kumkum bhagya – THE POWER OF LOVE (Episode 2)


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The story starts with Soon pragya found herself at the doorstep of a beautiful huge mansion…But there was none in that big mansion except bunch of attendants … No relatives, no family members no one…. abhi about to went inside but someone stopped him.. Bhai wait a sec..PRAGYA looked at him.the man says bhai..wait for a second.hey pragya..I am rishab …I am Abhi’s brother .said eyeing toward a young lady..oh..she is my wife…raina. Just then a lady attendent came with plate of aarti n two kalash…..and did arti of abhi and pragya… Then put that 2 kalash which full of rice in front of her legs .. and after fell it on floor to her right leg they entered…. pragya was looking everywhere…Welcome bhabhi….. rishab chipped..

Then pragya just smiled.she was some how relaxed that she have some kind persons on her side.. come bhabhi..I will dip your room…rishab said.. Before that she said something.. No thanks I will show her own .. U go with raina..abhi said firmly… OK bhai.. rishab chipped Then both couples went upstairs… Gud nite di n jiju… raina greeted them before went inside.. U too bhabhi. Rishab said then they went inside their whereas abhi still stand outside of their room… Muhurat niklwao kya tumhare liy.. abhi taunted her but without replying him pragya opened the door n when they entered inside, their eyes popped out to see the room decoration… That was a big room with a big round king size bed.. Which fully decorated with roses n candels… Like a honeymoon suit… What is this.. She glared him… I don’t know tumhare pyari rishab ne kiya h.. He replied innocently..then she rolled her eyes.. He shrugged n went toward bed just then she grabbed his shoulder n turned around… why did you married me.. what u want…

She shouted..abhi, I just married you to show my power…PRAGYA ,then leave me …I am already lost everything..abhi, how can I.. now only I started my game..PRAGYA feels dizzy hearing that the next moment she was in his arm.. Yes she was fainted after heard that n before that she touched floor abhi held her in his strong arms.I knew that it’s a shock..but itne. He murmured then lifted her in his arm and settled her on couch then took a glass of water and dip his hand on it then sprinkled water on her face But still she was unconscious then he threw full of water on her face.. Because that she came in her sense n opened her eyes with a jolt…water drops rolled down to her face make her looking cute n beautiful in same time.. Then she remembered which he said after fainted her..remembering all that she mentally slapped herself for being fool to him.. How he easily make her fool by a phone call and due to that she did a biggest mistake of her life to get marry with a jerk who stand in front of her.. After thinking all this she glaring him hard…

i helped you.. Say thanks to me.. or else you would be there.. He said eyeing at floor where she was fainted… he touched me.. She thought.. How dare you to touch me.. She said angrily.. At first I’m not interested to touch u.. N second I have all right to touch u… He replied with a same range while took step toward her.. Make her scared.. U have no rights on me.. Understand.. She said while take few step backward.. Then gulped her saliva n stopped bt he was still taking step toward her…. Hato… I have to change.. She pushed him n rushed toward washroom n quickly closed the door..Then took a sigh of relief…whereas abbi was smiling to think something… N the other side in washroom she did unpinned her dupatta..when she realised that she don’t take her clothes inside.. O God I have to go out.. She murmured to herself.. Then she took her dupatta which she just unpinned n kept it over her shoulder then came out.. and went toward her packed bag which kept near a glass table..I know it’s his plan..how come my fress here..someone would have helped him.. She quickly opened it n mentally slapped herself of seeing those short dresses which packed for her.. Momm.. She murmured helplessly n took out a night dress just then abhi came toward her n grabbed her dupatta n threw it away from her body… abhi… She shouted with blood shot eyes n raised her hand to slapped him n her palm about to touched his cheek BT before that he held her hand….

Just then her gaze fell on her netted dupatta which was buring . And she understand why he did this..actually when she took out her dress to her bag that time her dupatta catched the fire to candle which kept on that glass table.. He held her hand n pulled her toward him by her waist they r hell closed to each other .. Due to this she could see his eyes which became dark with anger.. Their was only one thing in those dark black orbs n that was hatred…. Don’t dare to do this again.. or else you will not see good side of me… He gritted his teeth then leave her with a jerk…make her numb.. Then he rushed toward cupboard n took out a towel then dashed inside washroom like a stormfor calm himself under the cold shower… and outside the washroom she was thinking about to say a sorry to him or not… Sorry boldu … Her heart said to her BT next moment her mind tell a big no.. No never why m say sorry…I will not say.he only cheated me and married me..why should I….she Chuckled thinking that.. Just then he came out in a towel.. Water droplets to his body..

