Kumkum bhagya – Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi: (os)

‘pragya listen to me once…. .I am saying na it’s my fault ..i did such a stupid thing but it doesn’t meant to hurt you. ..please stop n.a..’..Abhi holds pragya’s hands as she was not willing to stop.”Abhi  don’t please me as it hurts ” . Abhi, then what should I do..pragya,leave me alone ..I will be okay by tomorrow.Abhi, but pragya..before he could complete she gets in auto and leaves.
    Abhi, dammit…it’s my fault..I should not have done like that..I know she is hurted but what should I do…how could I forget it’s her birthday today but I didn’t even wished her .she would have dreamt a lot as it’s her first birthday in our love life.but I spoiled it.what to do…come on abhi..think something. ..idea…so this is the way how I could convince her..mrs. pragya mehra …be ready for your surprise.

   Yes she is my wife. We got married a year before but it was based on hate,betrayal etc.I married her because my sister will get back her love. She married me for her mother’s sake .she also know about me and tanu’s relation.but after marriage I stopped visiting tanu frequently .she maintained all the things carefully but soon her mother got to know about our marriage but that time I was realising my love.though she never expected anything from me..I can still see in her eyes and I know she too have feelings for me. One day her mother too came to know about my and tanu’s relation. Though pragya denies it her mother was not convinced. Her mother asked her to come with her but pragya was not in mood to leave.and I too dont want her to leave me..yes I realised that I love her but it’s almost late as she left with her mother leaving me alone.she too sends me divorce papers but I didn’t signed it.tanu approached me to divorce her but my heart didn’t accept it.I asked the reason why she wants the divorce soon to bulbul.but what she said made me to boil in anger.” After divorce di gonna marry suresh”. I was damm anger on her .how could she think that pragya will marry that double battery..I know she was the one who had feelings for him..but its her past..I thought may be bulbul could marry that double battery but not my pragya.yes she is mine..only for me.she is not like others.a special person in my life.I could not let her to marry someone.on that day I got drunken because of stress…

I don’t know where I went but somehow reached pragya’s balcony.I was quite suprised that bulbul was not there and too my girl is reading book.I looked at her.she was looking pale and what I want to is just hug her tight. I entered her room through balcony.she was shocked to see me.pragya,abhi..you here…this late night.I just looked at her blank.pragya,are you drunken..I know my lady will catch me.Abhi, yes..I am.pragya, why you are doing like this..and why you came here..if mumma comes to know about it..Abhi slowly moves towards her which made pragya to back off.she asked what you want…keep some distance..Abhi,why..it’s bothering you.pragya looked at him.Abhi,you wanna divorce from me.pragya want to say no..but her heart warned her not to say no.she closed her eyes saying yes..Abhi keeps his hands near her cheek..Abhi,why..to marry suresh.pragya opened her eyes in shock ,she could see his anger.pragya,how do you know.Abhi,bulbul informed me..and say you wanna marry him.pragya,I mean…Abhi cursed his lips on hers.

Pragya was shocked because she could not deny finally she accepted her defeat.she starts him to pull more closer towards her and sets her hands around his neck while abhi set his hands around her waist.Abhi leaves her lips and settles near her crook.pragya could not stop her moan nor him.she just closed her eyes and abhi searched for her zip.finally his hands finds his way to zip. He pulls off her top and starts to kiss her.pragya was about to stop but abhi was not in mood to leave her.he starts to trace all her curves while pragya tries to remove his shirt.finally she succeds in removing his shirt.she starts to roam her hands while abhi unhooked her bra.pragya came to her senses and stops him by placing her hands and nodding her head in negative direction.Abhi was not satisfied so pulled off her bra leaving her in shock .he throws it to a corner and start to trace her .pragya tried to push him but in vain.Abhi, I am your husband. .so I have all rights in you..don’t stop me okay..and he bites her earlope.pragya,but if someone comes …what I will do..or say..Abhi,no one will come..as all slept.pragya,bulbul…Abhi,purab took her for long drive..she will come only tomorrow morning and starts to kiss her.pragya was somehow relaxed by his answer.his hands  moved towards her belly and untied her pant. Now she was in panty.he took a look at her while pragya was hardly blushing.Abhi, fuggie…you know ….you are beautiful…He kissed her inch by inch..he took her in his arms  and placed on her bed and starts to pour his love.finally they consummated their marriage.

     Next Morning…..pragya woke up and was shocked.she could not see abhi beside her.she thought it may be a dream but once she saw that she was not wearing anything..she turns to see a note on her right side table..” I am leaving ….as bulbul came back..get ready. …I will meet you soon” .pragya smiled  at his note and she gets ready for college.

