Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 9)


Scene 1
Mehra’s house
All r having breakfast, pragya tells tara” late to school, hurry up beta” . Tara says yes mom
abhi comes and greets everyone and ask where is madhu? And then remembers tat she left yesterday. Pragya ask abhi to hav breakfast and abhi says no and left all gets worried.

In rk’s home
Rk and madhu arrives and radha maa( rk’s mother) comes and hugs madhu.
Maaa: how r u madhu?
Madhu : fine and how is ur health now?
Maa: gd beta
rk: come inside

Madhu goes to her room and remembers how she got married by agreements and slowly fall in love for rk and when he tells its an agreement not more than tat she worries, all flashes in her mind.
rk comes and he thinks ho he missed madhu when she left him and later to understand he could not live without madhu.

They both hav an eyelock.
radha maa comes and says i hav brought breakfast here itself madhu plse eat beta.
Rk says he will fresh up and come and ask her to eat.he leaves.
madhu sees the knife in the plate and takes and cuts her hand. Blood flows and she faints.
rk comes and sees her and rushes to take first aid box and ties the cloth on her hand. After few mins later madhu wakes up and rk ask her y did u do like tis?
Madhu cries and says rk, i canr stay here with a guilty i want to go back to my home and want to explain.
rk: ok fine, lets go bt wait fr sometime and dont try these things again.without u i cant live he said.madhu cries and rk leaves

Sarla calls dadi and says its not correct time to call her bt she has to say and tells bulbul is leaving to purab’ s house so pragya and abhi could come here, wat r u saying dadi
Dadi : its nt wrong i will say to them and ends the call, she worries for madhu.
dadi comes to abi’s room and tells tat sarla invites them to her house, pragya says but.. abhi tells ok dadi we r gng.

Rk leaves to his shooting after some time he calls madhu and says tat he left his file there and asked her to bring. Madhu tell ok.
She gets ready and comes down with a file and radha maa says i am sry beta, rk shd nt do like tis. Madhu says no problem maa infact i am happy with this and leaves radha prays to god.

Madhu comes to studio and searches for rk and ask spotboy where is rk? He tell tat rk is in shooting and madhu leaves.
madhu sees rk telling romantic lines to heroine and gets jealous. She gives file to his pa and goes. While leaving she speaks to herself tat how can he flirt with other girl and leaves angrily.
Pa gives file to rk, rk ask where is madhu he says,she went.
After shooting rk cmes home and says when did u cme and gave tis file?
Madhu : i cme when u was flirting with that girl?
Rk: r u jealous?
Madhu: y i shd? Nt at all

Precap: rk says i am gng to shift my studio to india so we r gng to india tmrw ,its k fr u? Madhu gets happy and hugs him and says thank u so much

Credit to: naveena

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