kumkum bhagya (party shopping) Episode 4


the episode starts with sarla makes bulbul to eat more food bulbul says already you gave more sarla says pregnancy period you should eat more purab peeks from the door and sees this he gets abhi’s calls abhi says to purab i and pragya are coming we should go for shopping know purab says we will be ready purab says to sarla i will take care sarla smiles and says ok purab comes near bulbul and says we are going to start a new life our baby will be cute and it will play with us bulbul keeps her hand on the stomach and hugs they emotionally get tears an emotional background music plays…………

abhi and pragya makes aadhi and aadhya get ready abhi says we should get ready for shopping know tanu and aliya hide from there and says leaving us like this they are happily going hor shopping they smirks and went pragya says ya i know wait let our babies sleep dadi and dasi comes there both babies smiles at dadi dadi says we will take care of babies you and abhi and get ready they take the babies with them abhi holds pragya hand and says we have babies and purab and bulbul are going to have babies they hug each other suddenly pragya says dadi abhi turns back but dadi is not there pragya fools abhi and runs abhi catches pragya they fall on the bed and have an eyelock

abhi and pragya comes there they took purab and bulbul to the shopping mall

this time abhi’s producer was happy to see abhi and pragya together producer says to baby how are your babies i didn’t have time to see them abhi says its ok another good news bulbul and purab are going to become mom and dad i am going to arrange a party tomorrow so we came here for shopping producer says congratulation purab and bulbul bulbul gets an idea and says to abhi pragya and purab that we will wear same outfits with different colours it will be surprising too

they did the same pragya got the outfit and abhi brought the outfit according to pragya’s outfit colour and purab and bulbul did the same too bulbul says to them don’t show the outfit now we have to surprise them at the party

at abhi’s home dadi asks did your shopping went well? abhi says yes dasi asks the outfits abhi and pragya says it is suspense same happened
at sarla’s home sarla asks the outfits bulbul you will get to know at the party

Precap: when the party starts abhi pragya purab bulbul with their outfits came they were so matching gorgeous and beautiful abhi lifts pragya and purab lifts bulbul and they dance on the song OM SHANTI OM and everybody dance at them seeing this aliya gets angry and calls tanu to start the mission

guys you will get to know at the next part that which outfits the wore at the party

Credit to: reji

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  1. it’s good..keep it up..

  2. It’s nyc?
    Reji keep it up ?

  3. nice one

  4. Thank you guys but next part I will upload next weekend only because of school hope you understand and sorry for the inconvenience

  5. Hi I am not getting what you are telling??? Will it happen in reality in the drama..or its all just a fake.

  6. Wow nyc . Keep it up.

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