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Abhi:charming and handsome brave boy
Pragya:bold and traditional girl
Abhi and pragya study in 11th in same school.but they are not friends just talk while travelling for formality…since their house are in same street…
One day pragya propose abhi
Will u please marry me…
A:sorry this is wrong (feels the loves she express through her eyes) they both share eye lock which was broke by abhi.
Abhi goes from thier living her cry..she colloid on the ground
After a year…12th she did not prepare and got low marks…her mother came to know about her love and fight with abhi’s family…
Pragya completed her degree being in home …because of her love
Abhi forgot all this and studied his ug in a well reputated college. ..and become a rockstar
In a pleasant day abhi was going to a concert some one blocked his way ..it is our pragya…she dragged him to a corner in the street. ..their was no gap between them
A:u r…..
P:pragya….i really LOVE U still….in house they are seeking a boy for me…i can not live with out u..she hugs him….
Abhi was shocked. …then she left…

Abhi went to attend the concert because it was important….i rocked the floor every one congratulated him that he had never did a performance like this.
He was thinking only about pragya…he went home and saw the video of concert..he thinks what song is this …then remember he was singing about pragya.then he recognised he LOVE pragya and goes to the terrace. ..pragya was waiting for him
They talked in language of action..

Next day pragya’s birthdays
She was sad …a went to her friends house ….at night a boy came and they were playing…that boy said abhi met a accident near the park…pragya ran towards the park it was totally dark …suddenly lamp lights were flying in the air with red colour balloons
At that time a boy hug her from behind. ..and said i don’t know when i started loving u but i cannot live without u from u…
Pragya knows it is abhi by his touch..she turned. .abhi bent in his knees and said
Pragya sets with him and down and hug him .. it starts raining abhi held pragya and starts to dance….pragya feels his warm breath on her ..soon they dance romantically for karmam kud ha reha..song…then he cupped and came her face ….then he kissed her…a passionate kiss… then both released to breath ..then pragya hug him…..smiling
while that time a boy sees them
He ran and informed both the families
They separate and take them away. ..

Few days passed…pragya don’t have phone ..they communicated through action.
One night abhi came to pragya’s room through balcony. .and and they talked for long time. .pragya kept her head on abhi’s shoulder and slept ..he also slept resting his head on her….next day morning he went after having a coffee from pragya’s hand. …
The next day night she come to his house. ..abhi was shocked. …no one was their in the home…she prepared food and feed him…by sitting in his lap….
They watched movie in abhi’s room holding their hands….the n8 passed away…in morning she wolk up him…he asked her for a morning kiss…she turned to move …but he held and said if u don’t i will take my self…and suddenly he pressed his lips on her….she pushed him and said after marriage. ..and start to cry..and say will we get married. …
He hug and console her…
After a month
Both the family accepted for the marriage. …and they married by doing all the rituals…happy life…

Sorry for the mistake. ….i hope u all will enjoy it ..please comment

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  5. Nice yaar…I enjoyed simple ND a sweet loving story ???

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