Kumkum Bhagya – A new family story (Episode 10)

Scene 1
rks mansion
Rk : r u jealous?
Madhu: no y shd i?
Rk : gd i thought u gt jealous and left the studio, nt like tat na, happy
Madhu: its ur wish and i have no problem

Abhi’s mansion
Pragya thinks to change abhi’s mood
she acts like a comedian bt abhi didnt smile, she sat sadly. Abhi thinks y am i thinking of madhu and harming myself, its her life she will live and i shd tc of tara and pragya
tara comes running and says to abhi tat day after tmrw is holi, we r gng to celebrate na daddy,
Abhi: ofcourse y nt beta we will and make it super
tara: thank u daddy
Pragya comes and sits near him and holds his hands
Abhi: nt to worry i am k lets start the preparations

Rk thinks of madhu’ s words and says i am wrong i shd nt do like tis, i hav to say sorry to her family, so i hav to go to india and thinks and says tis wil be right

Madhu lost in her thinking
rk: madhu ,pack ur things. We r shifting!
Madhu: wat bt where?
Rk : i want to start a branch newly fr tat u and me r gng
madhu : kk i will
rk: u wil nt ask me where we r gng?
Madhu: where?
Rk: india
Madhu: really ( suprised) and hugs him,thank u soo much thank u
Bt y this idea suddenly
rk: i did wrong and i hav to say sorry to ur family and so we r gng
Madhu: really great

Abhi does all the preparations and tara helps him
madhu calls pragya and she notices it and goes to room and says hello madhu, how r u? U r fine na ?
Madhu says i am fne and a good news
Pragya: wat
Madhu : i am cmg to india, rk wants to say sorry to all and how is our family
pragya : its really good bt all r still sad i tried my best bt u could not.

On holi
Madhu and rk comes to india ,they goes to mehra’s mansion and sees whole family celebrating holi.tara sees madhu and runs to her. Madhu ask how r u tara? I missed u so much. All gets shocked
Abhi comes and ask wat u want now and was abt to slap madhu
rk stops him and says nt to harm madhu
abhi : both of u plse leave and dont even try to come again
Madhu ;: bt bhai!
Abhi: stop it and drags madhu out of house
Tara says no dad dont do tis, bcoz of me madhu married rk uncle. Madhu, tara stop! .tara: madhu tday i will say the truth .she says the truth.
Everyone shocked
madhu hugs tara, ragini comes and hugs madhu and says sorry beta.
Abhi gets angry and beats rk. Madhu tries to stop him bt abhi doesnt listen to her
Madhu faints everybody runs towards her.
abhi says get lost and takes madhu to her room.

After 2 hrs madhu gets up and ask fr rk.
Abhi: dont speak take rest. He leaves
Madhu gets sad.
pragya sits with her and madhu says dont harm rk and says i really love him plse say to abhi, plse bhabi and hugs her.
Pragya says dont worry take rest.
Rk walks in road lost in thoughts of madhu, hw she faints , madhu comes down and says to abhi i am leaving,abhi holds her and says dont go
madhu: okay, i will nt go bt i will die ,its k fr u na and abt to go,abhi says ur happiness is important fr me and fr u i am accepting him. Madhu hugs him and says thank u bhai.

Precap: madhu sees rk in road , she goes to him and says i love u rk and hugs him.

Next track will be more twisted ,keep reading

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