kumkum bhagya – NAFRAT AUR PYAAR KI KAHANI (Part 3)

thanks guys for your support…ha..my trip was good.I went to Kochi, Kerala.and I am feeling tired so I could not update regularly

the episode starts with abhi seeing bulbul.bulbul sees abhi in anger.he comes near her but she starts to walk.abhi stops bulbul by holding her hands .abhi asked what happened.bulbul didnt reply.he asked her again.bulbul says bhai..di asked you to forget her.abhi was stunned .he asked she told..impossible.bulbul says di moved in her life.she wish you the same.abhi says no..she can’t. bulbul says please bhai..stay away from us with tears in her eyes.abhi holds her hands and placed on his head.he asked her to promise on him.bulbul starts to cry.Abhi asked her to say the truth .bulbul says no I can’t.abhi says ok..atleast I want to meet her.please.after sometime bulbul agrees wity it.she asked him to come to beat by park and leaves.

abhi was happy..he feels like the most happiest person in the world.he thinks why pragya is avoiding me.I have to clear her point.I know she will not do like this.may be aunty would have come to know about us.but I will try to convince her.he drives to home to make some arrangements…

in evening…abhi came before one hour and was waiting for her restlessly.he was walking with full of happiness.he thinks ,she will get happy after seeing my suprise.I know she will definitely love this.I am waiting for her response.bulbul comes there.abhi becomes sad after seeing bulbul alone.bulbul with sad face.bhai..I am warning..you should not hurt pragya di after seeing her.abhi with confused tone ..why.and thinks may be she is thinking that I will scold her.abhi says no..I won’t..ask her to come soon.bulbul makes a call.

inside the car…another side.
“purvi” how much time we will wait..where is bulbul,pragya asked her sister.purvi is her second sister finished her fashion designing in Pune and returned.purvi thinks how can I know where this idiot went..I have to call her when she received the call.she picked up and says ok..I will come and takes pragya.pragya asked where we are going.purvi says suprise and takes her.

bulbul says ,she is coming.abhi was looking restlessly.when he sees pragya he was shocked.he could not utter a word and looks at her.pragya too sees abhi and was shocked.bulbul cries by seeing her sister.abhi kneels down on the ground.abhi could not trust himself what he was seeing now…his love ..his life in wheel chair.pragya too was shocked and was worried to see abhi.purvi takes pragya infront of abhi and he was looking at her lifelessly.bulbul sighed purvi too come with her and both leaves.abhi touched pragya’s face. pragya turns to opposite side and closed her eyes.abhi asked what happened.pragya didn’t utter a word.abhi shouts..tell me what happened dammit…pragya now starts to cry.abhi hugged her and tries to calm her.he too starts to cry and asked so..this is how you moved in your life and asked me to move..how can you.pragya breaks the hug saying I don’t want you to suffer because of me.abhi asked suffer? you supported me when I was just but you never allowed me to share your pain.am I that much idiot. how could you be like this.pragya In tears
….I don’t want you to see in pain..so I..abhi asked you remember my promise..

fb starts…

pragya, promise me..you will be there for me in all times.abhi, ha.baba..I will be..with you..even you resist me..I will be there for you..pragya hugs him.

fb ends

abhi ,you forget it right…he wipes her tears and asked..how it happened

fb starts..

pragya falls on the ground crying..come soon..and she gets up to leave.she walks on the road with abhi’s thoughts.it was raining heavily.all vehicles were moving fast.she sees a small 3 years boy in the centre of the road and also a truck coming towards him.she rushed to him and pushed him to safer side .she was hit by that truck.she falls on the road with bleeding.all the people surrounds her and takes her to hospital.after 24 hours of battle, pragya opened her eyes.she sees a doctor ,her family standing there with tears in her eyes.she hugged her ma and bulbul but she could not have any sense below her hip.she could not move her legs. she informed doctor.they checked and says she was paralyzed. pragya was in shock..all were in shock.but soon pragya thinks to be strong so that everyone will be fine.she tries to be happy but was worried about abhi.she thinks to avoid him so that he could move in his life.but purvi and bulbul brings her to park where she sees abhi.

fb ends..
abhi holds pragya’s hands and says why you never Informed me.you know i was searching for you as a mad.you have told me right.you think that I love your body or face no..I love you by your heart.I want you..you may be whatever but you belong to me…thats ..it..and hugs her like a child.pragya too hugs him. abhi says I will care for you even for my full life ..I am happy and blessed to have you in my life.and takes her in his arms. pragya asked him to leave.abhi says no..never..we will see world’s best doctor and will treat.soon you gonna run behind me.pragya says let’s see after but make me to sit.I feel like paining.abhi makes her to sit and says I have a suprise to you..as you have given a big shock to me..I have a big suprise to you.pragya asked what .abhi kissed her .pragya asked it’s the suprise. . abhi says you know how much i missed this kiss. if you allow me I will kiss you whole day.pragya looks at him shock.abhi smiles at her and says wait for sometime….

what will be the suprise…keep guessing

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