kumkum bhagya One Shot


Guys this is another one shot hope you al like it it is not big just a small smiple lovely story I will upload love makes everything possible and I hate u to I love you tommarow ok
In my story tanu pragya and abhi are frnds and they are in same collage they are best frnds of each other and abhi and pragya love each other and they 3 do masti and give support to each other in every problems
After collage abhi join his family business and pragya and tanu also join his office and abhi and pragya parents know about them and abhi parents go to pragya house with abhi pragya parents welcome them
Sarla: please come have a sit
Abhi mom, dadi sit
Dadi: we came for our abhi marriage proposal for pragya
Sarla: I glad to hear that they both love each other so its good
Mom: please call pragya and sarla calls pragya and dadi and abhi mom like pragya very much and they said yes for pragya both abhi and pragya are happy
As days passes pargya become faviroute of abhi mom and dadi they love her so much one day pragya go to market but don’t come home after so much time and sarla get tensed and calls abhi and tell him everything and he fastly goes to pragya house
Sarla see abhi
Sarla: beta she has gone market in morning but didn’t come till now
Abhi worriedly: what aunty ok I will call police officer
He is about to call but a unknow no. call comes and abhi attend it
Unknown: if you want your pragya safe come to xyz place and don’t show any smartness it will cost her life
Abhi: listen don’t harm her she is my life I love her
Unkown: ok then come to the place which I said
Abhi: but I want to hear my pragya voice
Unknown: ok listen
Pragya: abhi please save please she will kill me you know she is
By she take the phone
Unknown: showing smartens to me no baby
And cuts the call abhi hurridly goes towards the place with out telling anything to sarla
Abhi comes to xyz place and he enter in a godown and see pragya tied pragya see him and started crying abhi comes near her and un tie her and both hug each other and cries and a voice come from back side and they turn
Voice: so this much love
Abhi shocked to see tanu
Abhi: tanu what are u doing here
Pragya: she is the one who kidnapped me
Abhi get shocked hearing this and see towards tanu
Abhi: why u did this tanu
Tanu shouts: bcz I love u damit I love you from the day when I see u but this pragya come btw us today I will not leave her
Abhi slaps tanu: are you out of your mind how can u think like this u know na how much I love her she is my life
Tanu take her gun out and point towards abhi
Tanu: ok then if you cant become mine then I don’t let u become of anyone else
And shoot towards abhi but pragya comes in btw and bullet hit her chest and it start bleeding and abhi shout pragya and pragya is about to fall abhi hold her and put her head on his lap
Abhi: why did u do this pragya
Here gun left from tanu hand and she falls on ground
Pragya: bcz i…. l..o..v..e breath heavely y..o..u
Abhi: please pragya you cant leave me like this how I will leave without u
Pragy: abhi our saath is this much only u have to move on and take care of mom and dadi and ma after me promise me
Abhi: stup up u we both will take care of them
Pragya breaths heavely
Pragya: but this cant possi….ble
And breaths more heavenly
Abhi crying bitterly: you cant break your promise like this
Pragya : abhi I want to say something to you
Abhi: yeah tell
Pragya breaths heavely
And pragya and tanu both stand up and say:
And abhi look them
So hows it did u all like it if u like then comment please

Credit to: queen

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  1. Sooooo funny….. ??????????????????????

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    you do it all
    i can’t stop laughing

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    Its horrible Till reading last lines..
    But u make it April fool..
    Hahaa nice?

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  22. So…so…sooo much hilarious! You are superb!

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