kumkum bhagya – miracles of love (Episode 5)


Thanks and I know all bored of more purbul scenes ….but guys…from now out abhigya scenes starts……

Bulbul kept her hand on his shoulder and he jumped. Maybe she scared him.
Bulbul: watt happened purab??
PURAB : uhh??  Nothing.
Bulbul: ur sleepy then y r u awake?
Purab: woh actually, you were scared and slept on me and i took you to my room and came here. U would feel uncomfortable so.
BULBUL : purab you go nd sleep i am going to my dorm.’
Purab: but riya must have slept, and i m sure you dont have ur keys
Bulbul thinking nd says: yes…. Nw??purab; u go and sleep i’ll watch the movie
Bulbul: no, you are awake becoz of me. Even me to want to watch this movie.both starts to watch movie… He was again busy admiring her. No one spoke fr the next half hour.After 1 hour
Purab: I LOVE you bulbul
Bulbul: stop joking
Purab: im nt
BULBUL : nice acting then
Purab: I really love you
Bulbul looks at purab withscared eyes
BULBUL : you know if abhi comes to know this he will kill me. And pragya will kill him and u will kill pragya and shanaya would kill u …purab holds bulbul on her shoulders
Purab: nd who will tell him
Bulbul: u
Purab: i m not mad.
Bulbul: you know purab …………………………….. I loved you 4 yearsback
Purab : andnw??
Bulbul: i still love u
Purab: i know dat.
Bulbul: how??
Purab: ur eyes ….
Bulbul looks down
Purab: even Shanaya knows this.
Bulbul: i know she knows
Purab: And u know even tanu knows i love u. She allowed me to stay wid u in my room
Bulbul: now she will 100℅ tell pragya…
TANU : no i wont both look at tanu’s rooms door. She walked towards them and pulled her’s cheeks
Tanu: i know i m pragya’s bestfriend but i m ur friend too and i know if pragya comes to know that u both love eachother, she’ll kill purab and i don’t wanna be left alone in this huge dorm.purab laughs tanu continues: and dare u leave my sis alone. Uno i m a blackbelt.
Purab : you learn karate??
TANU chuckles: no i just love my black coloured belt.purab nods in disbelief.
Tanu yawn: nw u both enjoy and i m going to sleep.

PURAB and bulbul decides to go out…first bulbul resist but purab takes her.in outside they meets shanaya and she takes bulbul with her..
Shanaya takes bulbul to bulbul’s dorm. Shanaya rings the bell. Riya opens the door. Shanaya makes bulbul sit on the sofa and winks at Riya.
Riya: so u finally gt up bulbul
Bulbul: hmm
Riya: nw stop pretending. I no u weren’t sleeping. I went to purab’s dorm at 5 and both of u were missing….. tanu told me nt to worry nd i understood that i just missed something.
BULBUL : nothing as such.
Shanaya: yess Riya nothing as such…….its a bit more than this…bulbul glares at Shanaya but Riya immediately jumps to save her new friend.
Riya: ohh really!! I know purab and u love each other.
Bulbul: so y r u asking
Riya: dost dost naa raha………
Bulbul: nw frm where did u remember this song.
Riya: leave it. So now i, rohan Shanaya, tanu know about u both.
Bulbul: hw did rohan come to know ??
Riya: riya riya riya……bulbul gives a i wl kill u look to Riya.Riya: nw get ready today is a holiday so u cn enjoy wid ur friends and ur….
BULBUL : Riyaaaaaaaaaaa.
Shanaya giggles silently but is caught so she quickly runs to her room to avoid getting be headed. After all,she was teasing Pragya’S sister…. Riya chuckles and runs away.bulbul also goes to get ready.She comes out wearing a long pink kurti with purple leggings.She calls pragya and asks her to call Shanaya. No one except Riya and Shanaya and abhi knows that abhi , shanaya are dorm mate..
Pragya calls Shanaya but no one answers the call as Shanaya was in the washroom and abhi was sleeping.pragya went inside. She didn’t know which was Shanaya’s room so she went inside abhi’s room where abhi was sleeping hiding himself fully in the blanket. She cud nt see him and thought him to be Shanaya.pragya goes near the bed.
Pragya: Shanaya get up. Stop sleeping like a kumbhkaran She got no response so she took a jug full of water kept on the side table near the bed and emptied it on his face. He got up with a jerk.
Abhi: wtf!!!pragya jumped back. How did Shanaya turn into mr hell ..abhi looked at pragya and
Abhi: wat the hell are u doing here.
Pragya: i came here to take my friend
Abhi: friend my foot!! U cnt see i m ur enemy n nt ur friend..
Pragya: as if i came here fr u. I came to take Shanaya.
Abhi: bt u r in my room

