kumkum bhagya – NAFRAT AUR PYAAR KI KAHANI (Part 2)


Thanks guys for your support…I was in a tour ,so I can’t update..sorry guys..let’s had into the story..
the episode starts with abhi drops pragya.pragya hugs him saying bye..miss you.abhi too hugs her and kissed her forehead.she steps out from the car and walks inside while abhi moves from there.
bulbul sees pragya entering and asked ,where were you di. pragya looks at her and says i had a work so I was in office last night.bulbul says work is in office or farm house.pragya looks at bulbul in shock ,bulbul smiles at her.bulbul comes near her and says chill di. ..abhi bhai called me and inform ed that you are with him.pragya mentally slapped herself for lying .pragya asked did ma know about this.bulbul asked you want ma to know about tis. pragya nods no.bulbul says I told what you said when you entered. pragya hugs her saying thank you and leaves from there.

pragya was getting ready while abhi calls her.pragya picks it and says abhi..please I am running out of time..call you later.abhi ,wait ..I have to say something.pragya, say quick ..you will call like this and used to talk stupidly….abhi ,no need I will talk to you once I meet you and cuts the call.pragya,arey..tell.see he is making my day hell. I will not have concentration on any work..and leaves from there.

in evening, pragya calls abhi as her sessions were over.but he didn’t pick up.she was again to call but his car comes.she was happy.she gets in and hugged him tightly saying I am sorry…I am sorry. ..abhi didn’t react.he was just sitting.pragya broke the hug and asked what happened.abhi says nothing ..let’s go.pragya asked him to tell..abhi starts the car.pragya,I know you are angry for morning conversation..I didn’t mean to..and I am asking sorry right…abhi stops the car and says I am not angry for that..you know what day today.pragya looks at him.abhi, our love anniversary. we are completing our five years.pragya looks at him in tears. pragya,I am sorry…I didn’t remember
..sorry.abhi looks at her.pragya kissed him .abhi too kiss her with eagerness .his hands settles on her waist.pragya’s hands surround his neck.abhi was about to open her zip but pragya pushed him.abhi looks at her in sad face.pragya kissed on his cheeks saying enough…of romance..let’s go.abhi …we have to finish the registration right…abhi says yes ..it’s on the process..pragya says let’s go to the restaurant and will celebrate. abhi drives the car ..

Days passed.one day abhi called pragya to meet him.she too agrees.both meets each other.
abhi: pragya..I have to say onething.
pragya: ha bolo ..what’s the matter
abhi : I need to go to London a week for my promotion.and looks at her.
pragya: (after some time)oh..it’s great when…abhi could see sadness in her eyes and voice.
abhi: tomorrow.
pragya: well…good.have a nice journey and smiles at him.
abhi hugs her and says I will miss you.
pragya says me too..but concentrate on your work..ok and breaks the hug.
abhi looks at her.he knows that she is taking herself to be strong.abhi ,I will come back soon.pragya, finish your work and come …I will be waiting for you.abhi was about to kiss when his phone rings.abhi ignores it but pragya asked him to pick.he attends and says ok..I will be there soon and cuts the call.he kissed her and says bye…I will see you soon.pragya too waves bye to abhi .after abhi leaves pragya falls on the ground crying..I will miss you…come soon..

after a week.abhi called pragya but her phone is switched off.abhi calls bulbul but her phone too not rechable.abhi could not take it more.he drives to her home.he sees bulbul coming out by waving bye.abhi stops her.bulbul looks tensed and starts to move but abhi stops her .she asked what you want..abhi,where is pragya..why her phone is not reachable. …

why Pragya’S phone is not reachable… abhi will able to find it…
keep reading..

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    Supperrr and keep rocking iam waiting for next episode and also lost love ff plzz update it soon I waiting for it

  8. Really good yaar but do you have to keep us waiting as I’m dying to know what happens next. Plz update fast as I was just getting into your story.

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