Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 6)


Hi guys
in hospital
Madhu: how is ur milkshake?
Tara: yup good madhu
Madhu: and tell me do u miss ur father
tara: yes ofcourse i really miss him
Madhu : wat u will do if u see ur father
tara: i will hug him
Madhu: ohh then go and hug abhi,he is ur father
tara : really and gets happy and then keeps quiet
Madhu: what happens? Go madam

Tara : he doesnt like me so only he left me and mom … i wil nt go
Madhu: its not like tat he went for his job work after he fnshed he came here really he misses u so much
Tara : really
Madhu and tara comes to room, they saw abhi, pragya hugging madhu said we didnt see anything abhi, yes na tara, tara nodded yes and runs to abhi ad hugs him. Abhi” come on my little princess ” they three ( abhi,pragya,tara) hugs. Rv comes and madhu hugs rv and says thank u so much rv fr taking care of tara,pragya
rv: its k no thanks
Abhi discharges
Next mrng,

Abhi performs a program
And at last he says i am happy tday bcoz my life is filled with my wife and my little daughter
He calls pragya and tara
They came and all gets happy and claps for them

After the function abhi ask rv to come with them he also says k while they r abt to leave dadi calls madhu and asks if the program is true pragya joins with abhi. Madhu says yes and we r cmg dadi. Dadi gets happy

All came to mehra’ s house
All hugs pragya and tara
Madhu : okk all r happy and nw its party time
Abhi: okk madam
at party

Madhu gets a call
In the phone ( u fnshed ur work? I am cmg so be ready) madhu cmes to tell bt the other person ends the call
Madhu gets worried
She cries bt on seeing all she acts to be happy
everybody dances abhi pragya dances and tara too, pragya sees madhu tensed and ask what happened? Madhu says no nthg
Rv asked madhu to come and dances with her
Abhi pragya watches and abhi says rv is best match fr madhu, pragya says ofcourse bt we dont know wat they r thinking so frst we hav to talk to them
Madhu remembers the words and leaves from there. Pragya notices her

Precap: rv proposes to madhu bt she gets a phone and left from there

Hope u guys like it .if u like or not u tell by comments

Credit to: naveena

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  1. I like it so much naveena….keep it up… Keep on writing…. Now chennai is OK right?

  2. its gud bt who is calling madhu

  3. Ya naveena so interesting but after the phone call why madhu cried and gets so tensed who speaked to her can you please explain me

  4. In nice track is going carry on..

  5. Interesting track navi !! Keep rocking

  6. Who called is suspense i could nt say bt it will revealed in upcmg epi thank u fr ur comments

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