kumkum bhagya – THE POWER OF LOVE (Intro and Episode 1)

Hi guys ..it’s naina here.I could not further upload my another fan fiction but I am sure I will continue this..

ABHISHEK MEHRA – underground terrorist who wants to become Don of Mumbai
PRAGYA KHANNA- a beautiful girl who is professor
NEIL KHANNA- pragya’s father.a big business man in Mumbai
RAGINI KHANNA- Pragya’S mother ,assistant cardiologist in reputed hospital
BULBUL KHANNA- Pragya’S younger sister who studies final year
RAM KAPOOR- ragini’s brother.
PURAB MEHTA- Abhi’s friend.
RIYA- Pragya’S bestfriend

The episode begins with a girl in mall selecting dress .it’s our PRAGYA.
Pragya- riya..tell me.if this black top suits me.
Riya- not bad pragya.it’s nice.we can take This
While they were paying the bill, pragya saw a man running towards them.she looks at riya. Riya , PRAGYA lets go.come on…pragya ,riya we should help him.riya, prags its not time to save him..its time to save us. The man falls near pragya’s foot because of the shot.pragya was shocked as all.they saw a man in dark blue jean and black shirt with gun in his hands…with some men’s around him.
Pragya- who is he..

RIYA – it’s abhi..don id Mumbai..let’s go pragya…
PRAGYA – riya. .we should help that man.
She goes near man.she checks his pulses.abhi sees her and was mesmerized by her beauty.
Abhi,purab who is she..
PURAB,don’t know bhai..let me check.

PURAB moves towards pragya.he tapped her shoulders.PRAGYA turns to see and was shocked due to his anger face.she was quite feared but didn’t show up.
PURAB,who are you..are you related to him.
PRAGYA, no..is there anything that relatives should help a person.
PURAB,you are talking too much..
PRAGYA, don’t you have heart. .you almost killed him.

PURAB,you know what he did
PRAGYA,whatever but he is to a living thing..you can’t just end his life with this gun.
PURAB,I am not here to hear your lectures…don’t come in our way…you will suffer more.
PRAGYA,oh hello..you know who am I..you know who is my father.
PURAB,oops..I don’t know..he asked a peson near him..you know her.the man nods no.
PURAB – nobody knows who you are..
PRAGYA,I am PRAGYA KHANNA.daughter of Neil khanna. Abhi looks at her in shock.PURAB too.

PRAGYA,what happened..
PURAB looks at abhi.Abhi understoods his mind and comes towards them
Abhi,so..miss khanna. I am warning you..don’t mess up with us.
The police comes there.
Abhi,who called you.
PRAGYA,I ..why you are in fear.
Abhi,I am again warning you..stay away..
PRAGYA,oh hello..don’t dare to mess with me.

Sir,he is one who shoted this man.come on arrest him.
PURAB,no..I only did this..arrest me
PRAGYA,sir..no..I am saying n.a…he only did this.
PURAB,but sir ,I am surrendering right.and looks at pragya.
Police arrested purab.Abhi looks at pragya angrily..
Abhi,I will not leave you..you have to pay for this and leaves with his men.
PRAGYA,riya let’s go..

3 weeks after…
PRAGYA was on her way to home when she gets a call from unknown number.
PRAGYA ,hello..
Man,hello pragya ji. …how are you..
PRAGYA,who is this.
Man,you didn’t remember me..to know who I am meet me at xyz place.
PRAGYA,why should I meet you..I will not come.
Man,then forget your pyari sister.

PRAGYA in shocked tone, bulbul…
Man,yes she is with us.if you didnt come in 15 minutes then in next half an hour your sister will reach your home dead.
PRAGYA,no..I am coming..please don’t do anything.
Man ,and don’t act smart..don’t inform your dad or anyone..If so I will…
PRAGYA,I will not..
Man ,come soon..I am waiting..

PRAGYA reached the spot..it is dark .she shouted anyone here…a man comes with gun. PRAGYA,where is she.
Man,come with me.
PRAGYA followed him.she sees the same men who she saw in mall.
PRAGYA,where is bulbul.
She heard a voice….so much eager to see..she turned to see ..it’s abhi.he comes with broad smile with purab
PRAGYA shouts while holding his collars – where id she.
PURAB, take your hands from him..
PRAGYA ignored him.PRAGYA ,please don’t harm her.
Abhi, acha…for that you have to do one thing..
PRAGYA,what’s that..I will do anything you say.
Abhi,then marry me.
PRAGYA was taken aback by his demand.
PRAGYA,what you mean.
Abhi ,I mean..marry me.he closed the gap between them by holding her waist.
PRAGYA pushed him saying no..
Abhi,then forget your sister.
PURAB,bhai..I will call antony to finish her.
Abhi,as per your wish.

PURAB was about to call when pragya stops him.okay …I will marry you..but please leave her.
Abhi, ya..after our marriage I will leave her.he takes her with him inside a small gudown and she saw a priest chanting some thing.
Abhi asked her to change into bridal dress.pragya too did so.Abhi sits .PRAGYA sits beside him.they took seven vows.PRAGYA was like a lifeless women doing all rituals.she thought to have a beautiful wedding with loved man but she failed in it.Abhi ties mangalsutra around her neck and keeps kumkum on her forehead….congrats pragya khanna..sorry mehra.PRAGYA was not in mood or not having energy to confront him.she simply asked bulbul.PURAB comes with her and both sisters hugged each other.
BULBUL, I am sorry di. .because of me you married him.
PRAGYA,it’s ok..I can do anything for you..
Abhi,can we leave.

PURAB,you go Abhi. .I will come with bhabhi.
Neil comes there with ram.
Neil,how dare you rascal..
Abhi,chill uncle..our marriage is over.PRAGYA sees Neil and runs to him.
Neil,don’t worry beta..you no need to go with him..PRAGYA hides behind him.
Abhi, pragya let’s go..don’t anger me.
PRAGYA holds Neil’s arm tightly.

Abhi ,you will not come right…PURAB. .go.
PURAB goes near pragya saying,bhabhi..come with me..don’t make me to keep my hands on you.PRAGYA nods no.PURAB drags her and abhi sits in his car.PRAGYA was made to sit inside and the car leaves.
Neil,I will not leave him.
Ram, we will talk to our lawyer.

Screen splits between abhi’s happy face and pragya’s crying face…

Guys do you have any guess about this story…if so..drop your comments

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