Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 11)


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In mehra’s house
Abhi says its ur life if u r happy with rk then no problem , go and be happy with rk. Madhu says ur the best bhai in world and runs. She searches for rk bt couldnt find him. She prays to god to join her with rk. Rk walks in the road feeling guilty for madhu’s condition and not able to establish his love..

By the time madhu sees rk and shouts rk… rk turns back and sees madhu running towards him. He gets happy. Madhu comes and says how can he leave her like this,he told he could not live without her but now what happened and hugs him. She says i love u soo much. Rk gets happy and says, i love u too madhu. I will not leave you.

Madhu says, come lets go, all r waiting for us. Rk says but,madhu says everybody accepted him and not to worry.

They reaches abhi comes towards rk angrily and says u shd not leave my sister like this and ask madhu’s hand and he joins both of them.
All gets happy, aliya says no more tears now its party time, i had arranged for the party lets enjoi.
At the time rv reaches and says, hey i too came and ask madhu if she is happy, madhu hugs him and says yes
She introduces rv to rk and says he is ranveer,my close and best frnd and big businessman. Rv says hi to him and rk smiles.
Madbu goes and gets blessing from dadi,dasi and rk too get blessings from them. Madhu rans to pragya and says how r u pragya and hugs her. All were happy.

Pragya in her room seeing what saree she could wear and abhi comes and sees her and says ,is these sarees became old?
Pragya: no, y r u asking?
Abhi: no ,u were scanning the sarees through ur glass, pragya gets angry and abhi says just a joke
pragya: bad joke dont talk to me
abhi: okk sorry, i had a suprise fr u, u want to see
pragya: wat… suprise
Abhi takes a cute black saree and gives to pragya, pragya says super and says thank u abhi ask for written gift
Pragya says i dont have any gift, abhi says so u dont have gift ,for punishment u have to give a kiss
pragya: r u mad? No i can’t
Abhi holds her and closes his eyes, pragya shouts” DADI’ and rans saying ur gift is nice.abhi smiles.

In the party all gathers and aliya says welcome u all to party for our family reunion. Can we play a game? Madhu ask, hey aliya wat is the game? Aliya ‘ wait madam i will write all the names in small chits boys names in one bowl and girls the other. Tara will select one from this and other from that. Both people should dance for a song. K guys r u ready. All said super
Aliya makes everything ready and tara takes the chits ,aliya says the first jodi is abhi pragya. Come on.

Abhi pragya dances for the song tum hi ho…
All claps and tara takes next and aliya reads and gets angry bt she didnt show out
It is madhu and ranveer. All claps madhu says how can i, rk says its k go ,just a game
Rv ask for madhu’s hand and she goes and they both dance. Aliya gets angry. Rk feels jealous on seeing their dancing and turns his face.
After they danced madhu comes to rk nd asked are u feeling jealous? Rk says no i am not. Madhu: ah ha she laughs and says it shows in ur face my dear husband. Not to worry i wll be yours always. Rk smiles

And party ends rk was abt to leave ,aliya comes and says rk do u enjoyed this party?
Rk: ofcourse
aliya: i want to say an important news, i think madhu didnt say to u, if so u have not allowed her to dance with rv
rk: wat
aliya: madhu and rv are not only good frnds but also good lovers. If anythng happens to madhu, rv could not bear it and vice versa. If u have not married madhu he would have married, its just an awarness be carefull.
rk leaves, aliya speaks to herself sorry madhu, wat can i do? I want to seperate u and rv totally if so happened he will marry me and smiles

Precap: aliya pours oil in steps and calls madhu come fast. Madhu comes down fast in steps she didnt see the oi and falls down bt rv catches her. Rk sees and gets angry

Credit to: naveena

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  1. It was awesome….. Abhigya looks so cute wid each other

    1. Yes pa don’t separate rk and madhu madhu pair is rk rv pair is ishani abhi pair is pragya these are the best jodi ever I like

  2. Amazing dear. Fabulous. Bit make a loyal good.

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