    This continues as bulbul went for her trip .Abhi used to come to pragya’s home and both used to sleep together.this was not noticed by anyone as abhi comes late night and leaves early morning.pragya used to lock the door so that no one will enter .
    Abhi enters Pragya’S room.she was sitting quite with her favourite book.Abhi settles near her.she knows it’s him but she didn’t look at him for once.Abhi knows it’s because she is in anger.Abhi gently caressed her cheeks but he expected that she would also but to his suprise, he hugged him.Abhi keeps on caring her .he made her to sit on his lap and pragya kept her head on his chest
Abhi,I am really sorry..
PRAGYA, I am not angry on you…I want you to be near me..that’s it.
Abhi, sure..pakka. .you are not mad at me
PRAGYA, abhi …please…stop your nonsense…I just want to cherish this moment..Abhi looked at her and he adjusted himself that his back is on headboard and pragya was in his arms.
     Abhi slept but pragya was thinking about random things.she could not sleep as something is hurting her.suddenly Sarla ma entered .she was shocked to see ma…that too  she with abhi .what will she think..and she slapped herself for not closing the door as she was in upset she forget to close the door.Sarla ma was shocked to see pragya with abhi.pragya gets up and abhi too woked up.
Sarla ma want outside without saying anything..pragya follows her and abhi followed pragya.pragya saw bulbul was back..dadi was also shocked to see abhi in her home.Sarla,bulbul ask her what she is doing with him.bulbul looked at her.Sarla, how many days are these things going..and how the hell he came in ..do you know about this earlier..pragya,no ma..bulbul doesn’t know..Sarla looked at her.pragya thinks it’s her fault..she don’t want bulbul to trap in it.Sarla,I asked what this shameless fellow is doing in our home.
PRAGYA,mind your language ma..Abhi looked at her.the girl who used to go after her mother is speaking against her.all were shocked.pragya ,ma..I am sorry..but he is my husband..atleast give him respect as a stranger.Sarla,your husband..you forgot that he was the one who had relation with another women after marriage.pragya,I know ma…that he had a relation but now he is not like that..he loves me a lot ma.Sarla,but how could you do this..pragya,ma i too loved suresh who never loved me..if he is wrong..then I am also wrong n.a. ma..Sarla,I don’t know what to say..you better decide now you want him or US. PRAGYA expected this question but not so soon.Abhi,aunty..it’s my fault..I will leave and nods at pragya and leaves.pragya follows abhi but he left.
PRAGYA comes back and says you can’t seperate us ma..soon he will prove that he is worth to be your son in law.she goes to her room and locks it.she looks through the window..she sees abhi getting into the car.she wants to stop her but she could not..

    Days passed..pragya used to call abhi but he reject her.she too tries to see him in office but he is on leave.she becomes sad and was frequently thinking about abhi
   One day pragya reached mm.she sees dadi.dadi gets happy on seeing her.pragya quitely leaves to abhi’s room.Abhi was looking on his laptop.he feels someone presence and yes it’s pragya.he acts to be normal…pragya walks towards him.Abhi didn’t meet her eyes.pragya feels pain but she decides to get answer from him.pragya,abhi..why you didn’t attend my call..messages. .abhi didn’t reply her.
PRAGYA,I am speaking to you..Abhi,what you need…you are too like a typical  women.pragya closed his laptop and asked him to say straight.Abhi looks here and there but not her.Abhi,what you need now..I was busy as my new albums are releasing..pragya ,it’s the matter or else..see abhi..if you have any problem on me ..say it.Abhi,I am saying n.a….I don’t have anything to say..just leave.it’s my fault ..I had a relation with a Normal middle class girl.pragya was shocked and holds his collars. What you said..I am normal middle class girl..so you thought me like other girls..I thought you really love me .so only I didn’t stopped you on that day..Abhi, ya..that day…that one day..changed my life..I led a happy life before seeing you…I fall in love with you…my life ruined..pragya gets tears on her eyes and was about to fall unconscious but abhi holds her.he got panicked abd starts to tap on her cheeks. He didn’t want to hurt her but he didn’t want her to fight against her no for him.so he decides to keep distance so that she will get mad on only him. He really treats Sarla as his mother too..so he doesn’t wants to hurt her.but now because of him..she is getting hurt..always he is being the reason for her sadness.he sprinkled water but no improve.he called his family doctor.she arrives and asked abhi to wait outside.

Dadi, aliya ,dasi,abhi are waiting impatiently for pragya.though aliya had bad intention on pragya but now she realised that purab loves bulbul and one can’t force to love .she too realised her mistake and was having a good relation with arora’s.
The doctor comes out ,she was smiling at abhi.Abhi,what happened sheela ?.sheela, good news abhi…she is pregnant..I think she is depressed so that she fainted…and nothing to worry..she is little more weak but good care will help her .Abhi, oh god..is she pregnant..but never informed…I hurted her to extend…abhi ” ok..thank you.alu leave her “.Abhi goes in and saw pragya lying on the bed .he settles near her and starts to caress her cheeks.I am sorry pragya..I failed as a son,then brother ,then husband ,now father.I could not give out child or you..more happiness…but now I decided that i will make sure that you people stay happy..I failed as son,brother, husband but i will not fail as father..

PRAGYA slowly opens her eyes.Abhi makes her to sit comfortable.Abhi,you know or you hided from me.pragya,I know this before a week.I was trying to inform you but you never accept my calls.Abhi,I am sorry..I thought about Sarla ma but not you..I am really sorry..pragya,I know there is no fault on you..but I am sad whether you are not ready to become father.Abhi,what type of question you are asking..ofcourse it’s my child.how could I regret it..and from now you gonna stay here.I will inform Sarla ma…I know she doesn’t know about it.pragya,she knew..she only confirmed it.Abhi looked at her suprised.pragya smiles saying actually she doesn’t want me to stay there..she asked you to pick me but you didnt answered my call..Abhi,aunty ..accepted I could not believe..pragya,me too. .but it’s not the matter now..what things you said..you are thinking why you loved me ah?.Abhi ,it’s just a dialogue..see dont stress yourself..I dont want you to faint again like this..you gave a mini shock to me.pragya asked really…Abhi hugs her saying I will not fail as a father.pragya,you never failed as a brother nor son nor …Abhi, husband…pragya,I have to think..Abhi, so..i have an idea to decide…pragya,whats that..Abhi,I can prove you by doing what we did on that day…you remember. PRAGYA,abhi…enough..our baby is listening to us..don’t talk stupid things like this.Abhi hugs her more tightly and they led a happy life….

I know its a stupid one…but I got an idea..so I did it…

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