Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 7)


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scene 1
Madhu rushes to her room and shuts the door and cries hardly.she goes near the ganesha idol and says” why these things are happening to me, y am i helpless and if my family cmes to know abt the truth they will nt forgive me bt they hav to bear this and by tmrw i wil leave this house,country etc what am i gng to do” she cries

Pragya decides to talk to madhu when she was abt to leave abhi holds her hands
He take her to stage
Abhi: another suspense is tat tmrw purab and bulbul’s wedding and i arranged all fr tat bt the brides are left to get ready, they all laugh. Pragya hugs abhi and all gets happy

Next mrng
Abhi says to pragya ” we hav to talk to rv frst ” just then rv comes
Abhi: rv come yaar i need to talk to u, its personnal
Rv: yes sure wats the matter
Abhi: i and pragya think tat u and madhu are best pair and wat u think abt my sister
Rv: thank god ,i thought how to speak to u abt this bt u itself thank u abhi bt wat is madhu thinking abt me
abhi: i dont know u hav to ask to her
Rv: how could i,… no i won’t
Pragya: u love madhu na so u shd only propose to her
Rv : ok madam i will

Pragya calls everybody to hall and all came later madhu cmes and asks wats gng on here
Pragya: fr u only we r waiting cme, rv wants to speak to u
Madhu: to me? ??? Kya???
Rv comes and kneels down before madhu and holds her hand and ask do u marry me?? Madhu gets shocked and just then her phone rings she runs without saying anything
all r shocked
abhi :: its k may be she needs some tine k cme lets get ready fr purab : bulbul wedding
madhu goes to her room and attends the call
(In phone) : hw r u my dear madhubala
Madhu: wat u want now, i said k fr all ur conditions . Then
in phone) : okk baby i am cmg to ur home tday and be ready i will take u, k
Madhu : bt bt … the call ends. Madhu cries
and she remembers tat rv proposed her bt she didnt say anything ..
Bulbul gets ready fr her marriage pragya lost in her thoughts of madhu
Bulbul : dhi what happened? Y r u worried? Pragya : nthg and finally ur dream comes true
Bulbul : yes dhi, i am so happy

At the wedding function
All gathers together
Aliya and pam in her room
Aliya : how could rv proposes to madhu i love him deeply mom ,u will nt leave this to happen
pam : beta calm down, madhu didnt say anythng so we shd wait fr right time
Aliya : u r right mom ok cme lets go

Madhu comes down and sees everybody happy. She thinks tis happiness will not be more i am sorry . She sees rv and goes to him and says something which has been muted and rv gets shocked ,
rv : dont worry i can understood and plse dont blame urself and i will do wat u said to me
Madhu: thank u so much rv ru r the best frnd fr me

The wedding starts. Purab comes to mandap and bulbul also comes and they get married by finishing all the rituals , all congrats them

A man comes by clapping his hand and says MADHU, IS EVERYTHING IS OVER. all gets shocked

Precap : abhi slaps madhu and asked y u did like tis i could nt believe tat u did such a big thing without telling me. Ragini ask madhu to leave the house

I hope u all guys love tis episode and u r waiting fr the man i know! ! Keep reading

Credit to: naveena

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  1. naveena i guess i found it may be right or wrong i think its rk am i right ????
    it is my guess only and madhu wat she did y abhi slaps her and y ragini asks her to go out i am eagerly waiting for this

  2. wt is madhu hiding…

  3. Wow even I’m waiting !!

  4. Wow I’m waiting for d suspense.

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