kumkum bhagya (pragya’s recovery) Episode 2


guys i am going to arrange the naming ceremony tomorrow for abhigya’s children you should all come and participate in that for that i made an idea i have some suggested names but i am not going to keep that name because i am not that much experience too so today please give some names for a boy and a girl in your comment as soon as possible


pragya is with her babies abhi is too with her he is having an emotional tears pragya says we are going to start a new life with our children abhi and pragya hug each other and a loving song plays

one by one enters to see pragya
1. sarla maa and pragya’s dadi sarla maa kisses pragya and says pragya i am so happy she sees the babies she asks did you fed the milk pragya says yes prags dadi says the babies are so cute
2.next the dadi and dasis enter they jumped with joy pragya says at night the babies had a little fever but now its alright dadi says it is common for the baby after delivery they lift the baby and they went
like this all the family members like purab bulbul akash rachna everybody wish them


doctor says to the family that pragya and the babies are perfectly fine you can take them to home all were happy they take pragya to the home .


the family reached the home dadi asks pragya and abhi to wait she tells mithali and taiji to make the aarthi plate and bring . they both went with a lazy face they make the aarthi plate everybody one by one did aarthi to them while bulbul finished the aarthi she asked jiju ( abhi) for money he put his ring bulbul says so much you love for your children ????

abhi and pragya laughs sarla asks bulbul to shut up they entered into the home dadi and dasi informs to every body that we should keep naming ceremony party dasi says yes didi we should celebrate it purab and bulbul says we will handle all the decoration catering and arrangements pragya says we have to find some baby names abhi says my fans( we the real kumkum bhagya viewers) will find that all of them smile dadi says to sarla from your side importantly first you should call pragya’s mama mamiji sarla says surely i will call and abhi says i am too going to call a important family pragya asks who is it abhi says IT IS SUSPENSE

Precap: while all the decoration is going aliya enters into the house abhi , pragya, purab , bulbul , and everybody abhi goes near her with a harsh walk

abhi and pragya has asked some baby names from their fans (we the real fans ) so please suggest some names and share your comment about my new track

Credit to: reji

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  1. Prayosh for boy and Anushia for girl

    1. Nice rini

  2. Hey so I have a few names and I really home one of them gets chosen and since they have twins it’ll be more exciting
    Boy names: aryan, ayush, aarav, adib, atif, Pranav, Aabhas, Aabheer, Aahaan, Aansh, aashu, and paarth
    Girl names: aanchal, archi, Aarohi, Aarya, aashika, aashvi, abhida, aditi, pakhi, paridhi, parul, pari, and Ayesha
    I tried to do names that started with either abhis or pragyas first letter names please do like and use thanksss!:)

    1. so many names yo have suggested zoya anyway i will yours and majority names

  3. Aditya and aditi

  4. Nikki? for girl and nikhil for boy?……. And episode is superb????

    1. ria rice but nikhil character is already having

  5. piya , aisha n boy name sam

  6. Nice guys you all done a great job and other fans please suggest some names

  7. aadharsh foe boy and aadharshika for girl………

    1. nice vedha but i want some short and half-cut name

  8. aadharsh for boy and aadharshika for girl………

  9. nice athira guys please suggest your names soon with your best names only i can write the next track

  10. guys i have some names you can select from it
    boys names – arjun , varun dev ( varun) arun aarav and aditya ( aadhi)
    girls names – aadhya , ananya ( anu) , aruna and aaradhya

  11. priyanshu and anya
    pratigya and abhimanyu

  12. Nice episode post nxt part soon nd aditya(Adi) for boy nd kasvi or kavya for girl

    1. sure anu today evening i will post

      1. what it s the name

  13. Arvi for ? and aishu for ? ……

  14. ok guys please suggest your names then only i can decide the majority names

  15. guys nice name you have suggested thanks your suggestions

  16. preet and aditya (or) aditi and prithvi

  17. zelain

    1. hafiz i can’t understand your selected name

  18. Adi,prakathi smth else episode is superb i really lke it when this will come real

    1. that’s not in our hand shruthi it will be nice as you said when it come real too

  19. Hey reji… Varun is perfect for the boy n I suggest prerna , Lahari for the girl

  20. angya for girl and prabhi for boy

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