Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 8)


Scene 1
purab and bulbul gets blessings from dadi,dasi,sarla and they hugs abhi, pragya, tara says congrats purab and bulbul purab lifts her and says thank u my little princess.
All were happy, suddenly a man comes clapping his hands, ” MADHU did u fnshed ur work, and its time to leave’ everybody gets shocked. Madhu moves backward and lost in thoughts.
Abhi: who r u? And wat u want?
The man says i am none other than real star RK rishab kundra. I am right na mrs.madhubala rishab kundra.

Everyone shocked……
Neil : wat rubbish? ? Wat u r speaking. Mind ur language mr
Rk: chill uncle. Ask ur daughter abt tis
Ragini goes to madhu . Wat is tis madhu? He is telling truth or not? Open ur mouth?
Rk: dont hurt her, u want the reason na i will say. Ur daughter and me married before 1 yr and she is my wife. She cries to see u all pple so i gav her time of 10 days to come here bt when she comes here is was abt to know tat pragya was nt here, so she asked me some more time and i too gave her and now all r happy so i am taking her back to us
he comes near madhu and holds her hand and says i missed u so much baby, madhu gets angry and goes to abhi

Madhu : i am sorry bhai, i have to do tis
abhi slapped her
Abhi: i could nt believe u did tis and u got married, y u didnt say. From tday ur bhai is dead and dont even try to see me, get out of my house
Ragini: abhi is correct u hav to go
Rv interferes to say bt madhu stops him
madhu goes to her room and gets her bag and cmes to hall, she goes near to dadi and dadi turns her face, dasi hugs her and says dont worry beta

she goes to neil and says sorry bt neil leaves from there she sees ragini bt ragini turns her face and she goes to pragya and says i am happy tat u and bhai united its k fr me and stay happy. She goes to purab and bulbul and hugs both of them and says congrats finally both of u married. Live a happy life. Take care of my family i am leaving bcoz u can take care plse. Bulbul says dont worry.

Rk gets bag from madhu and gives to servant and holds madhu’ s hand .

Madhu goes crying and turns back when tara called her. She says to her bcoz of me u r gng tday.
Madhu : wat how u know
A fb is shown
When tara is kidnapped and kept in a place one of goons called his boss none other than rk. Rk tells tat madhu left me but i wil nt leave her, get the agreement signed and leave tat girl. Tara hears their conversation and cries. In the papers MADHU LEGALLY MARRIES RK and she also signs it

Flaskback ends.

Madhu asked tara nt to say tis to anybody and its a secret between us. Tara nods yes and hugs madhu and says i miss u sooo much
madhu : me too beta
abhi : tara come inside . Time to sleep come.
Madhu leaves with rk

Abhi in his room
abhi sees photos of madhu and him and cries, y u did like tis? I am ashamed of u and i thought u r the best in world bt u proved i was wrong and takes all the photos and burns it.
Pragya comes and tries her best bt failed
Pragya: y r u burning these photos
abhi: u dont know from tday,i hate her
Pragya: if she didnt do anythg wrong then wat u will do
Abhi: wat r u saying
Pragya : lets wait and c
abhi hugs pragya

Neil and ragini in their room
Neil consoles ragini
Ragini: i could nt believe how madhu can do like this

Neil: we have to wait fr sometime

In abhi- pragya room
tara comes and ask abhi to forgive madhu and bring back to home
Abhi says i cant and ask her to sleep and went out
pragya says to tara,madhu will return back dont worry and makes her to sleep

At airport
rv calls madhu and ask her nt to worry madhu ask him to take care of family.she ends the call and rk comes and says i really love u soo much madhu madhu gets angry and says i hate u and dont even try to come near me.

In aliya’s room
she gets happy and says thanku madhu soo much and rv is only for me

Precap :during breakfast abhi comes and ask where is madhu and remembers she is nt there and leaves worried. Rk ask madhu to eat breakfast, she cuts her hand with knife

Guys i hope u love tis track if nt plse tell me

Credit to: naveena

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  13. Ishani ws d pair of rv..plz put new entry ishani

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