kumkum bhagya -A new family story (Intro and Episode 1)


Hi guys tis is different story plse support me by gvg comments.
Dadi : elder grandmother
Dasi: dadi’s sister
neil mehra ,pam : dadi’s children
Ragini : neil’s wife
Abhishek mehra : son of neil ragini( hero)
Madhubala : abhi’s sister
Aliya : pam’s daughter
Pragya : abhi’s wife( heroine)
Tara : abhi pragya’s daughter
Sarla : pragya’s mom
bulbul : pragya’s sister
Purab : abhi’ s frnd
Ranveer from matsh : madhu’s frnd

Scene 1
Mumbai,mehra’s house
Dadi in her room
Dadi: plse god giv some happiness
Dasi enters
Dadi : did u gt any information abt pragya
Dasi : no dhi.bt dont wry. Evrythg will be fne.
Dadi : pragya should be well wherever she is
Dasi : k cme and hav breakfast

Scene 2
Delhi, pragya’s home
Pragya : tara its getting late to school
Tara: cmg mom r u gng to office tday
pragya : of course
Tara: k u hav to pick up frm school
Pragya : k baby i will
Tara : bye mom
Pragya: bye

Scene 3
Mehra ‘s house
abhi greets all
Dadi : did u slept well ystrday
Abhi: s dadi
Dadi : dont lie
Abhi : i am worried abt pragya
Dadi : dont worry evrthg will be fne
At the tim aliya rushes and shouted
Aliya : bai tmrw madhu is cmg from us
Everyone gets shocked

Precap : madhu comes and ask abt pragya
I hope u guys love tis ff support me i hav many ideas to exicute

Credit to: naveena

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  1. is the story fictional and wat is it about

  2. nice with different story but it’s very short by the continuation u will get a better feedback carry on.. All the best..

  3. Nice….a combi of kkb and mouna ragam (I don’t know the hindi name) why is pragya with her child in her house, delhi and not with abhi? And why are ahi&dadi worried about pragya?

    1. Ya kirthy mouna ragam hindi name is itna karo na mujhe pyaar

  4. Abdul H tayyab

    Plz explain a little more but your story is marvelous I love it om waiting for the next part your story is good plz post next one soon

  5. It will be revealed soon bcoz its a twiat and thanks fr ur support guys abhi pragya y r they seperated will be rev son

  6. pls continue and put some lengthy episode

  7. Nice ff continue

  8. Ever seen episode

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