Kumkum bhagya OS – Moment of love


Os : Moments Of Love

Pragya, rolled her hair into soft curls, wore minimum make up that included, eye liner, mascara and a lip gloss, her cheeks were naturally pink and went superbly with her radiant smile. Adjusting the long and beautiful maroon lehenga she picked up a colorful dupatta and wrapped it around her shoulders. Her ever so handsome husband was still struggling with his stole, it amused her to see how a superstar rock singer, Abhishekh Prem Mehra who ruled the hearts of millions of people by his beautiful voice was still a child when it came to adjusting a stole . She stood in front of him and took it from his hands, her simple innocent look arrested his gaze as she busied herself with the stole.

‘perfect”, she said looking at it.
‘thanks..jaan” he said after pecking her cold cheek which turned warm as soon as his lips touched it. He noticed how she still managed to blush like a newly wedded bride every time he came close to her and he enjoyed this to the fullest.
‘suniye..make it fast..I’m waiting for you in the hall.” She smiled and went out not before grabbing the Dandiya Night passes. She pulled the curtains aside and was shocked to see the view outside. It was raining so heavily. An hour back it was dark and cloudy but she certainly didn’t expect that the weather would turn out so bad. She switched on the television to know about latest forecast, all news channels splashed scenes of the city roads blocked because of sudden downpour it impossible to commute around. Her whole evening was ruined, she had given servants an off and had planned so many things for Abhi as she wanted to make this evening really special for him. Switching off the television she threw the remote. The cracking sound of the remote hitting the wooden floor in an absolute quiet hall made Abhi come out of the room.
‘what happened?” he asked coming out and found pragya standing near the window with her back facing him. Standing behind her he too looked out, the weather had certainly hampered their outing. Pressing her shoulders lightly he said,” no problem..jaan..we will go out some other day and have a wonderful time.” Her lips were still quivering as she turned around and eyes brimmed with tears, threatening to roll down any moment.
‘no this can’t happen .. it’s our first navratri after marriage and today is the last dandiya night ..I’d been planning for this day since a month.. I so wanted to play dandiya with you , why did it have to rain now..couldn’t it rain after a couple hours?” she whined like a child and appeared even more adorable to him.
‘see jaan we only wished to spend some time together..we can do that even now with nobody at home” he winked at her naughtily but she was still mad and tore the passes after saying,” I don’t see that happening”.

‘I promise to make this evening memorable for you” he said earnestly to which she asked crossing her arms before her chest,” and how will you do that?”
‘I shall cook for you.” He replied while she rolled her eyes in surprise,” the great rockstar Abhishekh Prem Mehra knows how to cook! Unbelievable!”
‘seriously, I’m in no mood for jokes.” And went back to the room stomping her feet. Changing into her casual pair of salwar suit she jumped onto the bed with a book in her hand. Already she was finding it hard to concentrate and now the clattering of utensils in the kitchen was making it harder. She came out to check what exactly was happening and the sight just took her breath away.
His sleeves rolled up to his elbows with two upper buttons of his kurta kept open revealing his hard and strong chest. It was a treat for her sore eyes, for a moment she stood there simply gaping at him. He felt her presence and her gaze, he lifted his eyes up from the dough he was making and found his beautiful wife in a daze.
‘hey wifey..like what you see?” he smirked bringing her out of her dreamland.
‘what?..i was just checking you out..I mean, I was checking what you’re doing?” she controlled her slip of tongue though he very well knew what she was actually checking out.
‘you seriously don’t have to this ..let me cook.” She said coming forward. Just the fact that he was making an effort was more than enough for her.

‘no I really wanna do it..just for you.” His last words cooled all the anger that was boiling inside her. She sat across the kitchen counter cupping her face in her hands and admired what her husband was doing. She was impressed to see how he was juggling with making kebabs on one gas stove and romali rotis on the other one. With flour smudged on his cheeks he looked so cute and adorable. From time to time he stole glances at her and felt nice to see her smiling at him.
Meanwhile she set the table for the two of them. A candle light dinner with soft music playing in the background would be a perfect way to spend the evening. The kebabs still needed some time when she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see him offering his hand for a dance. She smiled and thought to herself, wow he is getting so romantic!
She happily slipped her hand into his not before caressing his cheeks to remove the flour off them while he wrapped his other one around her waist and she placed hers on his shoulder. A ballroom dance with him was definitely better than jumping around with dandiya sticks. This close dance made her heart flutter and looking into his eyes she wondered how he managed to make every moment so memorable for her.

