kumkum bhagya (after the party) Episode 6


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the episode starts with abhi asking purab why pragya and bulbul are taking so much time to change their dresses suddenly purvi rushing down telling everybody that pragya and bulbul got kidnapped by nikhil sarla says what you are saying purvi says yes maa while i am going that way i saw something broken then i saw nikhil and some goons carrying pragya bulbul unconscious then i saw him talking to aliya tanu in his phone they also involved in it abhi and purab gets shocked sarla maa faints everybody lifts her and gave some water to her abhi and purab started to get tears abhi says i will not leave that 3 of them purab says i am calling nikhil nikhil phone is switched off and aliya and tanu too abhi says what we will do now

pragya and bulbul starts crying pragya asks why nikhil is kidnapping us bulbul says why this is happening only for us akash leaving the guests in his car passing by the way he sees them and tries to follow the car he calls abhi and tells everything and says i am following that car abhi says where they are going akash says Mumbai border they are stopping their car at a godown abhi says wait i am getting one call from unknown number it is nikhil purab says what happened he puts the phone in speaker nikhil says if you want to see your wife i will give one chance i will tell you the address but if you come here with police i will kill them purab says ok we are coming abhi says to akash you heard know they will not leave me and purab you know the place know if something happens you come here with the police akash says ok bhai take care purab and abhi goes to that goes to that godown they saw pragya and bulbul tied they hug each other and cries the goons tie abhi and purab too pragya says leave them aliya tanu nikhil comes and claps abhi pragya purab bulbul gets shocked to see them

Precap:nikhil says do you want to know why we kidnapped you aliya says revenge abhi says what revenge tanu says yes revenge the revenge what you 4 of you did to us

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Credit to: reji

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  1. Hey reji it’s nice but we need some more masala in it. If not it’ll go like the episodes of kkb. Please try to add more story & some more scenes of abhigya too.

    1. Ya ok tammy sure I will do it

      1. Thanks so I’ll be eagerly waiting for the update ?

  2. its really gud…bt dont make this kidnap scene dragging….try to end it soon bt wth more interesting things btw 4 of them

    1. Sure as your wish priya

  3. It’s nice ya.. really we al a silent readers only so u dnt care of us & continue in Ur writing..

    1. Saran priya thanks for your support but I think some didn’t like this so I will complete this track but really I am happy that you all like my ff

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