kumkum bhagya – she is pregnant !!!

It’s just a thought popped out in my mind…it is not going to be so serious one… it’s just a light hearted one…

Abhi woke up and looked at his room.

It was messed up as he could not understand what’s happening around him.

He looked around as his eyes fall on pragya who was sitting on the sofa with her hands on her head.

He felt his head spinning and looked at the watch .

” 9 am in the morning….” he said and got out of his bed.

” pragya…what happened…why you are siting like this…”  Abhi asked while sitting near her.

No response from her. He looked at her as she is not wearing her normal anarkalis…
She is wearing a shirt … with no pants down. Her milky skinned legs are visible to him.

” it’s my shirt …”  he thinks and he remembered that he was wearing that white shirt last night. As it’s his haldi, tanu’s mom asked him to wear it.

” why she is wearing it…” Abhi thinks and looks exhausted.

” pragya…” Abhi said while keeping his hand on her shoulder.

She starts to cry… he can’t understand  why she is crying… Abhi looks confused and looked around.

His clothes and pragya’s dress were scattered around the room on the floor . Pragya’s hair was messed up and some scars are visible on her bare skin..

Pragya pulls her shirt to cover the scars .
Abhi can’t understand what happened last night and tries to figure out.

She cries aloud to gain abhi’s concentration on her.

” first tell me why you are crying like this…” Abhi asked not able to control his anger.

” you are asking me …why I am crying..after this much happened…”  pragya burst on him.

”  arey…I can’t understand what happened…tell me na…” Abhi asked quite irritated.

” you almost took my virginity….” pragya tells and abhi looked in shock.

” what….” Abhi asked and pragya turns her face to opposite side.

Abhi turned her face towards him and pragya pushed his hands. 

” you didnt stopped me…” abhi asked and  pragya frowned in anger.

” you didn’t let me…you were strong enough…and I could not move away from you…” pragya says while wiping her tears.

Abhi covered his face by his hand and pragya looked at him.

” what should I do now…” Abhi asked and pragya looked confused.

” why you are asking me…” asked pragya.

” I am sorry pragya…I didn’t mean to….” Abhi was cut off by pragya.

” what you gonna say…listen…you are not marrying tanu after this much happened…tell her that we both lived as husband and wife last night….” pragya said with an anger.

” how can I? …I promised her that I will marry her…” said abhi.

” so…” asked pragya.

” I don’t know what should I do…” said abhi.

” if you try to marry her…then i will  file a complaint against you in police  station ….” said pragya looking at abhi.

” arey…no…” said abhi..

” they will arrest you on your marriage date…remember…” pragya warned abhi.

Abhi was confused. ..

Pragya rushed from there to washroom..

Abhi followed her.

She starts to vomit and abhi holds her firmly.

” what happened yaar…” Abhi asked as pragya washed her face.

” you please go out..I need to check…” pragya tells eying at abhi.

Abhi went out and pragya blasted the door on his face.

After 10 minutes….

PRAGYA came out lost.

” kya hua ?” Abhi asked  with stressful face.

” I am pregnant…” said pragya with soft voice.

” what…” shocked abhi asked her.

” yesterday only..we made it and today how can you become pregnant…” Abhi asked with much confusion.

” you are getting  doubt on me…” asked pragya.

” no…it’s not like that…” Abhi cleared his throat.

” then what…congrats. ..you became papa….” pragya said while hugging him.

” I will inform dadi about this…” pragya says and abhi looks shocked.

” oh…I could not move out with this outfit right….” pragya mentally cursed herself and left to washroom after collecting her dress.

Abhi sits on the bed trying to recollect everything …. he got up…looked at pragya…she said we both made that…now she is pregnant ….what’s happening…

PRAGYA came out and looks at him. She nears him and moved his hands wide and sits on his lap.

Abhi looks tired and pragya chucked seeing him.

” what happened…” pragya asked while holding his chin.

” I could not believe anything….” said abhi with frustration.

PRAGYA shouts abhi….

Abhi looked terrified..

” abhi….I feel like…” pragya said holding her stomach.

” what you feel…” asked Abhi in tension as she holds her stomach.

He was worried about everything happened till now but could not take any risk with his baby’s life.

” baby kicks me…” pragya said and holds abhi’s hand . She moved his hand towards her stomach and abhi looks shocked…

” how can it be…now only she confirmed she I pregnant and the baby formed…” Abhi thinks as pragya asked him to feel.

” can you feel…” pragya asked and abhi nods his head with a negative look.

” wait…let me fresh up…and will talk about it later…” Abhi said and moved her and leaves from there.

” what is happening…I can’t understand….” Abhi thinks and opened the door of washroom.

After few minutes…

He came out and  was shocked as pragya was sitting on the bed with her baby bump.

” this can’t happen….” Abhi thinks as he is fed up with the things happening around him.

“Come here…” pragya said  and asked him to come .

Abhi sits near her and pragya stretched back by holding her belly.

” you know I was telling about our love story to our baby…”  pragya says and abhi closed his eyes in pain.

Pragya smiles at him and  acts like she is worried .

” pragya…I want to stay alone for some time…” Abhi says and pragya nods her head.

She leaves and enters dadi’s room.

” what happened di ? “purab asked and pragya laughs and removes the pillow that made her belly which looks as a bump.

” it means our plan success…” purab smiles widely.

” I am sad for abhi…” purab tells and pragya frowns at him.

” let him…how can he say that he promised tanu and want to fulfil her promise…then whom I am to him….let him crack his mind…” pragya tells and dadi nods her head.

” ok i am leaving …ma asked me to come soon…” pragya tells and dadi smiles at her.

” but what about abhi…” purab asked and pragya smiled.

” let him me…I will talk tomorrow…” pragya says rushing out…

In abhi’s room..

” I am confused….now I have to sleep….” he lies on the bed .

PRAGYA looked at him and by opening the door and smiled thinking I will find some way to kick that tanu out…

She leaves from there. ..

That’s it….

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  3. so funny
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  4. Without knowing that is pragya’s plan my head started to rotate like something but now I’m OK after knowing that is pragya’s plan thanks maa for telling the truth today itself or my head have broken into pieces thinking about how she got pregnant within one day and within one baby is kicking her

  5. awesome n super as rock it

    do well exam n take care dear…….

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  6. Ooh aditi superb!!!!

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    Ha h aha ha that’s actually do superb! Abhi had to go through this

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