kumkum bhagya – NAFRAT AUR PYAAR KI KAHANI (Part 1)


Hi guys it’s aju. I got this idea when preparing for lost love. Hope you all like my idea…
so let’s get into the story..

Hatred paralyzes life;
love releases it.
Hatred confuses life;
love harmonizes it.
Hatred darkens life;
love illuminates it….
so guys…it’s all about abhigya…yes..a different story..hope you will enjoy…happy reading…

” I know he is purposely doing this.but how can he think that I will not get mad at him..definitely I will.I know he is a rockstar but it doesn’t means he can do anything and according to me he is just a normal man.I mean my close friend with whom I feel comfortable..he is my best friend and now my lover…that’s it.” PRAGYA was Waiting in a bus stop.it’s almost passed 9:30 in night.she was waiting for him from past 1 hour.she lied to her family that she is going to meet her friend.she sits on the chair and starts to check her phone.

    A car passed her and was reversed.pragya didn’t look up because she knows who is it.a man of age 25 comes out of the car with smilling face.pragya keepa her phone inside her bag and stands still not facing him.abhi stands before her and holds his ears.abhi, I am sorry chashmish.I know..it’s too much but what can I do..that idiot purab trapped me in a deal.pragya looks at him and then says don’t complain as if you don’t know anything.abhi says I am saying sorry na..ok .wait and takes a small box from his pocket.pragya loos at him.abhi gives her and asked her to open.pragya gets it and opens .she was shocked to see a diamond ring in the box.pragya gets tears and hugs him.abhi ,I know how to console you..and makes her to wear.pragya kissed the ring and says thank you.abhi asked I brought the ring for you but kiss for ring.pragya kissed his cheeks and says I love you..abhi says I love you more ..pragya says let’s go..drop me..it’s getting late.ma will be worried right.abhi ,but I want to spend some time with you.pragya,this late night. Abhi,what to do and gets sad.pragya ,arey don’t worry..tomorrow I have no classes let’s go tomorrow.abhi asked pakka.pragya nods her head and gets in.abhi starts the car and both reached pragya’s home.

   Abhi looks at pragya and holds her hands. Pragya ,leave my hand..so that I can go.abhi,I wish you to be with me.pragya,after our marriage I will be with you. Abhi kissed her forehead  and looks into her eyes.pragya closed her eyes .abhi kissed her lips passionately. Pragya was lost in love and she broke the kiss .pragya blushed abhi wiped her lips with his fingers.pragya says bye and gets out of the car.abhi watches her till she reached home safely.he used to drop her near the street because pragya doesn’t want anyone to speak about her character.

Next Morning…

     Pragya was getting ready as she was going to meet abhi.she wears pink chudi with light make up nd matching accessories. Bulbul looks at her and thought to tease her. But pragya was not in a mood to listen to her.bulbul knows about pragya’s love.but she never speaks about it when Sarla is around them.she used to meet abhi with pragya .pragya waves bye to all and walks on the road .
  She sees abhi’s car waiting for her and gets happy.she gets in and hugs him tightly.pragya,you know…how much I missed you.abhi,I could see
.now leave me..I have to drive right..otherwise I would have.pragya broke the hug and keeps her bag in back seat and looks at him.pragya,so where we are going?.
abhi,ha..something different. I mean i am bored of going to hotels,restaurants. .let’s go to a new place.pragya,but where.abhi,I know where to take you..let’s go..

