Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 15)


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abhi comes to kichen and sees pragya and thinks how to say? how she will react on hearing? and comes near her. pragya turns and smiles at him and asked do u want somethng to say. abhi just looked into her eyes and can feel her love for him. bt suddenly he feared if she goes far from him. no he thought and to sort problems by him and not to hurt her

pragya shooks him and asked wat?
abhi says i am gng to record a new track, so i dont want anybdy to disturb, okay.and leaves
pragya thinks y he behaves differently tday? i hav to know.

after a while she sat with madhu and dadi to speak abt some festivals and tara came there and asked, maa,where is pappa. pragya says he is in recording room and dont disturb him bt before she finishes tara runs away.

Abhi is making his tune just then tara comes in and ask pappa wat r u dng here? abhi sees her and takes her on her lap and says recording. tara ask so u didnt miss me? abhi replies ofcourse my little princess and kisses on her forehead.

tara asked wat is this? and places her tiny fingers on his fav guitar.
abhi ask her do u want to play it? and teaches her how to handle.
pragya catches a photo and tara turns hearing a click sound and says mumma i am little rockstaress. pragya asked confused wat is meant by rockstaress. tara says we say prince,princess and a rockstar rockstaress mom. abhi smiles at her childness and they took a selfie.

in the evening all were talking abt a movie released and suddenly a women comes in

all turned to shock. abhi drops his cup in his stand.madhu says tum…
by the time aliya runs towards her and hugs, how r u my sweetheart. and its non other than our supermodel tanu. abhi thinks how they two were loved and he left to us for a contract of 5 yrs. and now she returned. just then pragya comes out of the kichen asking madhu where is tara? and calls her. tanu comes and hugs abhi and says i really missed u soo much. bt abhi says its not time to talk we can talk later and breakes the hug. pragya asked abhi who is this? aliya says its my best frnd bhabhi and tara comes to abhi and says pappa, tday we can go to park? tan says pappa, and looks aliya. aliya nods s and looks at pragya, she clears her tat abhi got married to pragya and tara is his child. abhi says he is little busy bt tara doesnt leave him, abhi shouts at tara and says cant u understand wat am i saying and leaves from there.

pragya looks shocked and tara begins to cry bcoz its frst time, abhi shouted at her. madhu comes and pacifies her saying tday rk will take u to park okk beta and hugs her and sees rk. rk nods and took tara in his hands. aalia smirked.

in the car tanu says its super day and aliya says yes and a fb starts
aliya goes to meet tanu and says tat abhi got married and tanu says how dare he could and aliya says now also he is loving u,bcoz of dadi’s pressure he is dng like this and he never loves pragya and tanu says i will get my abhi and leaves.aliya says how fool!! i want to make madhu to cry fr snatching my rv. she will get hurt when her bhai and bhabhi hate eachother and smiles

pragya thinks to talk to abhi and goes to her room and sees abhi sittimg in anger. she kept her hand on his shoulders and asked wat happnd? he replies nthg and abt to move. pragya holds him and ask then y did u hurt her. abhi thinks yes, she is right and in anger i … wat i did is wrong. i hav to c my daughter and ask pragya where is she? pragya says she went with rk.
abhi thinks to wait till she come.

in the park tara sits in bench with crying. rk thinks how to pacify her and sits beside her and asked her to go and play. tara nods no and rk says y my baby and takes her in his lap. he knows she is such a sweet girl and pet of him and he, madhu thinks her as their daughter and she too hav much love on them. tara says tat y pappa scolded me? rk says, baby he is in tension and u just talked without listening to him soo..
tara says s its my mistake and i want to say sorry to pappa and hugs him. rk says its already late we can go home and takes her.

meanwhile abhi was tensioned tat tara didnt come home and says madbu to call rk. madhu seez rk and says here he is?
abhi runs and hugs tara saying i am sorry beta and tara says its my mistake and says sorry to him

pragya comes to room after fnshing the work and sees tara sleeping with abhi and covers the blanket and gets to sleep.

in the morning abhi gets a call and says ok sure i will be there. pragya ask where he is gng? he says its urgent and sees tara sleeping he place a kiss on her forehead and leaves.

abhi comes to the hotel and ask how dare u? he says i loved u soo much ,i thought u r my world and says i thought to marry u. bt u went to us bt i missed u. i married pragya, i didnt love her but due to dadi’s pressure i married her. bt after a while i came to wat a teue love is and its only on pragya so i moved my life with her, u too plse move on ur life. tanu says how can i abhi but abhi leaves. tanu says i will not leave u abhi and laughs.

in mehra’s mansion
ranveer and ishani comes there greeting everybody and madhu hugs them and asked wats the matter. ranveer smiles and says we r gng to marry tmrw engagement u guys shd come. pragya says its great and dadi blesses them rk hugs rv and aliya fumes in anger saying tmrw engagement will not happen

precap:: abhi says i missed u so much tanu. pragya gets shocked and slaps abhi she runs to her room.

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Credit to: naveena

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