kumkum bhagya – miracles of love (Episode 2)


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the episode starts with Bulbul and shanaya moves to find pragya as she left ..On the way, bulbul’s eyes fell on pragya .Her face was towards a classroom. She was admiring the children as the room was for small learners.She was about to shout when she saw a boy passing in front of pragya. They clashed. Pragya’s book fell down with the boy’s books. Both if them sat down and helped eachother with the books.They got up and went towards their respective destinations. They didn’t see each others face. Riya also saw the scene and both Riya and bulbul were stunned. The boy was none other than abhi. They met and didn’t fight. Ohh!!! How was it possible???? Was it a dream??pragya looked at bulbul whose eyes were wide open. Her mouth was also wide open due to the shock.

Pragya: close your mouth otherwise mosquitoes will build there home inside.bulbul  pinched pragya.
Pragya: ouchhh!!!!! Wat the hell is this bulbul??
BULBUL: does it pain???
PRAGYA: no ofcourse not……. I m playing shout shout..
Bulbul : this means it wasn’t a dream???
Pragya: watt dream
Bulbul:  nothing…

She rushes to tell shanaya .Meanwhile Riya runs and tells rohan and purab about the incident..
Purab: hahahaha…….. They didn’t notice each other??
Rohan: i know the reason ..
Riya:watt reason???
Rohan:  we were not present to see their tom and jerry fight so they didn’t fight.He gives a HiFi to purab when abhi enters.
Abhi: why is everyone laughing??Riya: pyaar ki yeh ek kahani suno… Ek ladka tha ek ladki thi……

Abhi: bass bass…… Forget it lets practice now
Others: yap
Meamwhile Shanaya about to faint….pragya comes.
Pragya: arey Shanaya wat happened???
Bulbul: nothing…. U go to the principal’s office we are waiting here
PRAGYA : hmm………..bye see yaa..
Bulbul: bye……
Pragya’s point of view…

       As i walked out of the principal’s cabin, i had a very strange feeling. A feeling that i had almost 4 years ago. Maybe becoz i returned to my mother land after 4 years so i got this unusual sensation but i ignored it as i entered the rest room where these  girls were looking at me. Was I looking so dumb??? I looked at myself. Nope……. I wasn’tlooking bad. Infact i was looking beautiful…… Though i say it myself but i ws really looking like a Barbie doll. I chuckled seeing their over shocked faces. I didn’t bother to ask them as i no their ans would be “nothing” so i kept quite. Their was dead silence in the room when Shanaya spoke up
Shanaya: so……. How are we gonna manage our dorms???.
Pragya:  Dorms???? Wat dorms??

Bulbul: ahh!!!! Pragya di actually, all the western music learners will have to share a dorm with a classical music learner.
Pragya: no problem then. I will stay with shanaya and u stay with  others.
Shanaya: nt possible…….. Princi will decide the dorm mates.
PRAGYA : urgh!!!!! I really hate this….. Now what.A staff boy enters
Sb:pragya, shanaya,bulbul ??

Bulbul: yapp!!!!
Sb: princi has called u in his cabin to give u ur dorm no.s
Shanaya: fine….. Thanks a lot
The staff boy goes
Pragya: lets go…………. Oh!! God please give me some good dorm mate
Principal’s cabin
Girls enter

BULBUL : sir… U called us??
P: yes…… Here are ur dorm no.sHe hands over a key to each one of them.
P: your dorm mate will have another key fr ur dorm. Okey…..
Pragya: okay Sir.They leave..
Pragya: dorm no. 76.
Bulbul: mine is dorm no. 78. We are close. She gives a hifi to pragya.Shanaya sadly: 97
Pragya: its okey…… We can still meet
Shanaya(smiles) : hmm
BULBUL :lets go…………
Pragya’S dorm…  she enters. A boy is sitting and watching tv.
Boy: gahahahahah..
Pragya: ahhem ahhem…………Boy turns behind and is shocked to see   pragya..
Boy: are u pragya???

Pragya:  yess…..how do u know me???Boy: u know Riya Kapoor???
Pragya: yeah
Boy: she is my girlfriend.
Pragya:oooooo……. So u r rohan?
Rohan:  yes darling….pragya smiles. Pragya: well i m ur dorm mate…….
Rohan : uhh!!!! Thank god i got such a sweet dorm mate.
Pragya: are u flirting??

Rohan: aha!!! You r intelligent to
Pragya: hahaha. Btw are u a classical music learner?
Rohan: nope..
Pragya: but princi said…
Rohan: ohh!!! Forget him …… He says all nonsense..
Bulbul’s dormmate.
BULBUL enters she keeps her bag she find no one in her dorm. Suddenly the door opens Riya enters. She sees bulbul.Riya: hey bulbul ….. Howz u??? Nice meeting u after 4 years.
BULBUL : hii!!
Riya:u my dorm mate??

BULBUL : i m afraid but yes.
Riya: u needn’t be….. We are childhood friends.
BULBUL : hmm
Riya: change fast……… I’ll be back in a minute. She leaves. BULBUL goes to the washroom to get freshen up.
She enters and finds a boy playing guitar
Shanaya: u r a very good guitarist…..
Boy: thanks…… Btw who are u???Shanaya: huh????? Umm…… I m Shanaya. Nice meeting u.
She forwards her hand fr hand shake
Boy: ohh!!! I m abhi.. Nice to meet u too..He shakes hands with her. Shanaya’s hands shivers
Shanaya’s point of view abhi……….. Did he just say he is abhi ??? What???? Is he pragya’s abhi??? Is he the one who troubled my sweet bulbul ??? U r dead shanaya…I must tell bulbul……. Nooooooo. She will get scared…uhh??? Wat to do???? He clicked his fingers in front of my eyes to bring me out of my thoughts.

Abhi: in which world are you roaming..
Shanaya: ha…what.
Abhi: are you here alone.
Shanaya: no I came with my friends.
Abhi: where are they..
Shanaya: aaa …a.a
Abhi: stop this aa

Shanaya: actually I don’t know.
Abhi: what..
Shanaya slapped mentally …
Abhi : what did you said
Shanaya: wait let me think..
Abhi: this girl n.a.
Shanaya: ya…I came alone …I was just joking to you..
Abhi: joking….impossible
Shanaya: ok…you continue the works ..

Rohan and riya runs outside the room.
Rohan: pragya is mine
Riya: what…I thought you as my lover but you cheated me
Rohan: arey meri ma …she is my dorm mate.
Riya: are you mad…you know what you are saying.
Rohan: no I am Rohan.
Riya: rohan …stop lying
Rohan: no..I am not lying…I am standing
Riya: stop yur jokes .
Rohan: did I crack a joke
Riya: please rohan…jokes apart
Rohan: ya..
Riya: bulbul is my dorm mate
Rohan: we are dead riya
Riya: if they meet…what will happen
Rohan: I haven’t seen but you’rs and purab’s description itself makes me laugh.but we should not make them to meet each other
Riya: let’s try
Rohan: let’s cry ….
Both hugs each other….

Whats there between abhi and pragya….let’s see in upcoming episodes…

so to clear your doubts…
riya: actually I typed wrongly as kapoor…please forgive me and according to bulbul she is not her own sister which will be revealed soon…I hope I cleared all the doubts….ok guys…bye bye…

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