Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 12)

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In the morning, aliya plans to do somethng and gets an idea.

Pragya wakes up and sees abhi sleeping liike a child she runs her hand through his hair ,abhi wakes up and hols pragya’s hands, pragya says leave me, if anyone comes wat they would think and ready to leave ; abhi says wat they will think husband and wife romancing,wat yaar?
At the time madhu comes there and says sorry i came at wrong time, abhi says i thought i am romancing with pragya nobody comes to disturb acha u came.

Madhu: sorry bhai. I came to see pragya, abhi ” ok ok i understand, i am leaving”
Madhu its k. Abhi leaves madhu says nthg important i am gng for shopping, r u cmg with me?
Pragya , ofcourse and abhi comes, may i join. Madhu ask ,u didnt leave, k i will not loss ur pyari wife so not to worry,pragya laughs. Abhi holds madhu’s ears and says, hey,ur not a small girl u r married and plse behave as per otherwise i will complain to rk.
Madhu says sorry and hugs him.

Aliya pours oil in steps and calls madhu, plse come down fast, and hides under
Madhu comes down without seeing the oil and was about to fall but rv holds her hand and they had an eyelock. Rk comes and gets angry on seeing them.
Madhu breaks from him and rv ask if she is okay?
she says, i am fine and cries bcoz her leg pains and tries to move but cannot. Rk comes and take her in his hands and leaves.

Dadi says to pragya and abhi, our madhu’s marriage shd be done again so tat we can see and to speak to rk abt tis

Madhu tries to put oinment by her but rk comes and takes it and he puts. Pragya, abhi comes there and madhu ask wats the matter, tom and jerry came together, woww. Abhi says chup! Its enough .pragya says dadi wants to see ur marriage so u hav to do it again . Madhu tries to say but rk says ok lets do . I will call my mom. Madhu gets shy and abhi ask her not to waste tday itself till the marriage she should have and says u r telling we r tom and jerry,wait and watch i will return it on ur marriage.
madhu says pragya ….
Pragya: dont worry he will not do anything
They leaves, rk ask madhu r u happy? Madhu says s and rk says i can ask u onething?
Madhu’ yes wat? And holds his hand
rk: did ranveer proposed u?
madhu says yes and rk asked y u didnt say to me,madhu says he did but i didnt. Rk: do u hav any feelings for him?
Madhu leaves his hand and says nthg like tat and leaves.
Madhu sits sad and rk comes and says sorry ,madhu says its k and rk kisses on her forehead

Next day, on mehandi function
All puts mehandi on their hands, madhu asked abhi to find his name on praya’s hand and abhi says yes and he asked her to make rk to find his name,madhu says ok.
Rk finds his name and he says i won and give me a kiss, madhu runs from there and rv sees them and gers worried and thinks it should not happen.

Precap: in sangeet function abhi says i am lucky to have a sister like madhu. Pragya says i really like her and want to thank her bcoz she did a lot to me. Rv comes and says madhu, how can u leave me u cant be happy with tus rk, madhu gets shocked.

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  1. this s kumkum bhagya right so show more abhigya scenes and dont make that aaliya marry rv and dont make madhu part from rk they r also good couple your track is good and dont forget to show more scenes of abhigya and their daughter…..

  2. Ekta ji u r so stupid how can u do this to ishveer…… But pls ranveer u trust ishani …. She can never do this to u…

  3. naveena don’t join rv to madhu please bring a new entry to ishaani i am waiting for that

  4. Im also waiting fr dat(ishani entry)

  5. oh then is about the entry of ishaani also that’s nice.. but it’s a kumkum bhagya so pls we want more abhigya scene & his cut family not too much of whole family. ..


  7. frst thanks fr ur feedbacks and i will intro ishani bt it takes some time tat ranveer will know what a true love means and ofcourse abhigya scenes i will give more as possible k guys dont get angry

  8. good gng. am waiting for ishani’s entry. we want more abigya scenes. and NaveeNa neenga romba creative

  9. hey add more AbhiGya scenes less AbhiGya scenes thats y quite boring but story is great

  10. soon make a entry of ishani couldnt see ranveer with othe`r girl plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Ur ff z awesome. Ur story is very very different from the other ff. And yaa show more abhigya scenes. But where z tanu. Keep updating dear

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