PRAGYA shouting at top of her voice: so u should keep a sign board outside the room saying ‘ EXPERIENCE HELL AHEAD ENTER AT UR OWN RISK’
Abhi: nw u wetted me. Its pay back time. He goes to the living room nd brings another jug of water. He throws the water on pragya and the tom & jerry show begins..PRAGYA runs out of the room and goes to Shanaya’s room and brings a juice can from her bag and spills it on abhi. Abhi throws his pillow on pragya and pragya throws the empty juice can on his head. Meanwhile Shanaya comes out she is shocked to see the scene in front of her. Pragya starts running and enters her dorm but abhi is fast enough to enter before she closes the door.rohan had already ordered his breakfast and he must be regretting this. Pragya immediately snatched his sandwich and threw it on abhi when abhi took the dessert and smeared it in her face. She got more angry, so she took the ketchup bottle and squeezed it near abhi’s face and then, she went to her room and brought all d pillow,Cushions, bedsheets and duvet and threw them one by one on abhi. Abhi took rohan’s things And did d same. Their rooms were in front of each other so they threw things frm one room to the other. Poor rohan who was witnessing all that stunt was left helpless. If he would have tried to stop them, he wud become the nxt thing to be thrown. All he cud do is quietly sit and enjoy the Show. So being a intelligent boy, he jumped on the sofa and lied down comfortably resting his head on his hand watching the show munching on some the popcorn that were left unnoticed by our abhigya. He wanted to hoot and clap but who will like to die so early??? So again controlling his laugh and his desire to hoot, he kept looking at the show like any sensible person wud do seeing this clumsy messy situation…….

Rohan’s POV
Of course always i thought that both Riya and purab over exaggerate their fights with their words but really their fight cant get described in wrds…. Muaahhhhh……They can rock cartoon network…….. They can defeat tom and jerry too. Only i know how i m controlling myself from laughing and hooting. I just wanna make a video of theirs and put it on Facebook and i m sure i vl get a million likes and comments….Having left with nothing to throw, both went inside and bought all the books and again started their pillow fight without pillows.Again the books and albums finished wen abhi went inside and bought rohan’s guitar and was about to throw it wen rohan held it.
Rohan: bro leave dis dis is mine so plssssssssssssssssss…….abhi coming back frm cartoon network world and keeps the guitar wen pragya throws paper balls on him and right at that moment bulbul enters the room and a ball hits her.
BULBUL shouts : di STOP IT. U R NT IN A ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.purab also comes inside and calms abhi. Now, slowly slowly all the 8 people gather in the room looking at the masterpiece created by their so called“ tom & Jerry ” They looked at abhigya and burst into laughter. Pragya’S face was smeared with cake and abhi was totally wet and had his white shirt turned orange due to d Orange juice his face had some tomato and cucumber pieces and final touch up to his make up was done by the tomato ketchup. Both abhigya looked like clowns.abhi looked at pragya and tried to control his laugh. Pragya was glaring at bulbul who was laughing like ramayan’s villain ravana and tears flowed down her eyes.
Pragya: it seems someone is laughing too much……………… I will have to…….
Bulbul stopping her laugh: sorry sorry di …………

Hope you enjoyed….Tom and jerry’s fight….

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