   Abhi and pragya reached Abhi’s farm house.pragya says I am not coming in.abhi,why in scared tone.
Pragya ,I don’t think it will work..let’s go somewhere. Abhi,no..we are not leaving.come..and drags her inside.pragya,abhi..please no..abhi just takes her in and they were standing in the centre of hall.pragya looks around and sees abhi.abhi holds pragya’s hands and says I know you love me and I love you…we will marry later but I need you to be my wife this one day.a day where you cook for me, feed me and cares for me as a wife.I want you to be my wife for one day.
Pragya ,but abhi..abhi,please and hugs her .pragya says ok…I will..where is the kitchen.I will prepare lunch.abhi says there and shows her and says I will make our room ready.pragya nods her head and leaves.
After few hours….  
     Pragya cooks and calls for abhi.abhi comes and praises her about the lunch.pragya smiles at him and says let’s eat.abhi says sure.they both sits opposite and pragya serves for him.they both starts to eat.
Abhi,  till now you remember about my fav dish. Pragya ,how can I forget..abhi,I’m..impressed.you know..we are good friends.but before I proposed you..I was in a confusion whether you will accept or not. Pragya, you confused. .abhi nods his head.pragya,I know you will propose me.abhi ,how? .pragya,purab told me.abhi,I am going to kill him for these activities.pragya laughs at him .both finished their lunch and sits on the sofa to watch a movie.abhi sits close to pragya and puts his hands around her shoulder.pragya keeps her head on his chest.both were resting on each other.abhi was bored of movie and looks at pragya.he kissed her forehead. Pragya pushed him and ask him to see movie.abhi makes pragya to look him and kissed her lips .pragya too kissed him and puts her hands around his neck.abhi leaves her lips and  starts to kiss her  neck .pragya moans more abhi takes her in his arms.pragya too holds abhi’s shoulders and abhi placed her on the bed.pragya sits up and says abhi..it’s not right  but Abhi starts to kiss her neck roughly.pragya tries to push him but he was firm on her.abhi pushed her on the bed and kissed her earlobes.abhi,don’t worry..nothing is wrong…we are made for each other . …” pragya closed her eyes and abhi missed her lips.pragya runs her fingers into his hair.abhi leaves her lips and holds her br*ast.he starts to massage and suck her nipples.pragya moans abhi…please stop..abhi holds her waist and pulls her more closer to her.he kissed every inch of the body and pragya starts to roam her fingers on his back.abhi removes her dori and starts to pull her top down.pragya too helped abhi and both undressed each other.pragya stopped abhi when he was about to unhook bra.abhi kissed her and pragya closed her eyes.abhi unhooked it and throws it.he was stunned to see his lady topless.abhi starts to suck her nipples and placed his hands on her panty.pragya holds his hands.abhi takes her hands and kissed it and removes her panty.pragya closed her eyes and bites her lower lip.abhi placed his hands on hers and pragya felt a pleasure on her body.pragya opened her eyes and kissed him.abhi too kissed her and moves down.he kissed her and placed his hands on her thighs.he moved wider and pushed his manhood into her.pragya too felt complete and after sometime he lies beside her and hugs her by waist .pragya too hugs him and closed her eyes.

       At six……pragya opened her eyes and was shocked to see herself in bed.then she remembered about their consumation. .pragya sits on the bed with her hands on her head.abhi comes there with coffee cup and sits beside her.pragya ,abhi..what we have done …I told you before itself..I will not come..see..now..we both..abhi,pragya don’t worry..I know its a mistake but you know n.a. yaar..I love you..we both gonna marry then what…pragya,but abhi..if not so..

    Abhi gets up from the bed and went inside wardrobe.pragya sits there sad .abhi comes out and asked pragya to stand .she asked what happened..abhi ties mangalsutra around her neck .PRAGYA looks at him in shock.he keeps kumkum and says now you no need to worry..you are now..Mrs. abhishek mehra.pragya, but Abhi. ..what about ma.your…dadi.
abhi,don’t worry..everything will be fine.we will hide this marriage for sometime as I need to achieve my goal.this is for you..it’s your right.pragya,but abhi…how many days we can hide it..and we should get marry legally right..abhi,I will get the papers tomorrow.let’s go to register office and can finish the formalities. Pragya, I dont know ehat you are saying..and how we gonna make ma understood.abhi ,relax…let’s are it afterwards.you fresh up first..pragya miss her head and leaves to washroom.

   Pragya and abhi gets ready.pragya hides her mangalsutra inside her top and says abhi..I could not keep kumkum.abhi ,it’s ok..not need..if you want you can remove mangalsutra too..but don’t remove this ring and holds her hands.pragya,no I won’t…I will keep kumkum once everyone accepts our marriage.abhi, your wish..let’s go..getting late.I have to drop you and I should go to recording studio..pragya says ok and both leaves in car…

Hope you liked it ..see you in next episode. . 

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  2. Hai aju….this ff is nice…now we seen the love (Pyaar)…and waiting for hate (Nafrat)….keep going…..

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    Such a awesome epi
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    Awesome yaarrr ????. The way u narrated consummation scene #praiseworthy #deserveappreciation ????

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