Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Last Episode)


thank u guys fr reading my ff and a special thanks who comments. and fnally its my last part and u think its not satisfied u bcoz nt more abhigya scenes, sry fr tat and i am too working fr etretr ff, and many more. so i need to fnsh tis. i think u will be tat overall tis story comes to an end.

last episode.
abhi ask pragya to take rest so tat his child will be happy. pragya so he cares only fr child not fr her. he says ofcourse baby! pragya says i know u cares only fr baby and acts to be anger. abhi comes near her and says i told baby as u and was abt to kiss her. pragya ask him to go and ready fr his concert. he leaves.tara comes in with glass of milk and says mamma, drink milk, my bro or sis will be hungry na, pragya says acha u cares only fr baby. tara says dad cares fr u, i am caring fr baby. she hugs her tightly.

after 1 yr,
pragya is in kichen busy making breakfast and abhi comes there shouting pragya! pragya! where r u? and heads the kichen. he ask where is adi, yes a three months boy of pragya and abhi. pragya says i left in room with u to tc wat u hav been dng? abhi says i got an imp call so i went and i return adi is not there. pragya says come we can search
pragya finds tis time as hell becoz all went to leave madhu in rk’s home. so she hav to manage all. they searches fr adi bt not there. pragya says he was sleeping and if he gets up he would be cried.and abhi says he could not walk also then where is he
they went to tara’s room to see whether he is there and got relaxed. bcoz tara is taking care of adi. abhi says thank god my little princess is havng my little prince and hugs her. tara says adi was alone so i take to my room. pragya ask tara to bring her adi’s pillow. after she went pragya says tara is more caring than us and we hav to teach her nt to do without informing us. abhi ask her to stop the lectures as tara is cmg and she gave pillow to pragya, she made him to sleep comfortable and hugs tara.

happy endings. thanks to all. i could not forget tis ff.its close to my heart

Credit to: naveena

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  1. y naveena you end it so soon i will be eagerly waiting for your next fan fiction

  2. u finished so soon sis why??? i love ur ff ur story was very nice…. pls come with another comeback story plsss love u but nice ending all the best

  3. Thanks guys fr ur comments and i hav comeback dont wry

  4. Pls make madhu pergent and ishani pergent episode don’t end soon

  5. I think that they r taking too long to get Tanu and Alia exposed

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