After saw that pragya quickly closed her eyes tightly… and grabbed her night suit then rushed toward washroom.. But this room was not known for her.. So when she rushed toward washroom with closed eyes she bumped with wall and quickly opened her eyes while rubbed her forehead.. Shameless people… She murmured and went inside the washroom.. After 10 min she came out n saw abhi was sleeping on bed while kept his left arm around his eyes… She went toward bed and call out his name in a very soft tone… abhi.abhi…. Then abhi removed his hand n saw toward her.. Now what.. He frowned.. I want to sleep… She said..’ With me.’. He asked..’ No.. ‘She said in loudly.. Then let me sleep m tired .. He said n twisted on bed.. M also tired n m feeling sleepy… She said..’ So go n sleep why u r irritating me…’He said annoyed still in that position.. ‘I have no problem to share bed with u..

BT stay in ur limit..’ He said and turned n smirked..thus she flared her nose.. ‘No never.. I can’t share bed with u.. So plz u go n sleep on couch… ‘She said..After heard that he sat on bed ..U think I will sleep on that couch.. Like seriously.. He said in disbelieve while pointing his index finger toward couch… Then she just nodded her head in yes… If u have problem to sleep here then go n slept on that couch.. Now let me sleep.. He said sternly while again laid on bed for sleeping then closed eyes … ‘BT I never slept on couch… N moreover I never catch my sleep there… ‘She said helplessly ..’ So its totally ur problem not me so go n sleep where u want… N don’t dare to disturb me.. ‘He said n his eyes were still closed .. After heard that she saw toward couch.. go to hell.. She murmured..

she feeling thirsty.. Just then her gaze fell on glass water jug which kept on nearby table of bed….Then she took the mug followed by glass n about to poured the water on glass just then her gaze fell on a Cockroach… and the next moment she jumped on bed along with Water mug… Make him awake… ”Aaaaaaa…dad, bulbul mom help me, koibacha lo… ‘She yelling in horror… He grabbed her wrist n pulled her toward him due to that she fall on his lap then shut her mouth with his palm …n water poured on bed.. Why r u shouting at this time… He asked still put his plan on her mouth then she signalled him by her big eyes to removed his plam.. Then he removed his plam.. “Cockroach… Plz save me. I will do everything which u say BT plz save me..”. She pleaded in horror… “Cockroach..”.he narrowed his gaze.. Then she shook her head in yes.. “Uff u r impossible… Where is it.. “He asked.. Then she indicated her figure toward table he checked there n found a Cockroach… Then he catches it with legs n show it to her.. see you are small but devil is in fear about you… He said while suppressed his laugh..”Plz threw it outside… “She sound scary After said that he threw the Cockroach outside the window…

she took a sigh of relief..PRAGYA…. What is this .. He frowned. .He yelling while pointed his index finger toward bed… “Now what happened…” She asked annoyingly while turning her face toward bed n when she saw the bed.. Her eyes widened… Now I understand whyJP is angry…. She thought n make a innocent face…” It’s ur fault ..you are the one who pulled me… “She frowned … O ya did I asked you to get on the bed with water jug or did I asked you to shout on seeing that damit buffalo..or id I didn’t shut your mouth you would have shouted like a loudspeaker and would have waked up all. He spat back while pointing toward her mouth… “Huh.. Loudspeaker ha..oh i see then you built this much big house and you dont have a hit “….. She spat back.. “Ha if I had n.a…I would have sprayed on your face.. Now where I sleep..” He murmured just then he saw she was went toward couch along with pillow… and before that she reached there n settled herself on that couch.. He quickly rushed toward couch n sat on it…make her frowned…” It’s my place now go n sleep somewhere else… “She frowned..

“How it’s ur place… It’s my house, it’s my room,it’s my couch….. Then how it’s ur place…” He smirked ..” you are impossible “.. She cringed…” I am tired.. Let me sleep… “He said.. ” To jaonaapne bed pr so na.. She spat .. “Jo tumne bhigadiya… “He spat back…” Aap jarhe ho ya nhi.. “She asked… “Nhi..” He replied… OK… She said n sat beside him n kept the pillow on armrest side then tried to laid . couch was big BT not enough for 2 person..”. What the…”he frowned.Both r trying to sleep on that couch.. Which was uncomfortable for them… and moreover they never slept on a couch in their entire life… BT today they r trying to sleep… N when they success in their tried they don’t know n may be they r tired that’s why they soon dozzed off there….

Next morning.. Her sleep broke by him .she winched when she tried to get up… “Aah What the hell… “He scream ..” Kya hua q chilarhe ho subahsubah… Or ye aapke head ko kya hua.”. She asked curiously while quickly get up to couch fully ignoring her little pain.. and went toward him…”Dekhainhi deta.. Neck akaad gaya h… “He frowned..” Wow kya gud news mili subah subah… ” She murmured…n trying to hide her smile.. “it’s all because of you..” He frowned… ” ha..if tomorrow earthquake comes n.a…it’s also because of me..”
She said while earned a glared to him..pragya passes him by giving deadly smile .abhi,this girl n.a…
He leaves from there..

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