kumkum bhagya (naming ceremony) Episode 3

hello guys today is abhigya’s children’s naming ceremony so you should all participate (by reading the ceremony) in that i liked all your suggestions a big thanks for it please share your comment about abhigya children’s n.c. thank you

the episode starts with purab and bulbul decorating the house for the naming ceremony dadi and dasi invites everyone for the function purab asks robin to call the caterers bulbul asks the maids to give this designer dresses to her she will give to abhi and pragya the maids agree bulbul asks purab to come with her to give the dresses and says we have to get ready too..

in abhi’s room abhi takes the baby by(prince) and pragya takes the baby girl (princess) they sing a song to keep the baby sleep he is having an eyelock with pragya while that purab and bulbul enter inside they saw pragya and abhi they enter inside bulbul calls di…….. suddenly pragya turns back and sees bulbul bulbul says to them sorry we disturbed you pragya with shy says no bulbul and purab says we came to give these dresses bulbul says to purab first we should get ready and we have more work too purab says ok they went out and laughs)
abhi sees them

sarla calls mamaji and tells the news mamaji was very happy sarla calls them to the function says call pragya’s mami too mamaji says you don’t worry for her me and my children will surely be present before the function starts sarla was happy mamaji tells mamiji hears to the conversation mama asks her to come mami without happy says ok i will come pragya dadi says don’t strain yourself .

abhi and pragya dressed up and came with their babies dadi tells pragya where is sarla pragya says she is coming sarla’s family and mamaji’s family enter sarla hugs pragya purvi too hugs her pragya says sorry for the misunderstanding purvi says leave it and congrtulations mamaji hugs abhi mami takes the babies and acts to be kind with them soon the babies started to cry pragya takes the babies and calm them abhi says now the suspense is going to be revealed while that time AMITABH BACCHAN’S FAMILY enters all the guests and everyone clapped with joy abhishek bacchan and aishwarya came and congratulate them their daughter aaradhya came sees the babies everybody assembled there dadi asks abhi and pragya to keep the babies into the cradle amitabh says can keep the name abhi says we can keep the names dadi abhi and pragya says the names for boy ADHITHYA ( AADHI) AND for girl AADHYA SHREE (AADHYA) dadi said the names three times into the babies ears everybody liked that names and clapped their hands abhi and pragya says thanks for coming to everyone especially to amitabh’s family they congratulate them and went

after the guests and mamaji’s family went aliya enters into mehra’s house everybody are shocked abhi says how dare you come to my house and gonna slap her pragya stops him she starts her acting

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  1. Reji do u know who is writer of kkb he is dragging so much after 2 month pragya get to know abt tanus pregancy.when will abhi get to know.when abhi and pragya wil be unite?

    1. Ya shruthi one day ekta kapoor should read about out

  2. Yur fan fiction is gud

  3. Hi my name’s is also Aadya

  4. names are nice reji….

  5. Nice episode…go ahead…

    1. thanks for your comment priya

  6. guys i had kept a name i hope you will like i the babies name i had kept a logic as your wish
    i will refer it for the babies i start the first letter as A and end with the first letter as A and one more logic i start the babies with A because abhi’s first letter is A and pragya’s last letter YA this is the reason too



  7. and guys i am cultured person i don’t know how they will do naming ceremony for babies by seeing movies and with my guess i did this if you are a cultured person you know everything about tradition if i made any mistake sorry for that

  8. sorry spelling mistake i am not a cultured person with hurry i type

  9. adhithya s nice ya
    girlku aarathya nu aishwarya rai girl name vechu irukalame
    it ll b super combo na reji
    lyk abhi nu v r callin na lyk tis way v all cal his son as aadhi
    gud selection

    1. thank you nivi somewhat it will be different know so i kept that

  10. I liked the names esp girl ka name…. Good job reji…. Faaar more beter than the actual kkb writers…..?

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