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the episode starts with shruthy waiting for her name to be called.everybody is been called except her.she angrily stands and the boss’s p.a call her.she moves inside the cabinet and opens the boss cabinet.
she see the boss with shock and surprise with a barrel of anger.here pragya thinks about her childhood enjoyment with shruthy and ani.and thinks when ani would come here as his marriage age is soon approaching???
we must see a good alliance for him.suddenly she see some car coming so fast with a lot of goons and thinks they have declared holiday to save the students only for this and thinks about her native village where there will be only good things and calmness and she don’t like the towns.
here dadi falls asleep due to soothing breeze and calmness in temple.she in her dream see abhi getting married to that girl whome she saw in the templeand immediately wake up seeing a idol of ganesha.
she pray the lord and says everything must go well.here abhi and all family members was searching for dadi all around the house.the watchman says she went to temple but with a sad face.abhi and all gets shocked and aliya says she must have gone only to ganesha temple and come we could search her.
abhi says ok and they both leaves.

here shruthy see the same man who spilled coke on her that day. she gets angry.but the man smiles seeing her and welcomes her saying her name.she gets confused.he asks her to sit and she sit with angry face. he ask her something but she did not listen.she was going on gazing at him with anger.he notice her inattentiveness and waves his hands before her.
she comes to consciousness and says sorry.he says it’s ok.she ask her are u purab?he says yes shruthy !!do you remember me?how is sarla aunty,pragya di,and my dosth dadi.she ask what ?dosth?he says yes she is my friend and nice meeting u.i saw u when i was about 5 years old.you have grownup and looking good. she gets angry and shouts.
she says i was sitting with you and talking only as your employee and not as your bestie’s sister so please stop such conversation and go on with my interview.he says please calm !!calm down!!ok i will ask u ??he ask some questions and shruthy answer it so clearly.he says you are really build up with good values.well done.thankyou and you are selected.
he gives the appointment order and she thanks angrliy and moves out .he thinks and laughs.
here dadi comes to home seeing everybody waiting outside. she ask them for whome they all waiting ?they welcome dadi with happiness and says that they were searching you and abhi and aliya went to search you in ganesha temple .she ask dasi to call them and inform them that she came.dasi nodes and calls abhi through landline.
abhi and aliya searches for dadi and sits under the same tree where dadi sat. he gets call from dasi.dasi says dadi came and asks them to come home. abhi and aliya takes a long breath and leaves from there.they are going in car.the car stuck in the traffic and can’t move even a micrometer.abhi got tensed he asked aliya to go in the car to home
and he will go to the music life company by walk instead of waiting here.she says yes i do! she ask him if his fans saw him they won’t leave him.he opens the car back and takes a big salwar.he closes his face with it fully and moves.

here dasi ask dadi why did she go to temple without even saying to them?she says she does not like such noisy place and went to search for calmness and says she saw a beautiful girl immediately after praying to ganesha to give a nice alliance to abhi.she is so simple,cute,homely and i was going on thinking about her. i even got dream about abhi is marrying her.dasi says it might be of some attraction.
dadi says yes !since i was seeing only these monkey face if i see a human face then it attracts me. dasi teasingly looks her and everybody laughs.
here shruthy angrily walks out and sit in the guest chair and thinks about the interview she thinks purab saying u have become so beautiful that ur childhood and see the mirror in the office and smiles.she see purab in the mirror and turns seeing him behined her. he ask her shall i drpo u?she says nope i was just waiting for my car to come.he smiles but she looks him angrily.
here pragya comes thinking about the best qualities of her future husband what she expect.she walks and comes just opposite to abhi but they both did not notice.suddenly a big car comes with high speed with goons shouting hits pragya and goes.there is no one there and because of those cars everything is blocked.abhi see her struggling for life support with heavy bleeding in her head.
he immediately runs towards her and takes her in his lap. he calls the doctor and the doctor says he could not come soo fast as there is great traffic all over.so u please hold the bleeding place tightly and don’t make her to faint .he says yes and cuts call.he see her fainting and shook her up.she opens her eyes and sees him but he is covered with cloth.he tells her that he will say her a nice story so that she will not faint and starts the story.
pragya see him telling story and yells in pain. she thinks whether she could see his face.she faints off and when abhi tried to wake her up she did not.

precap:everybody in pragya’s home is waiting for pragya fearfully and in abhi’s home it goes normally with no fear
pragya opens her eyes……abhi’s cloth fly open and his face is shown…..
stay tuned for further..

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    It’s really interesting…KRPKAB serial scene…dev kept sona in his lap told somestory…that scene u copied….but that also nice…awaiting for your next ff…update it soon…

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      i want to see my both fabulous serials in their inter changing stories
      thats what ?
      but only this time
      then i will definitely use my own creation

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        Nice to hear…awaiting for next ff…update soon..

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    That’s sweet Shruthy..

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