kumkum bhagya – miracles of love (Episode 3)


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I almost forgot to inform that purab and tanu are roommates …
TANU nd pragya are friends from childhood and meets in college…

Afternoon 1 o’clock
Tanu and purab dorm
Tanu was lying on her bed when suddenly purab enters her room and jumps on her bed.
PURAB : feeling sleep???
Tanu: not at allL
Purab: how about a movie.
Tanu: nice idea. But how about a movie with friends??
Purab: friends???

Tanu: yes friends…… I mean u ,me and our friends .
Purab: whoaa!!!! Nice idea
Tanu: haha!! Thanks..
Purab: okey so we’ll start at 12 am
Tanu: you mean midnight??
Purab: yeah..
Tanu: why so very late.
Purab: tomorrow is a holiday and at night, it will be fun to watch movie together
Tanu: perfect………. Then I’ll call all my friends
Purab: okay…..

Tanu: but before that we need to clean ur room.
Purab( gulp): clean my room????
Tanu: yap.
Purab: are u sure??
Tanu: pretty sure. Lets go…
They move towards shanaya’room
Shanaya was sitting on the couch watching abhi play his guitar
Abhi: wat are u looking at so intensely??
Shanaya: you are not so bad..
Abhi: who said i m bad???
Shanaya: pra………………ti.
Abhi: prathi???

Shanaya: ( to herself) now i really wanna kill myself.( to abhi) prathi is an astrologer. She told me dat my dorm mate would be a devil .
Abhi: haha so u believe in……
Shanaya: no i went there just for fun..
Abhi: u r really a mystery
Shanaya: i am
Bulbul’s room
Bulbul and Riya sitting on the bed and bell rings. Riya opens the door.tanu enters. She peeps inside and saw bulbul sitting with a sad face.
Tanu: i came here to meet bulbul.

Riya: yaa sure. Anyways she is sitting like an old sobbing lady.They go to bulbul and tanu asks her to come with her to clean purab room. She agrees. They leave for pragya’s room. Riya: hey wait….. Can i come with u???
Tanu: yeah why nt…..They leaves to rohan’s dorm
Rohan: hey pragya tell me something about urself.
Pragya:ummm……. Aaaaa…….wohhhhh…….what should i tell about myself??
Rohan: uhh?? Anything
Pragya: well then my name is pragya.. …rohan slapped his forehead.Bell rings.rohan opens the door. The three girls enter without noticing him. They take pragya out On the corridor.
The 4 were constantly moving Riya suddenly realised that they are moving towards abhi’s room
Riya: umm…. Aha…… Ummm….. Where are v going??

Pragya: dorm no. 97
Riya: watt????i mean why???
Tanu: to call our friend Shanaya.
Riya: Shanaya who Shanaya???
Pragya: relax Riya……. Its okey………u needn’t worry we wont leave u
Riya: ahh no pls don’t go there….. I mean a monster lives there. He has a handsome face, he is fair and sometimes he is so sweet that……
TANU : are u sure he isn’t ur boyfriend???
Pragya: no he is with me
Bulbul: wattttttttt?????
Pragya: i mean rohan is my dorm mate
Bulbul: ohh!!!!
Pragya with one eyebrow raised: watt did u think??
Bulbul : umm aaaa wohhh………… Hmm
All the others start laughing and bulbul makes a puppy face
Riya: papa toh band bajae re
Others look at her.Riya realises that they are close to abhi’s dorm.

Riya: jai jai bajrang bali tod de dushman ki nali
Others look at her more intensely
Tanu: r u drunk????
Riya: chadhi mujhe yarri teri aisi jaise daaru desi.
Bulbul: huh?????
Riya: i will call ur friend..
Pragya: but she doesn’t know u
Riya: so watt……………… My name is Riya………Riya ka pagalpan ( sheila ki jawaani tone?
Pragya: achaa stop stop u cn go
Riya: lets go party tonight come on lets go….
Tanu: ha i forgot to tell u that i n my dorm mate are gonna have a midnight party in our dorm so all ofu hv to cm

PRAGYA : yeah sure
Riya: we are in front of dorm no.97.Stay away…… I’ll call ur friend out.She rings the bell.Shanaya opens the door. Riya peeps inside. Abhi is nowhere to be seen she sighs.They tell Shanaya about the party and all 5 girls go to tanu’s dorm. Riya calls purab out and tells everyone that the principal has called her.( she was lying as she didn’t want abhigya and purbul to meet)Rest girls go inside and purab escapes through his rooms window. He sees Riya there.
Purab: y did u call me here???
Riya: disco deewane…….. Aha. Aha
Purab slaps his head

