Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 18)


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madhu faints and abhi shouts madhu.. rk comes to her and takes in his hands. he ask abhi to call doctor. the doc comes and checks madhu and rk worries outside. abhi says dont worry everythg will be fne. pragya says may be it may also a good news and laughs. abhi says yez hey man,u r gng to bcme father. and hugs him.aliya says we can wait till doc confirm.
the doc comes out after 20 mins. everyone in eager. doc says nthg to worry,its just bcoz of low bp and ask them to tc. she leaves.rk comes in and sits besides madhu. she gets up and rk ask r u okay? she nods. all comes inside.abhi says its k not to worry. pragya ask if she is fyn and madhu says i want to take rest and looks at all. all leaves. she cries i want everybdy to hurt me so tat they can forget easily and thinks to seek help from alia. while she was to knock she heard her voice.
aliya: i want to kill ishani and i want my rv back.. i love him so much and i want an idea and says k
madhu gets shocked and thinks alia loves rv, bt how can she?

abhi and pragya in their room.
abhi holds pragya’s hand and make her sit in his lap. pragya says abhi and says my dear husband rockstar. already late to rv’s marriage.we can meet tonight and leaves. she sees madhu lost in thoughts and ask her wat hapnd? madhu says nthg and leaves. pragya goes to rk and ask him to tc of her. rk nods and goez to their room,sees madhu and hugs from behind. she ask him to leave bt rk says shall we go to dinner. madhu thinks she wants to stop alia so she has to go to marriage and tells rk no we can go tmrw and says she has to get ready and leaves.

all went to rv’s house.
rv comes and greets all and sees madhu ask her how does he look? madhu says good and ask where is ishani and rv ask a girl to take her. he ask wat hapnd to her and abhi says its just nthg, she will be fyn.madhu goes to her room and ishani says finally u came and asked others to wait out. madhu runs and hugs ishani. she ask wat hapnd? madhu wipes her tears and also thoughts of alia and finally broke the hug
she says congrats,happy married life and leaves.

ranveer comes to rk and says dont worry buddy everythg wil be fyn and plse tc of madhu.madhu sees alia cmg and ask her to drink water as she wil be tired. she dranks and feels dizzy. she makes her to lay on bed and leaves ,she thinks…. while she saw alia she mixed sleeping pills in water and make her drink
now she feels relaxed
rv and ishani takes vows and finally they r married.
aliya regains conciousness and gets up. madhu confronts alia and says its too late. bt alia says i will kill ishani and leaves with knife. she stabes and gets shocked, cries nooooo. and brokes down. madhu rans behind her and instead ishani she got hurt
alia cries madhu. rv ,ishani gets shocked. pragya,abhi,rk,purab,bulbul comes running and gets shocked.

precap’: alia says sorry to all for hurting madhu. abhi slaps her

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Credit to: naveena

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  1. sry guys its a mistake. when pragya ask she is fyn, madhu ask all to leave and thinks tat all of them should hate her so tat her absence will not hurt them more
    sry fr the mistake again

    1. it’s ok naveena nut don’t make madhu died please i am waiting for the next track

  2. Nice ff…..

  3. I have a confusion. Alia stabed and was shocked. She cries. Bit whom alia stabed. Plz can u clear the confusion. And the episode was nice. Grp gng. Plz update the next part soon.

  4. gd gng ya…..

  5. hey she stabs madhu bcoz madhu sees alia coming with knife, to recue her she interfere kk

  6. Hey nice track ma keep gng !! Waiting for the upcoming track

  7. Hey nice track ma keep gng !! Waiting for the upcoming track …

  8. Hey nice track ma keep gng !!

  9. I want to have a complete summary text of the story. I am in Ghana and I will love to read the full story. Thank you.

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