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” love is something that we could not see nor hold..it’s just a feel one can experience when they fall in love”.

Pragya’s pov :
” are you sure about this” I again asked him to ensure whether I am hearing the thing which I never thought.” Yes I am sure about this..and I need you to be there at right time” this what he says before he cuts the call.I know he is quite sad about my father because he had arranged an alliance for me.yes I am pretty 20 years old pursuing my second year in Delhi university .it’s one of the most reputed college in Delhi and I got my seat as I got good marks. My father is one of the top five business man in India and mother is a doctor . And I have my elder sister sonakshi who was married a year ago and my sweet jiju ,dev who used to support me in all times.I have my younger sister too ,bulbul who is studying first year in my college.my both sisters are my life and both loves me a lot . My life was smooth and calm until I met my soulmate . Now he is everything to me than others.I don’t know how but i can’t lose him.I don’t know why I love him this much or why I long for him…or what makes me to love him.I really don’t know but I know one thing I could not live without him. I met him in a fest and we both catch up many times and gradually I developed my feelings for him..one day he proposed me Infront of the college .I could not say no to him as I too love him.we both were called as couples after that.every girl will be jealous on me as abhi is one of the famous guy in the college as rockstar…girls go crazy for him but he falls for me only.he is quite handsome and have more feelings for me..he supports me ,he guides me ,he scolds me when I do something wrong but would apologise to me even its not his fault. We both will adjust between us and that made us to be together . My family never knows that I love him nor his family . But my cute devil sister and his sisters know about this.they used to tease us which makes me to more embarace than him. But today I am going to do a big thing. I AM GOING TO MARRY HIM..THAT TOO AGAINST MY PARENTS WISH..I wish I should not but I can’t say no to him.my father wants me to marry his close friends son but I don’t want to marry him as I love ABHISHEK. Yes I admit I love him and I could not go against my parents wish for that I can’t lose him.i am totally confused ,my heart says marry him and families will accept us but my mind says no..so what should I do now..I just gets up from my bed and looked at the Salwar which he gave me to wear.it’s simple red colour with light stone work but it looks pretty.I went for a bath and wore that dress.I stood in front of the mirror which shows my reflection and soon I am going to be his wife ..yes soon I am going to become MRS.ABHISHEK MEHRA.

Abhi’s pov:   
          I really don’t know what made me to speak like that to her.I know she could not say no to me but at the samw time she can’t go against her parents wish.I admit I love her and I want her in my life..I could not lose her as she is my life.I can’t live without her. I belong to a family where my dadi is everything for me..she had sacrificed a lot for me and my sisters aliya and aditi ..yes my cute two devil sisters who are my two eyes..I could not hurt them or can’t see them hurted by others.with much family pressure I became a rockstar..family pressure means burdens ..sorry I should not say like that but I want to give the three most important persons in my life a great life .ALIYA is somewhat close to me than aditi as far as I know she was in hostel was last year’s and never used to visit us. I don’t know what happened to her or what she thinks but me and aliya really feel sad for her.she never used to visit us even in vocations or festivals ,we try to patch up with her but she never allow us. Dadi too asked us to leave her on her wish and I too think time will heal this.
And the most important person in my life is my love..my life..pragya,she is the most beautiful ,sensible person I have ever met.not only she is my love but she is also my mother ,father etc.she used to care for me as a mother and scold me like a father .she too cares for my sisters so they used to take her side rather than supporting me.I will feel quite jealous on her for taking my sisters on her side but how can I feel jealous on myself . And today I am going to marry her .yes I know our both families will never accept this but it’s necessary for us . I will try to set myself stable and then I will take her with me . So today abhishek mehra gonna marry his love….Abhi looks at the mirror finally dressed up in a simple white shirt and his jeans. ” Today is gonna be the most important day in my life ” thought abhi before he leaves from there..

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    hi…new??? dont worry…u will easily mingle here. and welcome to the world of love and abhigya…thats only here…so happy start and the story was super gud…

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