Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 19)


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all gets shocked seeing madhu lying on the floor. rv ask ishani, if she is fyn and sees madhu unconciousness.rk gets her in hands and all take her to hospital. madhu was kept in icu and all prays to god. police comes and abhi ask them to arrest aliya and aliya cries saying plze bhai,i am sorry, i loved rv and i dont want to lose him so i want to kill ishani bt madhu comes in between and ……she cries. abhi ask them to take her before he gets anger and rk ask them to leave. all shocked. rk says i want madhu to come back, its enough fr me and leaves. police went. rk sees ganesha idol and prays fr madhu where tara comes and joins with him

pragya pacifies abhi tat nthg will hapn to madhu after 2 hrs the doc comes out. all goes near her. the doc says nthg to worry. she is out of danger. all gets happy and she continues but….

rk ask but wat doc, she says i am sorry, she cannot bear a child bcoz she was wek and the stabed area is interior ie, in her womb. everybody shocked
rk loses control and abhi gives support to him. rk ask how i will say tis to madhu and cries
rv says sry bcoz of us tis hapnd. rk goes inside the room. he sees madhu lying in the bed
he sits beside her and hold her hands. madhu opens her eyes and tries to sit. rk helped her and she ask wat doc said? rk gets tears in his eyes.madhu wipes the tears with her thumb and asked wat hapnd? he says tat we cannot bcme parents anymore
madhu isnt shocked but upset and says its k dont worry.evrythg will be fyn she says.

all comes to meet her and as usual normal. then after sometym alia comes and cries saying sorry.madhu says its k i know befre i could nt bear a child. alia ask how u know? fb starts.
when she fainted doc comes to her home to check up. madhu ask her any gd news. bt doc says sry madhu,u r very wek and u cannot bear a child.madhu shattered and ask doc not to say to them.she thought a plan tat if everybdy hate her she will go to us by gvg rk divorce and so he can marry smeone and thinks to seek help from aliya when she hears aliya speaking to smeone to kill ishani. fb ends

alia says sorry, madhu says its k

after a 15 days, madhu gets discarged. as normal the mehra ‘s house look . tat day all where having breakfast when pragya rushes to her room as she gets vomit, abhi runs behind her.after few mins she came out and smiles shyly. abhi nods his head and picks pragya and says i am again gng to bcme father.
he says letz tell to everybdy and both leaves.
abhi says gd news. daadi ,u r gng to bcme grand grand daadi again.dadi says if pragya is pregnant? pragya nods s and all gets happy. all hugs them and congrats. he sees madhu getting tears bt she hides when rk wipes her tears all gets sad
abhi went to her saying sorry,bt madhu says i am again gng to bcome bua and congrats him, he hugs her. alia says congrats and abhi hugged her. alia says its party time and arranges all

hop u guys like tis track i am gng with pragya’s pregnancy and plse leave ur feedback

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Oh it’s really good but thr is no any interesting sequence r spicy, so try to add some interesting part..

  2. pls add more AbhiGya scenes I think other characters are dominating more

  3. good going i think second baby should be a boy i think so well done naveena

  4. very nice make madhu also pregnant u r gng very nice all the best………..

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