Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 5)


pragya’s home
Madhu : r u gng to office pragya?
Pragya: s ofcourse, y r u asking do u want to say something.
madhu: nothing i just thought to go for shopping bcoz tmrw i am leaving and i want to spend som time with u. Tat’s it
Pragya : oh really ok then we can go k na madam
madhu gets happy and hugs her
madhu,tara,pragya reaches mall
madhu searches
Pragya: for whom u r looking

Madhu: i …i….
Just then rv cmes. Ohh rv came lets go madhu replied
rv: lovely two beautiful ladies r waitng fr me wow!
tara: i am also here
rv: ss u r little princess, lets go
madhu messages abhi tat they reached
abhi cmes and looks on pragya
madhu signals rv to tak tara
Rv: lets go tara to playing area cme on
abh comes to pragya
pragya tries to leave bt abhi holds her hand

abhi: sorry pragya i didnt think abt u and my daughtrr i really hate myself
I thought u dont love me and hate me,cme wiyh me
pragya : no chance i am happy with my daughter leave me. And looks angrily on madhu and left
at the same time some kidnappers kidnapped tara
abhi,pragya,rv,madhu searches her.
Pragya : abhi bcoz of u i lost my daughter
Abhi : dont worry i will nt let anything to my daughterits a promise
abhi calls police
just then madhu ‘s phone rings
madhu : hello ….wat?
she drops the phone
Madhu: bhai, lets go i know the place just then phone cmes goons said if we dont go they will kill tara
they reached
the goons asked madhu to sign the papers.
Madhu : okay i will sign and did
When the goons abt to leav tara abhi hit one of the man other man shoots abhi
abhi faints.pragya, madhu,rv runs towards abhi
they take them to hospital
after operation
doctor cmes out
pragya: how is he? Can i c him
doctor: who is tara? He wants to see her and he is fne
madhu: tara go with the doctor baby
tara goes in she gets afraid on seeing abhi she runs towards him
Tara: abhi uncle?!!!! R u ok now and hugs him
abhu: i am good beta do u hav any hurt
just then pragya,rv,madhu comes in
Madhu : r u kkk now
rv: i will cme now and goes out
madhu : tara nurse told tat in this hospital chocolate milkshake will be nice lets go and hav
tara: okk i am cmg

they went
abhi tries to sit
pragya: dont take stress
Abhi: cme and sit near to me
pragya goes near him and abhi holds her hand
I am new abhi only for u believe me
pragya cries and hugs him ( allah waariyan plays)

Precap : abhi performs and he says i am gng to introduce my newprincess and pragya cmes with tara. Madhu smiles happily on seeing them

Hope u guys love this episode. Comment ur feedback

Credit to: naveena

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  2. It’s really awesome..n naveena how old are you? Compare with kumkum bhagya this story very nice

  3. Thank u so much and i am 19 yrs old thank u for ur supprt and keep reading. More intresting twist r waiting

    1. Ya naveena we too waiting for it

  4. Nice plot. Keep writing.

  5. Fabulous!!!!! Ur ff z amazing. Keep writing.

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