Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 16)


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madhu says i just said for fun to u guys to marry bt u r … and teases them. ishani gets shy and ranveer says stop madhu madan . u didnt marry me so i am marrying ishani. madhu gets tears in her eyes, rv says just for fun. i realised wat a true love is… madhu smiles at him.
abhi says i hav an imp work i am leaving and nods at pragya.she thinks y he is soo tensed and decides to speak once he return home. rv and ishani says time to leave see u all tmrw.

in night
pragya waits for abhi to return. madhu sees her and asked y she is awake. pragya says she has to speak to abhi and worried for him. madhu sita with her till abhi comes. she left aftr abhi arrives.pragya asked abhi any prob is there abhi? abhi says he is tired and heads to sleep. pragya thinks i thought wrong he is tired in his work and went back to sleep.

in the mrng,.
ranveer’s mansion.
the house looks beautifully decorated with flowers and mehra’s arrived greeting amba
madhu sees rv comes with shy and says he is a man and girls to get shy during these function and
teases him. rv holds her ears and says i will say to rk if she misbehaves. madhu hugs rv.

rv and ishani in mandap. they both exchange their rings. rk smiles at madhu. abhi holds pragya’s hand and sees the ring which she wears. aliya gets irritated and says tis happinesz is for sometime only.

when all ceremony ‘s fnshed , they heared tanu”s voice. all turned towards the big screen where tanu says i love u abhi. abhi says i too and missed u so much. ya i dont love pragya . i married for dadi’s sake and it ends. aliya smirked. pragya gets tears and takes her hand from him and leaves. madhu, rk went behind her. madhu says bhabhi, pragya says to take her home. rk drives the car and abhi leaves behind them..
pragya goes to her room and cries hard and abhi comes, could not able to see her in hurt he goes towards pragya and says pragya.. pragya slaps him hard and holds his collar saying u cheated me
wat i did? i loved u than me. bt u loved not still loving her and u married me for dadi’s sake and cries .abhi says yes bt i came to know wat true love means after marrying u. u didnt heared the next line. pragya looks into his eyes. madhu comes running to her room bhabhi! come down its emergency. they rushed and sees the news : abhi has a secret relationship with tanu. and the exclusive pics are here …. and they telecast pics where abhi and tanu in a bed. pragya brokes down. when reporter ask tanu abt it she says yes, we r in relation bt it will be soon announced officially once he divorce pragya. then wat abt pragya asked the reporter ,tanu says its her problem . abhi gets angry and was abt to leave,rk holds him and says no bhai. pragya runs up and madhu goes behind her. she goes to madhu’s room where tara was sleeping and sits near her. madhu comes and hugs her. both of them criez.madhu sits infront of her saying its not true pragya, pragya says my heart says no its not true. bt my eyez could not tolerate it. and cries. madhu says dont worry bhabhi. pragya says i trust him bt i could not prove this to others and says tday can i sleep here? madhu nods s and says i will inform rk and leaves. she goes to rk and says tday u sleep in bhai’s room and please tc of him. rk nods and they hug each other.

rk goes to abhi’s room and sees him and tells bhabhi wants to sleep with madhu . dont worry bhai, she will take care of her. they both hugs and abhi says thank u

in late night , pragya comes to her room seeing abhi sleeping and comes near him and sats beside him. she keeps her hand on his forehead and says i trust u and i will be with u and we will end tis prob. and kissed him on his forehead. and leaves

precap: pragya meets tanu. tanu sayz s i did alll .pragya slaps her. reporter ask abhi to say truth ,someone from back says may i? evryne shocked!!!!

Credit to: naveena

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  3. good episode but plz end the negativity soon. I dnt want any such tracks dear. So plz end it soon. Then get with more sweet moments of abhigya n rishbala n purbul

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    nyc. ….naveena….gud goingg

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  8. Hay keep rocking !! Ya we want to see more of romantic scene from all the three couples…

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