Riya: uhh!!! Woh!!! I forgot why i called u.
Purab: so cn i go
Riya: no
Purab: y
Riya: dhal gaya din…. Ho gayi shaam jane do jana hai
Purab: so go na
Riya: arrey listen …… She tells him that pragya,bulbul and Shanaya are tanu’s friends and party can turn into a disaster if abhigya meet so he shouldn’t call shanaya.
Purab: but i already called him. And moreover pragya and bulbul will cm 2 no i m here
Purab: ( sings)god allah aur bhagwan ( stops singing) se prayer and wat??Riya: aha!!! I am happy…
Purab: huh??? U r happy???
Riya: yessssss
Purab: areey but fr watt????
Riya: my cartoon channel is nt working…
Purab: huh??
Riya: so i m nt able to watch my favorite show tom & jerry and now Tom and jerry are here to entertainme.purab slapped his head in disbelief.
Riya: acha bye.
Purab: bye.Riya leaves. She is still murmuring a song.purab still there.

Purab: this girl is crazy….. Now watt will i do??? I no if pragya comes to know abhi is here, she will kill him but before that abhi will kill me fr inviting pragya in my midnight party. Shittttt!!!!! God, allah ganesh ji, Jesus, ram ji, krishna ji, durga maa, and all other gods please hellllllllllllp……… Can u hear me???( yells) HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Tanu comes to his rooms window.
Tanu: y d hell r u shouting?? Cum and help us.
Purab: no i can’t
Tanu: y
Purab: becoz pragya is there.
Tanu: huh??
Purab: I mean sur&tal is calling me.
Tanu: watt??
PURAB runs away
Tanu : strange boy. Forget it She goes inside and girls finish cleaning the room.
Pragya: oooo………….. by the way, y was tanu so desperate to help her so called “dorm mate??”
Tanu: nothing like that…… His brother will cm 2night fr party and he would kill him fr the
mess so i helped him. U no sympathy…..

Pragya: i understand……”SYMPATHY”
Tanu: stop it pragya..
Pragya: chillllll just kidding….. By the way, i think someone got serious…..
Tanu: pragya….
Pragya: hahahahahah
Shanaya: Okey so now lets go and get ready its already 6.
Tanu: don’t tell me you’ll take 6 hours to get ready( chuckles)
Shanaya: i don’t think i m gonna stay here fr the next six hours
BULBUL : ya lets go anyways i m tired of cleaning the mess
Shanaya: And i didn’t even tell my dorm mate i m here…….. He must be searching me…..
Pragya: seems Shanaya has a very nice dorm mate even Riya said that he is handsome.
Shanaya: today pragya is in naughty mood. You want his phone no.??pragya pissed off
Tanu: hahah good one Shanaya.
Pragya: Okey bye.She goes

Riya: now even we should leave bulbul
Bulbul: yapThey leave
Tanu: Shanaya seems pragya really got pissed off
Shanaya: even i think so….. But, Don’t worry she’ll be fine soon
Tanu: i think u r right.
Shanaya: hmm……. Bye…even i shud leave.
Tanu: bye sweety She leaves.
Tanu: now watt shud i do??? Even dat Dumbo purab isn’t here. Lets watch tv.

11:30 pm
All of abhi, rohan, Riya, purab and tanu in tanu- purab’s dorm.
Tanu: oh …!! Where on earth are these drama queens???
Bulbul enters

Bulbul: bulbul is here.She looks at abhi and gets scared.
Bulbul: i m sorry i think i came at the wrong dorm…..
Purab: no bulbul u are called here. Abhi looks at purab.
Purab: yes bro….. Woh actuall, i didn’t know she is tanu’s friends so i……Shanaya enters
Shanaya: sorry sorry can u tell me where is tanu’s dorm
Tanu: i m here sweetie
Shanaya: but…
Tanu: tragedy. Sorry dear pragya is nowhere to be seen.purab and Riya give a sigh of relief.
BULBUL : i wanna go.
Abhi: its okey…. I wnt trouble u nw…..
Shanaya thinks: he isn’t bad at all

Bulbul: i m going. Purab catches her wrist and pulls her making her sit almost on him.
Purab in her ears: u remember….. I always saved u when i new about bhai’s plans??His lips are almost touching her ears. A current passes down her spine.bulbul nods
Purab: so stay wid me…due to limit I could not upload abhigya’s fight…wait for nect episode. .bye

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