much

    2. thanks for your comment

  11. I love it ,reji please keep it up God bless you more and good luck for the school reopening .

    1. thanks you

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