kumkum bhagya….a mistake (part 1)


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pragya who was standing with ishani and Aaliya was smiling for a joke ishani said but her mind was lost inthe last night events.She didn’t know what made her to express her feeling to Abhi,but now she was glad that she expressed her feelings as she can leave this house without any hard feeling.she know she was doing injustice to Abhi by keeping the new of their unborn child ,but she can’t tell him when he was going to bring a girl like Tanu in his life and she didn’t want her child to get any habits of that dirty woman.Just then she saw ranveer coming towards them with juice stains on his sherwani .”ranveer what happened?”asked ishani.”Some kids poured juice on me accidently yaar.”said ranveer then he turned towards Pragya.”Pragya did you gave any spare sherwani?’asked ranveer and Pragya nodded.”Haan i think Abhishekh will have one.Come on i will give you one”said pragya but Aaliya stopped her.”Bhabhi you have already done a lot of work from yesterday so please relax for sometime i will help him with this”said Aaliya with a smile.”But Aaliya…”started pragya to protest but ranveer spoke .”Buddy she is right even yesterday you was about to faint .so now relax like she said.ishani make sure she stays with you ”said ranveer and Roshini nodded.”I will take care of Di ,ranveer.you go”said ishani and ranveer left with Aaliya to Abhi’s room.Once Aaliya entered Abhi’s room with ranveer she took him to the walk in wardobe.”You can take any sherwani you want.”said Aaliya and ranveer nodded with a smile.”Thanks Aaliya”said ranveer with a smile.”Its okay.I will leave now you come down after changing”said Aaliya and left the room,while ranveer entered the wardobe to get a sherwani.

once the reception was over pragya was now talking with Bulbul while purab was busy with his other friends.”Bulbul make sure you take all the necessary clothes and your passport okay?”asked pragya.”Sure di.But di are you sure you didn’t want to talk about Jiju and tanu’s wedding.”asked Bulbul holding pragya’s hands .”Bulbul as i said before we will talk about this once you return from your honeymoon.I know you are worried about me but this is not time to worry but to enjoy your wedding with purab.Now stop worrying about me and be happy Bulbul”said pragya with a smile.”But how can i be happy when you are hurting di?”asked Bulbul as her eyes got moist.”Bulbul if you are in my place you would want me to be happy even if you are not right?”asked pragya to which Bulbul nodded positively.”Then ofcourse i would want to same for you.So now stop thinking about me and think about you and purab.we will talk about this once you return from honeymoon”said pragya and Bulbul nodded.Just then pragya saw purab coming towards them.”See here comes your Romeo”said Pragya and Bulbul blushed .”Di we must leave now.we must pack now as our flight is this evening”said purab and pragya smiled.”Hmmm not bad purab so eager for Honeymoon.okay take your Juliet who am i to keep her with me”said pragya and Rabul smiled with a little blush.”Di please yaar stop teasing us”said Bulbul and pragyalaughed.”Ok i will.But take care of yourself and calls us once you guys land in France.”said pragya and purab nodded.”Sure di.I will call you”said purab with a smile.”Okay now love birds get going”said pragya and Rabul left giving a hug to pragya.Once Rabul left everyone went to take rest while Abhi left to recording studio for an important meeting.Pragya after taking care of everything and walked towards daadi’s room to give her medicines,but ranveer walked towards her and held her wrist.”Come with me now.”said ranveer in a srious tone anddragged pragya towards her room before she could protest.”ranveer where are you taking me?I have to give tablet t daadi”said pragya trying to get out of his hold.”Tell Robin to give Dadi he tablets.I want to talk with you now pragya”said rv and pragya nodded hearing the seriousness in his voice.”Ok wait i will call Robin”said pragya then she called Robin and infromed himto give daadi her tablets and they went to her room.Once they entered her room rv closed the door and took get to the balcony.Once they entered the balcony rv left pragya’s hand and rv took the same file which contained their divorce papers .”What the hell is this pragya?”asked rv with anger while pragya looked him in shock.”Where did you get this from?”asked pragya in shock.”Damn it pragya that’s not important now.Tell me what the hell is happening between you and Abhi that you two decided to get mutual divorce?”shouted rv and pragya didn’t know what to say.”ranveer i really don’t want to talk about this”said pragya in a stern voice but rv could see the pain she was trying to hide.rv then composed himself and made pragya sit on the couch and say beside .”Pragya i know you love Abhi coz i can see it in your eyes then why are you giving him divorce.Is there any misunderstanding between you both?.pragya please don’t keep all your problem bolted inside you buddy.Please atleast tell me what is going on here?”asked rv with concern and care.seeing his concern and care pragya finally broke down in tears which she was controlling for the past 20 days and rv just pulled his chest to give her comfort.For the next 20 minutes pragya just sobbed into his chest while rv just caressed her back in comfort.Once pragya all her tears out rv broke the hug and wiped her tears.”Now tell me what happened”asked rv and pragya nodded as she know she have to share her pain with someone.Then pragya told him everything from how their marriage coz of a misunderstanding and finally how he asked divorce yesterday.rv on the other hand didn’t even know how to react after knowing how much his friend went through.But still rv felt like she is hiding something and held her shoulder making her look at him.”Pragya i know you are still keeping something from me.Please don’t lie to me anymore”asked rv and pragya didn’t know if she could tell him about her pregnany or not.she know if she can trust something with this it will be him,but still she didn’t know how he will react to this particular news.”ranveer before i tell you i want you to promise on me that you will not tell anyone about what i am goingto tell you.Promise me.”asked pragya and rv nodded.”I promise you”said rv keeping his hand on her’s.”rv i am preganant”said pragya and rv shocked would be an understatement.”What?But how?”asked rv with shock and confusion and pragya explianed the bang night and how Abhi didn’t remember anything next morning.ranveer felt like breaking every bone in Abhi’s body in the most painful way.But now he know he must be there for pragya so he again took her into his chest and pragya started to cry silently while rv eyes too got moist feelings his best friends pain.After few minutes rv broke the hug and wiped her tears placing a kiss on her forehead.”Enough pragya no more tears or crying.I am not going to let you go through more pain,you are coming with me today.And please don’t protest coz i am not going to listen to any of your excuse.I will take to maa and get your room ready”said rv and pragya nodded.Though she wanted to protest she know she needs someone help now and she can’t risk her child’s life travelling a lot.

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Credit to: nikita

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  1. Where u gone nikita these days… I missed u lot yar because it’s my fav ff… please don’t do like this one more time…. today’s episode was awesome please update daily yar… waiting for next episode

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  7. I was glad that for few chapters you wrote the story on your own. Please don’t copy other stories???????????
    Don’t feel ashame of coping others work
    Guys if you have doubt go and see India forums.this story is written by scarletscarletkavin named as beautiful mistake.I am going to complaint it in forums office. Later they will take action on you.It’s better you don’t copy other’s works

    1. s u r right… in indiaforums i have read this ff before itself… it is in the name of a beautiful mistake

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  12. Deepika bhaasker

    This is the best storyyy line plzzz unite abhi Nd pragya

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