Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 4)


thank u sooo much fr ur commnts and feedback i had taken all tis in my mind
u guys know chennai has been affected badly so i could nt update yesterdy sry guys and lets continue

scene 1
madhu sees pragya and get shocked
madhu : pragya, i am suprised to c u
at the time rv to tara
rv: ohh i am bored sitting of here, tara shall we go out and play in garden
tara: s ofcourse rv uncle
tara and rv went
madhu hugs pragya and cries
madhu: where were u been so long and tara? tara is ur daughter
pragya: yes she is mine
madhu: y u didnt say to me abt tis i had cme and cleared ur misunderstandings
pragya’: it doesnt wrk
madhu: u r cmg with me to mumbai and tat’s it
pragya: no i cant and where r u staying
madhu: hotel
pragya : check out and cme to my hme we will talk later
madhu: hmm bt…..
pragya goes
madhu thinks to do something

madhu cmes to pragya’s house its just a small house with two rooms
tara: madhu u came i am so happy seeing u and hugs her, we r gng to hotel r u cmg
madhu : sure baby

they 3 went to hotel
pragya: tara wat u r gng to eat
tara: noodles bcoz its my favorite
pragya: ok madam i will order
whie eating
tara sees the next table to her tat a small little girl says to her father i love u daddy, tara gets worried
pragya,madhu looks on
madhu: tmrw i am gng to mall pragya r u cmg?
pragya : no i hav work i cant
madhu: ohh i hav to go alone soo bad
tara: let me cme with u i will help u in shopping and gets happy
madhu: ofcourse madam and hugs her

in the morng
madhu thinks to unite abhi and pragya
madhu calls abhi:
madhu: bhai did u reached delhi?
abhi; yes and where r u? dadi and mom is worried abt u
madhu : its k i will call them
cme to city mall at 10 sharp its my order
abhi: k bt y. kk meri ma i will cme
madhu ends the call

pragya wave bye to tara and madhu helps tara to get ready and they left hme

in the mall
madhu sees abhi
abhi: y did u called me?
madhu: i am gng to intro a person and gets tara
basically abhi dont lik kids bcoz they r very irritating and used to cry these r in his mind. bt by cing tara he changed
tara : who is tis madhu? ur frnd?
madhu: no no he is my bro abhi
tara: i had seen him in tv i mean my mom used to c his programs he is..he is.. rock right
madhu laughs
abhi : i am nt rock madam rockstar rockstar
they all laugh
in playing area
madhu gets tired and sat at one place
tara: madhu lets go to tat ride
abhi : hey is any thing wrong shall we go to hospital
madhu: no i am fne bt u plse take tara with u to riding
abhi says k and they both enjoyec a lot and madhu takes pics of them and happily smiles

in evening
madhu: tara say bye to abhi and go inside the car
tara;: bye abhi c u soon and hugs him
abhi;: bye little princess
madhu : bhai u know who’s girl is tis?
abhi: no who’s
madhu : its ur daughter and fr ur and pragya
abhi gets angry
abhi: wat rubbish
madhu takes a report from her bag abhi opens and get teary eyes

fb shown
madhu misunderstandingly took abhi’s brush whre lots of hair in it and while tara is getting ready she took her hair and get tested

madhu shouted:” its ur daughter she sspeaks like u, she behaves lik u, and she is totaly a copy of u
abhi : i want to see pragya

precap: pragya sees abhi and gets angry and later…..

after some problems abhi will be dng his program in delhi and wil introduce his little princess to media …
stay tuned

thanks fr ur comments, keep commentimg

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Wow…. It’s amazing naveena…keep one writing…. You are from chennai

  2. thank u and s i am from chennai bt used to watch zee tv daily mainly kumkum and guys dont miss to watch! ZRA AWARDS our cute pragya abhi dancing

  3. it’s very nice but waiting for next part

  4. interesting. gd gng ya. ur very creative navee. keep it up.

  5. Ur story z very nice. Good. Keep it up. Well wat z ur age. R u studying????

  6. superb…and intresting ,good job.Please give a long episode

  7. r u from chenai..
    ur in safe place na…
    hope everything gets normal in tamilnadu…
    ur ff is nice lvd father daughter bonding

  8. very nice naveena ur ff is interesting good job!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey r u from chennai i am also tamilnadu ur ff is very nice keep it up

  10. Guys i am safe and chennai is getting back to normal thank u soo much keep reading and gvg coments

    1. me too naveena i am also chennai nowadays people are recovering to the normal life i am too safe

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