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Hi guys…its tisha …especially for abhigya lovers…these one shots are waiting…hope you will like…

Abhi’s pov
People tell love stories all the time. Some start with it was love at first sight. Others may say it happened slowly. I’ve heard things like at some point I realised I couldn’t live without her. There’s a whole list of love stories. Mine isn’t like any of them. Longer than the list of love stories is the list of romantic clichés. Falling for your best friend.Only realising you love someone when you’re about to lose them.Stopping a wedding.Chasing after her at the airport. Saying you’d do anything for her.Saying you’d die for her.Fighting for her.The list goes on. My love story wasn’t typical, but it was full of clichés. I fell for my best friend and didn’t realise it until I was about to lose her. I chased after her at the airport after I stopped a wedding. Not her wedding, my own. I fought for her, but not against another guy, and not to win her heart. I fought against the world for her. You probably think you’ve got this story all figured out. It doesn’t go how you think it does. You’re probably thinking this is a typical film i love story, the kind you’d see in any Bollywood film. It’s not, if only it had been that easy. The first time we met, we fought. I’m not talking about the cute kind of fight you always see between the hero and the heroine, I mean a full on screaming match.

I don’t remember what it was about now, I just remember thinking she was kind of hot when she was angry. I also remember her telling me to get my head checked because she doubted there was actually anything but air between my ears. We barely spoke for a week and a half after that. It made it kind of difficult when we were supposed to be filming a movie in which we were dating. We managed to sort our issues out after a while. We kept filming and we kept fighting, but somehow ended up as best friends. The fights were still screaming matches and there were times where I wanted to rip her head off, but I enjoyed fighting with her and I think she enjoyed fighting with me. It was just fun to push her buttons and watch her fury build. Not to mention, she doesn’t back down from a challenge. For every button of hers I pushed, she would push twelve of mine. It’s not like all we did was fight. There were times between the fights when we would laugh and joke and be normal friends. There were also times when we’d be serious and have ridiculously deep conversations. And there were the times when I was her shoulder to cry on and she was my pillar to lean on. There were rumours about us, of course. We both laughed them off and called them ridiculous. The great thing was, she wasn’t lying when she said she found them stupid. Not like the girls you see who say one thing and mean another. If she has something to say to you, she says it your face. In almost six years, I didn’t fall for her. And then, I did. I couldn’t tell you when I fell for her. There isn’t a point in time exactly. What I can tell you was that I realised it when she was ready to give up on life.

There was a period of six months where we barely spoke. It wasn’t because we fell out, it was because we were both too busy. What I didn’t know was that it wasn’t just filming keeping her busy. The first time I saw her after those six months, she looked like she’d been through hell and back. She’d lost weight when she didn’t need to, her clothes hung of her already small frame. You could almost see her bones. Her eyes, which I had always seen to be full of life, were dead. There was no mischievous spark or lively gleam or twinkle of laughter or even fiery rage, there was just blankness. She was ready to give up. The world had been telling her to give up. She’d been told she wasn’t needed, told to just free up all the space she was wasting and the air she was using by being alive. Nobody had stood by her. I hadn’t known. She had fought it by herself for months but now she couldn’t. Now she was going to listen. I stopped her. I told her the world was full of idiots that had nothing better to do than hurt people. She didn’t want to listen. I made her listen. I told her that no matter what, she’d always be needed.

If nobody else would admit they need her, I would. And that’s when I realised that I do need her. That’s when I realised I love her. I fought for her. I fought against herself to show her she is loved and needed and I fought the rest of the world to shut them up and tell them that what they said didn’t matter. Two months after that, my parents told me I was getting married, no objections. They’d found a girl already and I had eight weeks. I screamed and raged at the whole world but eventually she calmed me down. She told me to go through with the wedding so I did.Well, almost.The wedding was supposed to happen this morning. I very nearly became a married man. I was sat there, and I looked around. I knew she wasn’t going to come. She had to get a flight to America for a film. But when I looked around and didn’t see her, I realised what I was doing. I couldn’t go through with it unless she was there. I called it off. I told my parents that going through with the marriage would be the biggest mistake of my life and I ran. Now I was running through the airport, still in my traditional wedding outfit, hoping I would catch her before she got on the plane. Today was apparently my lucky day.The plane hadn’t been called for boarding yet so she was sat at the international departures lounge, waiting. I sat in the seat next to her, not saying a word. She spoke after a minute.’Interesting outfit to fly in.

Can’t imagine you’ll be comfortable.’ She said casually, not looking up from her book. ‘Not flying. Just bought a ticket because I needed to talk to a friend.’ ‘Right. You do realise that there’s phones for that?’ ‘This had to be said in person.’ She finally shut the book and looked at me. ‘You look really good in kurta pyjama.’ She stated.’Thanks. But I didn’t come to get your opinion on my outfit.’ I said. ‘I know. I just thought you’d like to know that you look good.’ She said.I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘So, are you going to tell me what you came for or are we going to sit here making small talk until the plane is called for boarding?’ She asked.’Straight forward as always.”You aren’t going to be. I figured I needed to speed you along a little. She said looking my eyes..

‘ ‘I’m not here to give you some big film i speech if that’s what you’re thinking, pragya .’ I said. ‘I wasn’t ‘But I am here to tell you that I love you.’ She didn’t look shocked or surprised. It didn’t turn into one of those emotional scene where we both admit we’re in love. Instead, she just smiled a little and then she kissed me. ‘I love you too.’ Was all she said when she pulled away. ‘Okay.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘So, now you’re going to America for two months and I’m going to go back home and deal with my family who are going to be very pissed with me.’i said. ‘Nope. You’ve got a ticket, why waste it? Come with me to America and we’ll deal with them together when we get back.’ She always had the simplest perspective of life. And most of the time, she was right. ‘Okay. But I’m going to need to find a change of clothes. I am not sitting in a plain for twelve hours wearing this.’ I said, gesturing to my outfit. ‘Come on then. Let’s go find you somewhere to get clothes.’ She put her book in her bag and got up. I got up and she began to walk towards the shops. I followed after her, taking a hold of her hand as I did. She gave me a smile and continued to walk, talking as we did.My love story definitely isn’t like all the ones you see in films. But may be filmi is overrated. I like the way my story turned out.

Hope you all liked….just it’s a try….don’t know how is it…

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