Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 17)


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madhu sees pragya missing and searches her. pragya is in balcony watching the sky. madhu goes besides her and keeps her hand on pragya’s shoulder. pragya looks on says how different the world is? the people she love most is seperated from her. madhu says dont worry and takes inside.

in the morning,abhi comes and checks if pragya is ok. pragya is sleep and madhu comes and ask him not worry, she will be with her and ask him did she met tanu? he says no and says its not true and it may be old photos. pragya wakes up, abhi leaves. madhu goes inside the room.
all came to the hall. rv and ishani also comes. rv hugs abhi. he says tara seems to be sad and ask ishani to take inside ,she nods and takes inside.

madhu says bhai, r u sure these r old photos. abhi nods s and pragya says plse zoom this photo. in tat room there is a digital clock displaying date and time. it seems to be yesterday. pragya faints.abhi holds her and take her to room and ask madhu to tc. madhu says s and abhi, rv leaves out

madhu went to see how is tara so she wents to her room. pragya gets conciousness and leaves the house.
madhu comes back after few mins and seez pragya missing.
she calls abhi and says pragya is missing. abhi ask wat? how can be so careless. and says he will come.

she goes to tanu’s room and rings the bell.tanu opens the door and ask her to come inside.
tanu: hi pragya, i know u would be worried abt tis matter bt pragya, abhi didnt love u.
pragya looks her and slaps her.
pragya: shut up. u hav no rights to speak abt my husband. i know ,i trust him, u did all tis. right.
tanu: s i did and i can do anythg fr my abhi. he ask me to go but i mixed sleeping pills in tat and gave to him and took tat photos.
pragya: how cheap, u r?
tanu : plse get out of our life.
pragya leaves

abhi, rv reaches where the reporters blocked him. they azked if its truth?
abhi was abt to say bt a voice from back says i will answer and abhi,rv turns back and gets shocked.
pragya comes and says i will answer and says i will speak after u watch tis video and plays it. its a conversation between tanu,pragya. all get shocked
the reporters left speechless. and they asked abhi wat u r gng to do,file a case against her. abhi says i will leave her its a punishment for her.

abhi peagya hugs and abhi thanks her. she says its my duty. tara comes with ishani and says pappa and hugs him. they three hugs each other.rv says finally all has been fnshed and says tmrw is my marriage and madhh says so soon
. rv says i misses so much ishani so i hav to marry her soon. all laughs.

madhu says k baba ,all come dinner is ready. all leavez to hav dinner.

pragya in her room.
abhi was abt to kiss pragya, tara says daddy nooooo…. abhi calls madhu to come to their room. she ask wat hapnd now any prob? he says take tara to ur room. tara says i will not leave. pragya laughs and hugs tara. madhu understands and says to tara tat she is gng to c chota bheem. tara says really and goes with her. abhi signs with relief. abhi goes near her bt she says i am feeling sleepy mr,rockstar and was abt to leave,he holds her and places his lips on her. pragya was abt to speak bt she couldnt. he takes her to bed and switchez off the light

in morning
pragya sees abhi sleeping.she leavez from there and takez bath and was abt to wake abhi. bt she think not to and leaves down.
she sees madhu making breakfast and goes to her. madhu says did u enjoyed last night and smiles. pragya gets shy and says shhhh and ask abt tara. she says she woke at mrng and ask abt u soo rk takes her to patk and smiles. pragya says sorry bt madhu sayz its k bhabhi.

all came to the hall for breakfast abhi kids madhu, she gets angry and says i will not speak. abhi laughs and all ask him not to angry her.

rk ,tara comes and takes a seat.
suddenly madhu faints and falls on floor. abhi says madhu… all gets shocked

precap: rv and ishani gets married. madhu worries

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Wow very nice but wat hpnd to madhu pls update regularly sis waiting fr ur episodes….

  2. Naveena I don’t understand the last part y madhu faints is she pregnant ???? And the precap little bit I can’t understand ishveer gets married ? means y madhu should worry for that aliya only should worry for that

  3. Hey nice romance betn abhigya .. I cud visualize it n loved it .. Superb naveena .. Is madhu pregnant ?

  4. Madhu is pregnant then y should she worry about rv’s marriage..

  5. no guys madhu is not pregnant,its another twist waala and i assure ishveer marriage wil happen

  6. bt y should madhu worried abt ishveer marriage

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