Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 14)


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abhi gets shock seeing pragya behind
madhu laughs at his expressions.
pragya says youuu…. within tat abhi hugs her and says i love u and gave a kiss in her cheeks. she left speechless. abhi rans away from there all three laughs

in the mandap,
madhu, rk took several promises and their marriage is over
tara says lets take a selfie though my madhu and me in same colour dress and pragya clicks.
madhu,rk get blessings and madhu sees rv smilling at her and ishani comes and hugs madhu and ask rv to wish them.
rv says congrats and hugs rk.
madhu says u too look good, y u can pair up, both look shocked and madhu says its an idea chill.

after all the functions all went to their rooms.
abhi thinks to suprise all so he thinks to do something which locks pragya’s mouth.

he got up in the morning of 5 am and went to kichen
robin: sir, you wat happened,do u need anythg
abhi: no i just came to cook for whole family.
robin: wat sir, u r gng to cook?
abhi: y i hav to ask permission from u?
robin: no sir and gets sad
abhi : i was just joking yaar, yesterday all will be tired of madhu’s wedding i thought to refresh them. ok lets start and robin gives instructions to how to make coffe, parattas and paneer butter masala.
abhi finishes and takes a cup of coffee to dadi
abhi: dadi wake up.gd mrng. ur beta had prepared coffee.
dadi : did u and taste the coffee and says nice.
then abhi goes to his room seeing pragya and tara sleeping and goes near pragya and says gd mrng madam . the sun has raised . plse get up and kisses on her forehead. pragya opens her eyes and sees abhi and rubbed her eyes and says u? y u got up early in mrng? do u want coffee? wait i will. and gets up.
abhi holds her hand and makes her sit and gives the coffee
pragya: u made the coffee?
abhi : yes
pragya: r u kay and do u hav fever and checks him
abhi : nice joke, y all are asking him and gets annoyed
pragya taste the coffee and says i am impressed.
tara gets up and says gomoring
abhi: wat she says
pragya: gd mrng in her language
abhi takes her and says gd mrng and ask her to say
in sleep she says gomorning again and slept again in his shoulders
pragya laughs and abhi says come lets go

all comes down, abhi leaves tara down and she rans towards madhu seeing her and madhu makes her to sit and rk smiles at her.
abhi goes and bring dishes with robin and madhu ask when did u join with robin to bring dishes
abhi says funny joke and says i did the breakfast and ask her to taste
pragya says u did this and looked at dishes
abhi opens one and says its noodles specially fr my daughter abhi gives her and she says good, yummy,thank u pappa.
all tasted and compliments him
rk says u r best cook yaar
abhi smiles
he asked pragya if she likes and she nods yes.
he says u may also lie bcoz i do not worry and says i will also taste and eats. he says gd and nt bad.

dadi,abhi,pragya,rk,madhu,tara decided to go to beach. and all gets into the car but atlast dadi says she is nt cmg and abhi drives the car besides pragya and rk, madhu at back and tara stands between the two front seats
as red light glows abhi stops the car. tara says y u stopped go?
abhi says red light glows we hav to stop
tara : y
abhi to clear her says if all the vehicles passes at one time wat happens?
tara ; it will hit
abhi : so tat we r stopping when red light glows and green light glows we can go
ok beta. tara could nt understand but nods yes.
they reached beach
one of the fans of abhi says i love u abhi. tara says no my dad could only love my mom, go away. the fan laughs and goes.
tara gets worried. abhi ask wat hapnd? she says how can they say like tat?
pragya says wat u will do if u saw bheem,mr.bean?
tara: i will go to them and say hi
pragya : like wise abhi has lot of fans so they r saying

she ask madhu who is the best in singing me or pappa. here is a comption and she sings twinkle twinkle little srar…. everyone claps and she ask abhi to sing he was confused and sings tum hi ho and madhu says my tara sings well everyone claps

precap: tara ask pragya where is pappa and madhu says not to disturb him he is busy bt tara runs….

Credit to: naveena

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