kumkum bhagya – miracles of love (Intro and Episode 1)


Hi guys….hope all are doing well…and this episode has been posted before…it’s a re- edited part…happy friendship day to all….
let’s get into the miracles of love..

Abhi and pragya were known for their enmity. Pragya’s mom ,she  and her sister ,shifted to London once she completed her 10th standard. Now, 4 years later, pragya is back in India. Pragya fears meeting ” Mr hell” aka abhi but destiny plans a grand meeting for them.         Will they ever understand that they are made for each other??? Can they ever end their Tom & Jerry fights??? If Yes then When??? and the most  important HOW??? can enmity and extreme hatred ever ever turn into love????        Everything impossible can happen in one’s creations so go on….. Give this a go

Abhishek mehra …21 year old boy…. Music is his first love and his cousin purab is his only family…. He is the leader of  the  famous band called ” rock band” A great singer and and equally skillful guitarist….. He is the only child of priya andRam kapoor…. He leaves his parents because of his father’s bad deeds in the past…. He hates pragya to the core and wishes never to meet her again.. He had made innumerable attempts to harm pragya’s sister bulbul in
order to hurt pragya..

PRAGYA arora
      She is a strong bold girl who wants to live independently. She hates abhi to the core for harming her sister.she never wants to see him .she is guitarist and piano artist.

Purab mehra
  He is five months younger to his cousin abhi and loves him terribly. He is a funny fun loving boy. He had always been bulbul’s savior from abhi and his dangerous immature attempts to harm her. Just like abhi ,purab is a super guitarist and knows how to play violin too…. He is a member of abhi’s music band..

Rohan is a 22 year old guy who is abhi’s bestfriend and knows abhi better than himself. He is an excellent drummer but professionally he is a guitarist…. He is another member of abhi’s music band. He is a musician – cum – comedian and has the power to make a cry doll roll on floor due tohis tongue in cheek dramas. He is in love with riya.

Riya kapoor-
    Friend of abhi and rohan. She is fun living girl who helps others all time.she is also friend of pragya in school days and after pragya left to London she moved on.she loves rohan.

BULBUL arora
     Sister of pragya…she is nine months younger than pragya.loves her lot to core and can do anything for her.

Shanaya mehta …
She is best friend of pragya.loves her a lot.she is not an indian and she came to meet her lover mani who didn’t marry her.arora’s accepted her and stays with them…

The episode starts with a girl knocking the door.
The girl : di. …wake up..see it’s almost 10 and whole London is awake …
The girl is none other than bulbul.
Bulbul: pragya di …if you not gonna open the door…I will….
Suddenly the door opens..
A girl in grey t- shirt and black sweatpants stands befire her folding her hands .the girl is pragya.
PRAGYA in anger:what you will do..come on..I am here.
Bulbul: di. ..your coffee..
PRAGYA : I know bulbul why you are buttering me.. how much you can butter me ..I will say no…seriously out of 196 countries you chose India to do your musical studies..
Bulbul : di …you know n.a…India is most reputated country for musical studies…meri pyari sister n.a. .
Pragya: arey chup …if I again meet that Mr.hell ..i will not leave him..I will kill him…after this much happened you want to go India..I could not believe..
Bulbul: di …India is not a small place and he will be somewhere else di. .we can better go. ..please.
Pragya: no means no..
Suddenly Sarla comes there..you both are going…that’s it.PRAGYA you can do this for your sister n.a….Nd it’s final you both are going to India..
Pragya: but ma…before that Sarla leaves.
BULBUL by hugging pragya: thanks di…you are the best in world and leaves.
PRAGYA stands there saying none of them listen to me…I am going and leaves.

In airport….PRAGYA ,BULBUL and shanaya are waiting in parking lot.
Pragya: where is the driver.ma said he will pick us right..
Shanaya: wait..I will call.
Bulbul: no need…he IS here
PRAGYA and all greets him.

All reached the music college.pragya ,bulbul and shanaya enters principal cabin.
Pragya: good morning sir…we are from London.hope mumma would have informed you..
Principal.: ya ..she informed..you have filled your applications right..your rooms will be allocated.
Pragya: it means we cant stay in one room
Principal : no as per our rules and regulations…a classical student should accompany with western one…I hope you will understand ..
Pragya: its ok but make sure …we are next to each and leaves from there.

Sorry…it’s a small one but give your support guys….see you soon in next episode

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