Kumkum Bhagya (plan for birthday party) episode 8


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the episode starts with when abhi slept pragya seeing the calendar and calling to bulbul saying that tomorrow is our birthday i am going to say to him abhi just pretends like sleeping heard what pragya said bulbul says wait di if they love us truly they itself will find it in purab’s house purab also like abhi pretends to sleep and heard what bulbul said pragya in call says but bulbul says don’t worry di just a test abhi thinks oh this is their test i will definitely pass in this test there purab too thinks like abhi pragya after talking to bulbul and bulbul after talking to pragya went to sleep abhi and purab calls them at the same time abhi and purab says they are keeping a test to us they both laughs abhi says we both are thinking the same only know purab says we have to definitely do something abhi says don’t worry and tells the plan to him purab says nice idea tomorrow i will come there with bulbul abhi says i will say this plan to our family members purab says ok

abhi wakes up before pragya and tells the plan to everyone dadi says i will call sarla to tell about this plan dadi says this to sarla maa she too agrees to this and says sure i will come there with everybody on time purab comes to the house with bulbul pragya comes down and sees bulbul bulbul takes pragya to a side family members says to abhi our plan is working bulbul asks did he wished you pragya says no i think it’s better to tell him bulbul says no di he also didn’t wish to me abhi and purab silently hears to their conversation pragya comes to him and says today their is any special abhi says no pragya says please remember and tell me abhi says no fuggi why is there any problem pragya says no just i asked you bulbul asks did you forget anything purab purab says no i didn’t bulbul says oh ok pragya and bulbul waited for their wish bulbul says maa also didn’t wish to us pragya says yes let’s go to our regular coffee shop which we will always go to relax bulbul says ok they both went to the coffee shop abhi says this is the nice chance sarla maa comes there with her family members they all decorate the house

the lights were switched off pragya and bulbul returns to the house pragya says why the house is so dark bulbul says yes pragya says dadi abhi grunts with some other voice saying your husband and family members are in my control if you want to see them they were this saree and jewels and come bulbul asks who are you go and wear it otherwise i will kill them pragya says ok i want to hear their voice abhi with his voice shouts help me pragya bulbul don’t disobey him both of you go and wear it purab says help us all the family members shouts like them bulbul says ok we will wear this and come they wore the dress and came it is a beautiful embroidery saree with antique jewels they switched on the lights everybody shouts “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” they both get surprised abhi says do you think how easily we will fail in your test pragya says you heard it bulbul says ok i agree you both passed the tests pragya says our sarees are very nice bulbul says me too they hug each other abhi-pragya purab-bulbul dadi and sarla maa says ok time is going come and cut the cake abhi says to pragya and bulbul before we cut the cake we should make a wish pragya wishes that my family should be always happy and i should love him (abhi)

always than me bulbul wishes that my family should live without any harm and me and my purab should be happy with our love ever after they cut the cake and celebrated a wonderful birthday

it is new year time dasi says pragya do you call the decoraters because day after tomorrow new year so we can’t decorate grand pragya says i called them dadi says where are aadhi and aadhya pragya says they are playing with their daddy they came down dadi asks abhi to watch out the decoraters all decorates the house

purab says bulbul this is our baby’s delivery date is nearing bulbul says i think it may be a boy purab says i am ok neither boy bor girl purab says wait here i will bring some fruits to you bulbul smiles

Precap:bulbul shouts with pain purab takes her to the hospital and says don’t worry he informs abhi and sarla maa they rush to the hospital

after a episode i am going to end this please suggest some baby names to purab and bulbul’s baby i am waiting for your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: reji

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  1. I suggested Kimrose, cathelene, Josie, or Brady, Caleb, and miko???

  2. Pura which means in the beginning it’s an Indian name it really suits their baby #PurabBulbul

  3. oh so nice avleen and anfac please suggest some more names

  4. Rashmi subodh

    Nice story… Name. Pearl… Pari… Lola,lopa … Piyu,

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