KUmkum bhagya- pragya os


Pragya(thinks):yes now I know that I love him he is my life my heart yes I love you I love you so so so much but now I have to find where are you I hate that abhi for separating us I won’t spare him

She becomes so angry that time abhi comes
Abhi: hey Prague give me coffee

Pragya in attitude: I’m not your serving to do all these work and I won’t bring

Abhi: you are not my servant but love my love of life

Pragya: who said I love you I love my purab he is my heart my life I love only him not you devil because of you I have to find him
She went out

Abhi: pragya pragya

Abhi called her but she is not in the mood to listen

Abhi: go go go to hell I don’t need you I have my tanu and I will be with her

Pragya goes out and search purab everywhere she went to mall and saw purab purchasing with bulbul

Pragya: purab
And it echoes purab purab purab

Purab turns back (soch Na sake plays at BGM)

Purab: pragya??
It echoes pragya pragya pragya

They both runs and hug each other abhi and bulbul burns in anger then abhi how’s with tanu and bulbul goes with Suresh, nikhil and Niel

Happy ending

bye bye

Credit to: purgya die hard fan

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  1. this is better thn real kkb .nice jb

  2. Dimple(kanishka)

    Really nice loved it

  3. Hahah….jealousy….loved this

  4. and i know who are you,! I love you forr this OS! ???? This is 100 and 10 times better than real kkb! seriously hats of for the story!!!!!

  5. so nice…..i read it ..i could not control my laugh……………..

  6. Hey.. It is thousand times better than the real kkb.. I was laughing while reading.. Superb???

  7. Hey war s tz yaar wat a OS really funny especially the name echo tat one really funny… Bt I don’t lk end yaar actually tat tanu doesn’t deserves pure abhi’s love sooo tat part I don’t lk it sry to say tz bt really funny os

  8. ????????so funny yaar echo ???????????

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