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Episode 2

I entered my home where dadi and my cute sister was waiting for me.I just hugged both of them.my sister said she missed me..but even I too misses her.Dadi asked me to fresh up and then let’s have breakfast …I nodded and left to my room.I don’t know why but I am continuosly thinking about her my Juliet…I don’t know whether her name is Juliet by something in her attracts me.I thought not to think about her very much and left for shower


When I entered …mom and sister welcomes me.my sister said di ..you know we are waiting for you long time.ha..it’s my younger sister purvi. Ma asked me to get ready .bulbul and purvi dragged me to my room.I asked them what they are doing.bulbul asked who is he..I said I don’t know I met him in airport. Actually we became friends.purvi asked her name …I said Romeo.but screams Romeo.I looked down.bulbul says di are you sure.I nodded yes.
Both left the room.I took a long shower and get ready in the pink and white anarkali.I reached the living room.bulbul was switching between channels.I casually looked at her and tv.when I saw it….I asked bulbul to keep the channel before this.she asked what di…are you interested in watching tv and changed the channel.I was shocked..it’s Romeo.I asked them who is this.purvi exclaimed oh…di he is our rockstar abhi…bulbul said my favourite…his songs are found to be super.I wondered why he lied to me..I thought to ask him about this when I meet him.but is there any change to meet him again.
yes…I got an idea.bulbul had bought three tickets for his concert.purvi..bulbul and dadi .Dadi was feeling unwell..so I said I will company them .both teased me but agreed with it.


In the concert ,all were screaming abhi…abhi…finally hr came
..my Romeo..I smiles seeing him.but he didn’t noticed me.he starts to sing a song.it sounds good.I thought I have missed these all things..
after the concert gets over. .I thought to meet him.but he left.I was quite sad that I could not meet him.then I came to a point that he is a rockstar and he may not remember me…

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