His lips stretched in a smile as he pulled her closer. They swayed to the rhythm of the music and got lost into each other. She freed her hand from his hold and looped both her arms around his neck while he tightened his grip on her petite waist. Her heart warmed up to see love and adoration swimming into his eyes. Unable to bear the heat of his gaze she lowered her eyes and dropped her head on his chest. She listened to his heart that was beating only for her, a heart that said a thousand words which his lips failed or didn’t feel the need to and she never complained, coz their love was beyond words, it was deep and pure.
He felt her hands moving up his back and he wished he could freeze this moment. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of her hair as she snuggled close to him. His embrace was her home, this was where she felt secured, loved and cherished. For how long they kept holding on to one another they didn’t know. It was the loud grumbling of pragya’s stomach that made them move apart.
‘someone is really hungry” he teased her while she smiled sheepishly.
‘give me a minute ..I shall get everything.” He said before brushing his finger on her little nose and left to get the tray. She offered to serve but he didn’t allow her in fact he even began to feed her and brought a morsel to her mouth, she shook her head, she always waited for him to eat first and even today she wouldn’t have before him therefore directed his hand to his mouth. He parted his lips and had it. The food was amazing and why wouldn’t it be, anything cooked out of love ha to be divine.

‘suniye..its delicious”
He leaned forward and brushed his lips at the corner of her mouth. She gasped as he licked the coriander stuck at the corner. His eyes danced in amusement seeing her going shy once again. She stood up and said with lowered head,” let me just clean up everything.” With that she picked up the plates and went to the kitchen.
After completing the household chores she came out with two cups of coffee. By then abhi had busied himself in arranging some cushions on the woolen carpet, he looked back at her and patted the place next to him. Handing over him the coffee she sat close to him and sipped on to that aromatic coffee while leaning her head on his shoulder. Oh it felt so blissful to be with him all alone. Closing her eyes she relished this moment as he lazily ran his fingers through her hair.
A while later she heard some noise that broke the peaceful silence around, looking up she found that he’d switched on the television.
‘do you mind if I watch it?” he asked sweetly, she nodded a no and stood up after replying,” I’ll get some popcorns.”
She came back with a huge bowl filled with popcorns and found him totally engrossed in a cricket match. Offering him she sat beside him and saw him totally glued to the screen. Even she enjoyed watching cricket but now with just the two of them at home and especially when the evening had progressed so wonderfully then they could’ve easily done without watching a cricket match especially a test match.

Sighing deeply she popped one pop corn after the other and realized how intently he watched every ball bowled. Throwing a pop corn towards him she tried to break his concentration. He called her softly without tearing his gaze from the match. She frowned at him and wondered how could some one ignore his pretty wife and watch a slow boring match? It was not even a twenty twenty for god sake! Irritated, she hit him with some more popcorns and mumbled a sorry.
He knew she was doing it purposely and shot her a warning glare that irked her all the more and this time she threw a handful of popcorn at him after turning off the television. That was it and he flung on her emptying the entire bowl on her. She squealed in joy and tried to push him back but he was way too strong for her. Pinning her arms on her either sides he moved her down and placed her head on the cushion. Her face was flushed after the struggle and she relaxed under his grip, there was no point in fighting with him, she would never win on the contrary she enjoyed losing to him.
Glancing down he found her face covered with popcorns, he bent and slowly swallowed the one sitting on her closed eye lid, she shivered due to his act. He smirked and did the same with her second eye, her cheeks turned scarlet and he loved the sight. Moving further down he opened his mouth to have the ones stuck between her neck and shoulder, her chest heaved up and down in response and her hands attempted to free themselves from his grip. Her throat went dry as she followed her gaze, his eyes were staring at the last popcorn which was caressing her soft lips. The passion and intensity in his eyes made her heart skip several beats. His head slowly dipped down and was about to have it when she opened her mouth and swallowed it. He groaned in defeat while her eyes sparkled naughtily.
‘love you my rockstar”
The next moment his lips crashed on hers, she happily gave in to him as all their love culminated into that moment.

Credit to: veronica

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