kumkum bhagya (after the naming ceremony) short track

hi guys i am the continuing the track after naming ceremony

the episode aliya is coming into the house abhi shouts at her and slaps her aliya starts her acting she cries she says i realized my mistake hereafter i will not do anything bulbul says jiju because of aliya purvi got the punishment for kidnapping she tried to kill me too aliya holds abhi’s leg she says sorry to everybody she says she will not do this again dadi leave her emotional tears she says to pragya sorry bhabhi where is babies ? pragya and dadi gets doubt on her pragya says there abhi says don’t touch my babies

aliya says sorry bhai i will not do this abhi says just get out aliya says i got the punishment in jail now i realized abhi says get lost and going to push her dadi stops him she says we should not do this abhi says why you are supporting her dadi says just now only naming ceremony completed and this is not good at all pragya says dadi is saying right

abhi says ok you all are saying i am letting her to stay aliya smiles with a face abhi says but she is outside only my sister but in this house she isn’t she doesn’t have any rights in this house dadi and pragya says ok

pragya dadi purab bulbul are sitting bulbul asks dadi why did you let her to stay pragya says dadi did right purab says with some aim only she entered this house dadi says purab is right pragya says we have to find that

Precap: pragya says how did she know i have delivered twins dadi says i also get this doubt purab and bulbul are shocked pragya says when he says that aliya can stay aliya smiles with a different face

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  1. Guys in my fan fiction I have posted the photo of abhigya’s outfit in zee rishtey awards 2015 you can see that pragya is in blue saree and abhi is in blue suit they are looking gorgeous

  2. Why reji you will not change aaliya to good role I have changed if plz don’t bring new problems to babies by her

    1. no narendran if aliya changed good means it will be not nice at all aliya aim is not abhi who hit tanu”s car because of that only tanu’s baby affected but abhi or abhi’s driver didn’t hit who is real culprit that only and as by story track abhi stopped every aliya’s mission how can she suddenly forget she is sensitive her revenge will not change so as per track with some misunderstanding only we can end this

  3. I like your current track, because the charakters are like in the serial. How will you go on? Did you decide the names of the twins? The photo with abhigya is suuuper ♡♡♡♡♡♡. Love it.

    1. Ya kirthy I already kept the names for boy adithya (aadhi) girl aadhyashree (aadhya)

  4. Cool. They are nice. 🙂
    I think pragya said in a episode, she would call her babya athithi or something like that.

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